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About Kitchen Roll Holders

Kitchen towels or paper towels are a must-have in any kitchen. You use them to clean up the mess on the counter while cooking and keep your hands dry and clean after washing. Now, you can just place your rolls on the counter. And that’s fine if you do not mind the waste. After all, it’s bound to get dirty. Isn’t it? But just imagine, you go out to pull a piece of the tissue or towel off the roll with one hand, and the entire thing collapses. We’re sure most of you would’ve experienced this. Well, that’s where the kitchen roll holders serve their purpose!

As a common fixture in most homes, these smart devices often go unnoticed and under-appreciated. That said, having the perfect kitchen roll holder not only helps you keep your paper towels organised and readily available – but some models also help to alleviate clutter for those of you with limited counter space. In short, you can consider them to be a life-changing gadget, but only if you pick them correctly. But how do you do that? Where do you start? What are the best models that you can invest in? Aren’t these the questions that just popped in your mind? Luckily for you, here, we shall look into all that you need to know about the kitchen roll holder and a few quick tips to achieve a wise buy. So read on.

The trending options of kitchen roll holders to choose from

For starters, it’s best to figure where you’d want to store your paper towels. You can find a wide variety of basic models that you can place on the countertop. However, there are many others that you can fix on the shelves, or mount on the cabinets. Apart from this, there’s also a question of composition. Most affordable models come in plastic materials that can often be a bit flimsy. However, there are other options too that offer you, sturdy models, like the ones that come in steel or chrome, metal, and wood. About functionality, you may want to pick a model with a spindle, that allows you simple rolling. With all this information at your fingertips, let’s explore a few of the best roll holder models out there on the market.

The best under cabinet paper towel holder

If you’re in search of a highly functional kitchen roll holder to add to your kitchen utensil arsenal, then look no further than the wall mount holder from Simplehuman. This compact under-the-cabinet-mounting model measures 13 by three by 4.9-inches. It comes with a chrome design that’s not only sleek but is simple to use too. Additionally, it has a quick-release knob that allows you to replace towels in tight spaces easily. The design also includes three screws that make the installation process super-easy. Besides, this also helps you to hang the product in any direction to accommodate your space. In short, they’re sturdy, easy to install and long-lasting.

The finest wall mounted kitchen roll holder

Kamenstien perfect tear wall mount paper towel holder is ideal for wall mounting. It comes with a patented design that prevents rolls from wheeling out too many sheets. This technique helps you to tear off one layer at a time easily. And thus, ensures that you do not waste both sheets and the money. Apart from that, the model comes with all the necessary hardware for hanging. It also offers you the option of hanging them horizontally or vertically. This gives you both style and optimal functionality in one single product. Many buyers who’ve bought this model say that these work great! They are able to hold the roll firmly and let you rip off the sheet without a half-mile of sheets following.

The best kitchen paper holder with a shelf

Free up tons of kitchen space with the mDesign’s metal wall mount paper towel holder. The model comes with four added hooks on its top shelf. This can hold anything from cooking utensils to spices. Therefore, we can confidently say that this kitchen roll holder is convenient and easy to install. Furthermore, this model also comes in five different finishes to suit any room. Moreover, the product even has a built-in bar to let your hand towels dry. You’ll love this product. And there are various reasons to justify this. One of the common ones is that it holds a roll of paper towels and also has a little shelf on top with hooks at the bottom.

The best budget countertop kitchen roll dispenser

At AED 15 the Home basics roll holder offers a great overall value. It comes with a simple finish, and thus complements most kitchen décor. Besides, its lightweight nature allows you to transport them wherever you want easily. You could place them on your kitchen counter or even hang them. Although the model isn’t the most stable one, it does get the job done. Hence, we highly recommend them if you want to install the holders outside bathrooms, work areas, and laundry rooms. By the way, you could also find them in several colours. You can have a black kitchen roll holder, chrome or silver.

Tips on how to buy Kitchen Roll Holders online

Undoubtedly, kitchen roll holders are essential among the various other kitchen utensils in any household. Not only do these help you cook with ease and but they also keep your hands clean and hygienic. Besides, washing your hands frequently is quite often a hassle. All this is true, but the sheer variety of holder options makes it a challenging task to find out a reliable model among the lot. Nevertheless, you can make things easy by having a few smart hacks in hand to assess your model. We’ve listed them below, so read on.

  • Explore the various types – One of the first and foremost steps in selecting your perfect kitchen item is to explore and understand its various kinds. This step is essential because each of the holder models comes with different features and characteristics. Therefore, you could use them in different ways depending upon their features. Besides, having adequate knowledge about the product you intend to buy is the key to purchasing the perfect one.
  • Check out the material – Considering the material is very critical, as the kitchen is a place where we cook different dishes. You might fry something, while you steam others, all this leaves out heat and moisture and grease. Therefore, you should pick a material that can withstand all these. Apart from that, you should also be able to clean them easily if stained. Well, some popular materials used in constructing the kitchen roll holders include metal, wood, plastic and steel.
  • Assess the durability – Even though imperative, the roll holders aren’t a huge investment when compared to the other kitchen utensils. However, replacing the product every now and then is always a hassle. Which is why you must pick a model that can withstand your kitchen environment regardless of what it is. Make sure that the models you pick have the materials, designs and features that are long-lasting.
  • Check out the design – With the advancement of technology, you can today find kitchen roll holders in several designs and shapes. You can find kitchen holders with blades, countertop kitchen holders, ones that you can affix on your shelf and many more. But, the point here is that each one is suitable for a specific purpose. For instance, you cannot fix the countertop roll holders onto the shelf. This is mainly why you should always consider their design and see if it matches your requirements before you purchase one.
  • Go for easy installation models – You do not want a model that you’d be figuring out, how to fix, for an entire day. You must be able to quickly fix the models in whatever shape or size it may be. Anyhow, most manufacturers include an installation manual with the packaging. This makes it easier for you to carry out the installation process. Most of the products come with a hassle-free fixing process that you can do yourself.
  • Set aside a budget – Different types and characteristics indicate different price rates as well. This means you can find roll holders from a price range of AED 15 to AED 100. This range makes it essential for you to set aside a budget for yourself. Setting a budget narrows down your options and makes your buying process a breeze. How? Well, when you have a set budget in hand, you’ll automatically lookout for the products that only fit your price range.

So, how will you select your favourite product? Simple, by keeping the above tips in mind. But note, in the end, it all depends on your liking and preference. Some might love the countertop holders, while others among you might hate the idea. Therefore, make sure to assess your product carefully and then pick the one that most suits your kitchen requirements.

Question & Answer

How to use a kitchen towel holder?

Ideally, you fix the holder or place it on a countertop, depending on the design of the kitchen roll holder. Besides, you’d also get an installation manual with most of the product, which you can refer to install the holders. Most of them are fairly easy to fix. By the way, you could also use these holders for various other things. For example, you could utilise them to organise your ribbon rolls, ties, craft supplies, keep tabs on tapes, and even stack doughnuts.

How much is a kitchen towel holder?

Kitchen towel holders come in several types, and features and hence are priced at different rates. You can find certain cheap wooden kitchen roll holders that cost you as low as AED 15. However, there are also certain models like the countertop kitchen roll holder for which you might have to pay as high as AED 100. Either way, most of the models are affordable and are not priced sky-high. But, remember, the prices depend on the platform from where you buy and the brand you choose for.

What is the best kitchen towel holder?

The best kitchen paper towel holder is something that perfectly fits your kitchen and your needs. It is also the one that comes in top-quality and high-durability. So how do you get one that has all the perfect qualities? Well, it’s simple! Go for the branded ones. Some of the popular brands that you can consider include Simplehuman, Goolsky, Prestige, Wesco, Joseph Joseph, Umbra, Idesign, Homebox, Home centre, Ikea, and Dishykooker.

Where to buy a kitchen roll holder?

Typically, you can purchase various kinds of kitchen roll holders online and in-store. However, we understand your plight when it comes to romping through those endless sites for that perfect selection. That’s why we would want you to check out This product search engine has it all in an organised manner. For instance, you can explore an extensive range of kitchen roll holders for large rolls, kitchen roll holders with tearing blade, tissue paper holder for kitchen and many more from popular brands and online stores.

We hope that we were successful in imparting the information you need to purchase the best price kitchen roll holders online in UAE. However, in the end, it all boils down to your personal preference. So, make sure to thoroughly go through our collection, compare prices and pick the one that best suits your needs. And yes, do not miss to check out our other home & living product options from over 500+ stores online!

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