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About Napkin Holders

Napkin holders are usually categorised into functional or decorative items. You either want it to stay in the corner, or you want it to be the focus element by being on top of your dining table. However, both purposes can only be served when you take care of a few parameters while purchasing the product.

The only purpose of the napkin holder is to safely place your napkins and provide you at the time of need. It can serve a dual purpose if you want it to look good. However, there are two sides to making your napkin holder appealing. You can either invest in a designer piece like a metal orchid flower or a weaved napkin tray. Or you can invest in beautiful bright colour napkins that can hide the identity of what is holding them. Once you decide between a fancy item or a more functional one, you are ready to buy a napkin holder online in UAE. It is better we bring together a few types to broaden your perspective even more.

Napkin box, napkin tray, and napkin stand

Three of them serve the same purpose but with different designs. Napkin boxes are products with lids, also known as a napkin dispenser. And these are some of the best napkin holder designs available in the market. Inside a box, napkins are safely placed without being in a display other than one that pops up for next use. However, the napkin tray and stand show the napkins in display and secure them either with a handle or nothing. A napkin tray comes with a slider or lever to make sure napkins stay in place, but that’s not the case with stands. They only provide a cosy space to let napkin fit in themselves, and you have to fill in space every time you see them moving freely.

Wooden napkin holder

Wooden designs can have modern and vintage approach both. What we really like about wooden designs is that they can blend with your home accent so well and brings out a sophisticated touch effortlessly. If you want something unique, you can invest in a caddy, including a napkin tray and one or more containers for silverware or other required items. Likewise, there are many caddy designs you can explore on our retail search engine . Some additional product that you would like is porcelain weights to be put on an open tray to secure the napkins. We have got the best napkin holder design for you.

Ikea napkin holder

Well, Ikea is a diverse platform wherein you can find subtle to bling and affordable to designer, every piece just worth it. You can find metal mesh designs, a napkin tray with attached weight, or a swing-shaped holder. Every single piece is unique on its own. You can even find a weaved basket of water hyacinth that can easily accommodate napkins of size 40 by 40cm. We also have special-purpose products like cheap napkin holders for weddings or napkin holder for the kitchen. Like Ikea store, Home box and Home Centre also have miscellaneous products we think you like.

About roll napkin stand

This version of the napkin holder is one among kitchen utensils . The roll napkins need a sturdy holder to make your kitchen work more efficient. You can either buy something that free stands on the kitchen top or something that hangs with a hook. Material that is most popular is stainless steel and high-quality plastic. Thirteen inches of height and seven inches of bottom stand’s width is the standard dimensions. You can hop on to our product search engine and search for some cheap napkin holder of various sizes and designs of this roller kind of stands. Or you can first take a look at our tips section to identify the factors associated with the purchase of napkin holders.

Tips on how to buy Napkin holders online

Any home & living product bought has a story of its own. Buying one might seem like an effortless purchase, and it can be if a product functionality is everything to you. Coming to napkin holders, their placements include kitchen top, dining table, side tables, and bathroom. It is up to you to decide to buy the same product or different. Well, we suggest varieties due to certain parameters associated with every place. Compiling everything, we put forth a few points in front of you that can help you in choosing the right product.

  • Decide the material – Wooden, plastic, glass, and metal are some popular materials for napkin holders. And it is the first thing to choose, which will narrow down further tips we would be discussing. You can choose the material as per your dining table’s accent or wherever you are going to place this product. If you have a glass top table, metal or quality piece of plastic will do just fine. Even for wooden aesthetics, more wood products can make placed loaded with one material. In that case, choose some designer metal pieces of subtle colours to balance the tone.
  • Choose the handle – After the material, you should decide the design and the holder’s design mainly focuses on the kind of holding property it has. Some have lids like napkin boxes, some have sliders, and others simply want you to place the napkin in one cosy space. You can also go for basket design products that are mostly wired or wooden weaved. These can surely elevate your bathroom and kitchen’s accent. There are also snap-on handles that allow you to place napkin as it is without any folding technique. This one is simply a napkin tray and a good product to invest in.
  • Designer piece or not – By looking at some designer pieces, you surely want to have them. But make sure that you do not make a hodgepodge at your place. The simple way to justify buying designer products is when you can set the focus on that one product. Suppose you have a side table or kitchen countertop, which is not accessorised by other products. You can then choose to have a designer napkin holder as a focus element. But if the table and top are already flooded with other product, then why waste your money. Hardly a few people are going to see and appreciate the beauty of Michael Aram’s expensive piece, which is just not worth it.
  • List of brands – Such a waste it would be if we tell you what to purchase and do not list the place for it. Starting from the affordable but trendy products, Ikea, Home box, and Home Centre is the best store to find such items. You will get variety, quality, and varying budget range. Or turn your head towards the Guzzini store if you are looking for something unique but minimalistic. You fancy nothing but napkin boxes, Togas and Caspari are the two perfect places for you. Finally, the places for designer items include Michael Aram and Elite D’Art.

We hope you liked the tips. Don’t get into too much thinking and start exploring the product right away. For that, our shopping platform gives you a kickstart with multiple brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and whatnot. Visit and explore all by yourself on!

Question & Answer

How to use a napkin holder?

A beautiful napkin holder inside which you have folded the napkins neatly can elevate the accent of your place. For that, you must colour-code the holder and the napkin. The styles of napkin folding can beautify the picture even more. Suppose you have a black wired napkin holder, you can put red and white napkins in a triangle shape or crown shape. You may also have some designer pieces where rectangle shape napkins suit the best because the holder has already made the look classy. Once you commence shopping for the holders, you would get an idea of what you want among the diverse range available in the market. Thus, we suggest explore and decide, not the other way round.

Which is the best napkin holder with a lid?

A napkin holder with a lid is commonly known as a napkin box or a napkin dispenser. Considering that you only want the best, we think you should check Togas online store. Here, you will get one stylish cubic shape products and also a traditional rectangular box. It can adorn your kitchen, dining table, or even a side table offering a complete design solution with minor details and accessories. There are more to know and explore at our retail search engine .

How much is a napkin holder for the kitchen?

From AED5 to AED 300, you can find many varieties of napkin holder in the market. The expensive range is mostly the designer products like the ones in the Michael Aram store. They have products in orchid shape or Lilly shape, and no doubt these pieces look amazing. Then, there is another fancy store Guzzini comprising acrylic products with a push handle. You can just fold the napkins in square or rectangle shape and place them under the handle of the holder. But yes, this is about the expensive range, and the other ranges include metallic or wooden products without much to show off. Here, you need to beautify them with floral-shaped folded napkins.

Where to buy a napkin holder online in UAE?

We have been talking about napkin holders a lot on this page. But as we move towards shopping for them, we suggest nothing but Dubai’s one of the best product finder: The brands we have bragged about, and the features we have been discussing all this while, you will find it all here on one platform. You can compare them, read genuine reviews, give feedback, filter the price, and much more under one roof.

Advance filter and smooth navigation have made one of the best shopping platform to grab what you want. Small essential items like napkin holders somehow don’t get space in larger shopping platforms, but that’s not the case with ours. We have top brands, authentic online shops, and most of all, concise product description for every product, be it napkin holders or napkin rings. Let’s get started now and see if you find something worthy of your hard-earned money.