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About Pasta Machines

The joy of making your own pasta using a pasta maker is a real labour of love. You cannot do it every day, but probably for a special occasion. Having said that, once you taste freshly made pasta, you will never want to eat from a packet again. 

Cooking is a fantastic thing and a perfect stress buster. For those who do not like it, perhaps it’s time you give another cuisine a try. This can make a massive difference as everything from the ingredients, to the cooking style, the method drastically changes. So, you have a completely different cooking aspect of trying. Italian is delicious, fun, and remarkably simple. If your regular cooking sessions bore you, then this might add the pinch of excitement you need. Of course, everything requires patience and some interest to make it enjoyable. Read up on it a little, and if it motivates you, invest in a good pasta machine to start. You can cook the fare with most of the usual utensils in any kitchen. However, you will have to buy some new ingredients to make it truly authentic! Here are some of the types of pasta machines today. 

Different types of the best pasta makers today 

A good pasta machine is not difficult to spot, and you can easily buy it online too. There are so many different variations today. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest, and if you prefer a particular brand. Most of the Italian ones are, of course, the best. However, they can be expensive too because they are specially shipped from abroad. A lot of local brands also design good machines, since the design has been around for a very long. For this, it‘s best to go to a good store and check out the variations. You can look for them online zoom in and read the specifications carefully. You can filter as per the budget, the type of pasta they make and more. All these filters go a long way in making sure you get your hands on the right machine in the end. 

Electric pasta machine 

You can find some of the best pasta machine reviews for electric machines today. They came in the fashion much later than the traditional ones but have gained their popularity almost instantly. A lot of conventional cooks will tell you to not go with them; however, they make things so much easier. This one is just like your food processor or dough maker. You add in all the ingredients, set it to a preferred pasta shape, thickness and more, and it‘s ready! You can do all your other chores while the machine does its job. So, all that is left is boiling the pasta and tossing it with your sauce. It‘s the best thing for beginners too.  

Manual pasta machine 

The old-school pasta machine is still widely used and sold by brands over the world. Some of the traditional brands until today only produce this, as they believe pasta is what you make by hand. Some could be semi-automatic or completely manual so that you can choose your type. For this, you need to firstly create a dough by hand, or use a dough kneading machine. Next, you need to use a slightly rolled out piece to thin it further in the machine. Most of the manual ones will give you a thin sheet of dough. Further, you can cut or shape it however you want. This one provides more room for creativity but will also take the right amount of time. 

Kitchen Aid pasta maker 

A world-renowned brand when it comes to kitchen machines and gadgets, the pasta machine by KitchenAid is genuinely phenomenal. Like most of its other products, this one too comes at a price, but it‘s worth every penny. They offer both electric as well as manual ones, but the latter ones are more popular for sure. You can find them in plenty of online stores. They also have a website that you can check out for details and purchasing. The striking KitchenAid colour is also a part of their pasta makers, and it makes it stand out. These also make for an excellent gift if you know someone who loves to cook. 

Marcato Atlas pasta machine 

A very famous Italian brand, Marcato‘s products are made and designed in Italy. Their small workshop has now grown to a factory in Campodarsego and currently supplies products all over their world. Their pasta machines are of course, fantastic and one of the best in the world. The very popular Atlas 150 is a manual machine and perfect to make fresh pasta right at home. With this one, you can make 13 pasta shapes. It also boasts a wide range of accessories. The brand also has modern electric make machines such as the Pasta Fresca, Ampiamotor and the Atlasmotor. Their accessories range from pasta stamps, ravioli moulds, taco pasta, pasta wheel, dispenser, and other pasta accessories. 

Tips on how to buy Pasta Machine 

It can be challenging to get your hands on the best pasta machine 2020. Countless kitchen brands have now come up with their unique type of pasta machines. It can be challenging to roll out your pasta without one, so it‘s a must for Italian cooking. If you are a beginner, you can look for something basic. However, a more advanced one means you don‘t need to go in for a replacement in a few years when it doesn‘t meet your demands anymore.

  • Look for the best brands – It is essential to consider the best brand for your pasta machine. Like any electronic gadget, the brand will ensure excellent results and is most crucial. So, keep this in mind when you start to consider buying your maker.
  • Set a budget but don‘t stick firmly to it – It‘s a good thing to have a price consideration in mind. But if you need to go slightly overboard to get your hands on a better machine, then do it. You don‘t have to check out for a more advanced one in the future if you do this now.
  • Ask around and read some reviews – Ask your chef friends and home cooks for preferences and some advice. Reviews from past buyers will also help in making the right decision. Don‘t rely entirely on them, but they‘re worth checking out.
  • Check for second-hand machines – If you don‘t want to make a more significant investment or are unsure if you will take a liking to it, then check for a pre-loved one. It should be in good condition and have all its parts. Also, ensure you get a good bargain.
  • Learn how to use it well – While the electric ones are pretty easy, the manual makers are where the challenge lies for new users. So read a lot, watch videos and get all the info you will need to make the process easier.

It is possible to be overwhelmed with your purchase and cook pasta ever so often. However, pasta is high in carbs and fat depending on your sauces, so it’s good to go slow. They make for a great activity to do with your partner, kits or even with family. You can also choose to sun dry your fresh pasta and store it, which is also what some restaurants do. This way, it‘s still better than store-bought and saves you the time and hassle each time.

Question & Answer

Which are the best pasta machines?

A good pasta machine is something that you are comfortable with. Sometimes the price is not always the best factor as you can find the cheapest pasta, making machines work beautifully. Here are some of the best pasta makers for home use: Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set, Imperia Manual Pasta Maker Machine, Hamilton Beach Electric Pasta Maker, Gourmia GPM100, Weston Tube-Pasta Machine, KitchenCraft World of Flavours Pasta Machine, Lakeland five-piece pasta-making set, VonShef 6-Piece Pasta Maker and Attachment Set and Fantes Pasta Machine by Great Aunt Gina.

What are the different Philips pasta maker accessories you can buy today?

If you have got your eyes on a cheap Marcato pasta machine that is second hand or on a sale, you can go for it. However, at times, you might want something even less expensive. Pasta accessories might take some time to get the job done but cost a fraction of the price for a machine. The LaGondola Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel, Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker‘s Half Sheet, Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets Non-Stick Parchment Paper, Reynolds Wrap 914 PVC Film Roll With Cutter Box and Eppicotispai Beechwood Stackable Food Dryer With Net are some essential pasta tools.

How should you care for your Lakeland pasta machine?

Any pasta machine requires care so that it last long. The kitchen is often damp, hot and crowded, all of which can be enemies for your pasta machine and accessories. To start with, make sure you have a designated spot for your machine. You can also wrap and store it in its box if you don‘t use it frequently. Keep a sturdy cloth to use under the machine. Also, for the electric ones, make sure the cables are rolled and stored in the box, so they don‘t dangle. Before every use, wipe it all over with a wet or dry cloth. After using it, you should again clean it, remove any sticky bits and make sure it‘s dry. You should wrap the separate components individually and store them. Any moisture trapped can result in resulting overtime.

Where can you buy a Cuisinart pasta maker in the UAE?

You can easily buy many different brands of pasta machines on sale in most online stores. If you wish to purchase a pasta machine online in the UAE, then check for the best Italian and global brands to see if they have some excellent choices. You can also check the home and living section on for some options. This fantastic product search engine has made it easy to shop with so many products under one roof. You, therefore, don’t end up wasting time, and it gets the job done faster too.

You can also get the best pasta maker for beginners from renowned kitchen utensils brands such as Dessini, Star Kitchen, KitchenCraft, Sanford, Titania, Gefu, Tescoma, Imperia, Matfer Bourgeat, Philips and Marcato among others. Don’t forget to check online stores the world trust to buy from.