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About Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are both functional and aesthetical. Thus, the product is pretty much an indispensable item for your kitchen, living room, office pantry, or any restaurant table. If not in the ring shape, you can choose to explore alternatives. But if it is the ring that catches your eye, you must explore all the variants to make the best choice for your place.

Let’s go back to history, where these rings were used informally and at family gatherings. So, each family member used to have a distinct napkin ring. You remove the ring, place the napkin on your lap, put the ring on your left side. After finishing the meal, you had to put the ring back to your napkin only if the napkin is still clean and you can use it again. If you do not put the ring back, that means you want to get it cleaned. That was a time when linens were not washed regularly. Now, napkin rings are mostly for decorative purpose and to hold napkins together. But please remember that there may be old people in your party who might link rings on your napkin with the old custom and won’t like that you have handed them a used napkin.

The dilemma between napkin rings and holders

Holders are another alternative for napkin dispensing. Both the products have variants that can accentuate the food table in a glamorous way or remain minimalistic. The difference is that holders take more space, but with rings, you can fold the napkin and save space. However, if you want napkin dispensing touchless, holders may help there. The ring variant wants you to slide the ring down, detach it with the napkin to use it. You can choose as per your taste and table setting. But one thing is for sure, rings give a personal touch to the arrangement and will probably be the reason for your loud appreciation by the guests. Do explore it before making any purchase.

Kim Seybert napkin rings with flowers

Kim Seybert can be one of your favourite brands for the purchase of this pretty table accessory. Their pieces are attractive, glamorous, and some are even over-the-top, but if it matches the theme, then perfect to have. You must explore their figural in the form of butterfly, birds, and flowers. The beaded ones can be your favourite in the first look. You should not skip this brand while buying napkin rings online in the UAE. However, there are more brand equally competent but exploring all will give you space for comparison.

Nkuku napkin rings for wedding

Wedding is already an upscale event where every tiny detail is focussed and customised in order to please the couple and their guests. So, napkin rings may not get all the attention, but they sure can be the reason for appreciation. You must explore the Nkuku brand, wherein cut-outs in the form of spirals are so subtle. Also, the material is brass which is neither too shiny nor too dull to be invisible. We can say the brand is minimalistic yet fancy. Check it out on our shopping platform, under the section: kitchen utensils . You can even get some cheap napkin rings ideas here.

L’Objet silver napkin rings

If you are looking for metals specifically, be it silver, gold, brass, you should check into the brand: L’Objet. Every single piece is unique on its own. Some doesn’t even need polishing, just dust with a cloth, and that is all. The care instructions are broadly mentioned and are super easy. On top of that, this brand has a dedicated section: Napkin rings plus jewel. Some of the unique pieces include stars jewels, terra flare, coral jewels, Tulum rings, and many more. The brand is available on our shopping search engine . So, hop on to it and see all products worth your shopping cart.

Tips on how to buy Napkin rings online

You may not see shopping for a napkin ring as a daunting task at all. However, it can make or break the very first impression on your guests. No matter how tiny the detail is, it shouldn’t mismatch or make the arrangement unpleasant in any way. So, before you start scrolling products online, you should have certain points in mind based on which you can amend your shopping cart. You can call these points decision parameters and a few major ones we have compiled below.

  • Vertical or horizontal – Both variants are pretty and functional to their core. But to decide the right choice, you can consider the available space. Let’s say you have a large table to serve. In that case, you can make space for horizontal rings that take their share of attention quite well. On the other hand, vertical rings can complement coffee tables and can easily share space with sauces, condiments, or saltshakers.
  • Standard or figural – This point is completely about aesthetics. A standard product is like a piece of bracelet that can be solid or have elaborate designs. Figural are cut-outs in the form of any motif or shape—for example, butterfly, leaves, bird, or anything your favourite.
  • Consider the place or event – You always want your decorative detailing to be the focus of attraction but in a subtle way. So, it is quite unpleasant to buy a bold and over-the-top ring on a formal occasion. Similarly, you should choose the brightness, colour, and pattern that matches the tone of the gathering.
  • The best material – Wood, steel, silver, vinyl, cloth, gold and plastic are some common materials out of which you can pick the one you desire. Of course, the choice of material is personal based on needs, budget, and taste. But durability and quality will vary within the same material. You should research well, search for good brands, read the reviews, compare the product, and go for the one that can run long enough.

It is good to have a list of brands handy while refining the products. Our shopping platform houses a multitude of brands to make your purchase an informed decision. A few of the names include HomeBox, Pottery Barn, Bloomingville, Vosarea, and Klikel STOBOK. There are more you can find upon your visit. You can even commence your shopping drive from our discounted section, where you can find plenty of napkin rings for sale and can also buy cheap napkin rings in bulk.

Question & Answer

Are napkin rings out of style?

Napkin rings are such adorable pieces of jewellery; how can they be out of style? Plus, there is no product emerged to replace them, except the napkin folding style. If you go into the history of these rings, they are an indication of used linen. If you do not worry much about their initial purpose, you can go ahead with these rings, no matter if they trend or not. Whether it is a formal dinner or family gathering, you can put out the best table in front of your guests. And if that includes napkin rings, just be it.

What else can napkin rings be used for?

If these napkin rings can hold your napkins together and make them look good, then they can also hold your curtains. Maybe not all curtain fabrics can gather into small rings, but those lightweight curtains can surely do. You can also place candles on them and decorate your table. It will not technically be a candle holder, but much like it. How about a paper holder with fries in it? Paper cone nibbles at parties can be made look fancy with these rings. You see, there is more than one method of turning one product into practical solutions. Even you can deduce your own if you think of it.

How to use napkin rings?

You just have to fold the napkin and put the ring in it. However, the different styles of napkin folds can make them look unique. For example, an accordion fold of the napkin, bending it in the middle, and putting a ring in the end can make a beautiful hand fan look. Likewise, you can fold the napkin any way, bend it, and put the ring in the closed end. You can google already curated looks or make your own. A lot depends on the kind of napkin, its fabric, and ring you have. If you have a big, bold ring, you might want a simple fold to flaunt the ring or vice versa.

Where to buy napkin rings online in the UAE?

Napkin rings can be golden, silver, glass, or beaded, and you can find them all on brands like Zara Home, Home Centre, and Togas. You might also fancy products in the shape of leaves, flowers, or other cut-outs. There are indeed perfect brands and online shops for that. You got to visit our product search engine and refine your search results to buy the perfect product. Ours is an easy to use platform with advanced navigation and filters to make your shopping drive a seamless experience.

Fancy dinner parties, formal occasions, or even family gatherings call for a special arrangement. Tiny details in your planning can make you stand out. In that case, products like napkin rings, holders, serving trolleys, pots and other accessories are all functional and as well as add aesthetics. Explore them all under our dedicated section – home & living !

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