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About Ice Makers

Ice, these days is huge. Cocktail fanatics treat the evenly cut ice as a holy grail. But there are also team ‘big cubes’ whiskey drinkers, team’ long stick’, and there are team ‘crushed ice’. Yeah, we get it! Each of you has different preferences of how you want your ice. Most of us, yet know only the conventional methods of making an ice cube. Why don’t we just get out of our caves, and get these fantastic machines that fulfil all your icy needs? Yep, we’re talking about the ice makers. Want to know what they are and how to purchase them effortlessly? Stay with us, and keep scrolling to know!

How do these machines create the magic of producing ice? It turns out that their functioning is relatively simple to understand. These well-engineered devices have three main components an electric motor, a heating unit, and an ice tray. When it’s time to make ice, the machine pumps clean water into an ice tray. Once the water reaches a certain level, the cooling unit activates and freezes the ice. The water freezes in the ice tray. Later the heating unit warms up the base of the ice tray. As a result giant clump of ice separates and falls as different cubes. Then, the ice falls into the ice bin from where you can scoop out your ice and serve as required. That’s it! Isn’t it pretty simple? Let’s now move on to our next section and explore their types.

The different types of ice maker machines to choose from

Luckily, the ice makers are not just simple in their function but are also available in various choices. Some of their common types include the counter-top, the under-counter, portable, modular, built-ins, and personal. Each of these models come with different features and functions. However, their fundamental role remains the same that is to produce ice. Indeed, having these many options is a boon in many ways, but often it’s also a bane. How? Because you tend to fall into a dilemma when it comes to choosing the perfect one from these wide ranges of options. However, you could always turn around the situation if you understand each model thoroughly. And we’re going to help you with that in this section. So read on.

The counter-top ice maker

Buy counter-top icemaker for light usage. The best counter-top ice cube maker is a convenient device for those living in a compact space, as these makers are portable and easy to use. Besides, these ice machines are also smaller than their counterparts. But, of course, this also means that they hold less ice. Since these machines allow you to carry them around easily, they freeze the water directly. This means you need to manually fill in their water tanks to keep the ice production running. Also, like many other ice makers, these too do not have a cold storage bin. They can make the cubes but cannot store them. When unused ice melts, the machine automatically recycles the melted ice to create a new batch.

The under-counter icemaker

Just like the counter-top ice makers, under-counter ice makers are automatic. This means these devices produce ice until the bin is full. Even though they cost more than the counter-top model, they offer great production capacity. Besides, the machines also come with bigger storage bins that allow you to store 30 to 500 pounds of ice at a time. As we saw earlier, counter-top models cannot store ice and keep the ice frozen for an extended period; on the contrary, these large units ensure that you always have a steady supply of ice. However, you might find it difficult to move around these models. Also, remember, these ice cube makers require a dedicated water in-line supply with enough water for their ice production rate.

The best overall portable ice maker

If you want an ice machine for the kitchen that you can move outside, to your garage, or to a different room, then buy a portable ice maker. Obviously, portable ice machines tend to be small and allow you to carry them anywhere you want. For instance, you could take them along for camping trips or tailgating. Besides, from the fact that you can easily carry them around whenever and wherever you want, you’ll find them to be some of the cheapest ice maker models. You can get a basic model portable ice machine at around AED 300. However, remember, cheapness, and smaller size have their demerits. And one of the obvious and common ones is that they make the least amount of ice, typically just a few pounds per day.

The best budget cheap ice maker

If you’re in search of a wallet-friendly model of ice maker, then you can consider investing in a cheap ice cube maker like Hamilton Beach. While it doesn’t produce as much ice as the other models, this product is great for those who’re on a budget. Besides, it’s also simple to use. It produces up to 26 pounds of ice per day, or nine ice bullets every seven minutes to be precise. This process ensures that you have a fresh and constant supply of ice for any party or special event. The ice basket of this particular model holds 2 pounds of ice before you empty them. Besides, there’s a dedicated LED light that lets you know when the bucket is full or when you need more water in the reservoir. By the way, the machine also offers you two different sizes of ice cubes.

Tips on how to buy Ice Makers online

Now that you know the various types of ice cube makers, it’s time to shop for one. But, before that, you need to know how to buy the ice makers online. That’s because there are lots of things to consider when you buy the ice makers online. You shouldn’t just go with what you think is the best deal. Sure, it’s crucial to get the best value you can. However, you need to ensure that everything you need is accounted for before you make the final call on a product. For your convenience, consider the below checklist of essential factors.

  • Explore the ice maker types – The chances are that you’re specifically looking out for a portable or counter-top ice maker. If you are, then you can skip this part. But, if you’re unsure about what to buy, then this step is the first and foremost to do. You must first know and understand the various types of ice cube makers available in the market. Only if you know their types, you’ll be able to pick a model that best suits your needs.
  • Look out for ice cube maker size – If you want your ice cube makers to become part of your kitchen, then decide on where you want to place them before you purchase them. Take precise measurements and figure out which size will fit your kitchen. One of the biggest problems is when you find out that the ice machine you bought is too large for your place. Another issue comes when you don’t give enough breathing room for your devices.
  • Consider the ice production capacity – How big a party are you organizing? Are you buying an ice maker just for yourself? Or are you trying to serve people from an entire party? Remember, several ice cube makers are very diverse regarding ice production. You could buy a small ice machine that makes enough ice for one glass. Or you could also invest a significant amount of money into buying an ice machine that can produce an ice mountain in a minute.
  • Consider the speed of the maker – How fast can your ice machine produce ice? How much does it make in a day? Both these factors are crucial when it comes to buying the ice cube makers Always keep in mind, when a company tells you how much ice your ice maker makes, that’s in 24 hours of continuous ice production. Unless you plan on keeping your machine on all day, realize that this isn’t how much ice you will get immediately.
  • Check out the ice type and size – There should be an option to pick between large and small ice cubes. If not, then it’s best to purchase an ice maker that creates ice in your desired type like crescent, nugget, sonic, clear cube, crushed and so on. Remember, along with the type, the density of ice is also significant. For instance, if your machine makes ice that’s too soft, then it’ll melt within minutes and ice up more often. We recommend you go for a model that produces thicker and denser ice.
  • Consider the style – Ice cube makers come in various styles. Out of the many, the ones that come in stainless steel designs fits most kitchens. You can find them in white or black or silver as well generally. Aside from these standard colours, you’ll find them in red as well. The colour, in general, is an easy decision to make. Apart from that, they come in one of two basic styles—boxy or smooth.
  • Check out the longevity – You might have a perfect ice machine for a month, but what if it breaks down after a month? Is it worth it? Of course not! A good ice cube maker should last at least a few years without the heavy maintenance. This is provided you maintain them regularly. Many machines come with a warranty, but usually for a short period. That’s why it’s always better to have an extended warranty for these types of machines.
  • Consider the price – Although we put this last, it’s likely the most important factor for you to consider when purchasing the ice makers online. You can usually get a basic ice cube maker for around AED 300. Higher capacity and efficient ice cube makers shouldn’t cost you more than AED 1000. If you want to make sonic or nugget ice, then you’ll need to buy a specialized under-counter or built-in ice cube maker. They range from a few DHS to AED 3500.

With plenty said about the ice cube makers, which type and model do think you’ll get? Under-counter, freestanding or portable? Whichever you pick to make sure to consider the above tips. These will guide you in the right direction and help you sort out the best model from the wide range of ice machines available out there on the market.

Question & Answer

How does an ice maker machine work?

Most of us enjoy tossing in those chilly cubes of ice onto our drinks, and the ice cube makers offer you the convenience of making them easily. But how do these machines work? Which is that science that makes it all possible? It turns out that it’s a fascinating process and perfectly understandable by most of us as it mimics the way we usually make our ice cubes. Generally, you pour water into the mould and leave it in the freezer until the water turns solid into a cube. You then extract them when needed. An ice maker does the same thing, but the process of pouring water and extracting ice cubes is fully automated.

What ice maker makes sonic ice?

Often termed as pellet ice or nugget ice, the sonic ice has a shape of something like a tater top or beer keg, only tiny. With the advanced technology invading every nook corner of our lives, you can today find several types of sonic ice makers from different world-renowned brands. Some of the best sonic ice makers trending today include IKICH portable ice maker, Della portable, Ice-O-Matic, and Scotsman ice machine. You could also buy an opal nugget ice maker for perfect sonic ice.

Will ice maker work without a filter?

In general, the ice cube makers do not require a filter to produce ice. However, having an ideal filter will help you make better ice and increase the overall longevity of the appliance itself. Even though you might enjoy the unfiltered ice that your ice cube maker makes, there are quite a lot of benefits of using the ice cube makers that utilize the filters in them. For instance, the machines with filters help you improve the quality of ice by removing contaminants. Besides, it also reduces maintenance and repair needs.

Which ice maker is the best?

The best ice cube maker is something that suits your requirements. Plus, it’s the one that offers you top-notch performance. And how do you make sure that you have the highest-quality and best one among the numerous out there on the market? Well, it’s quite simple. Go for the branded models. The branded products make sure that you have a durable and stylish product in hand. Some of the popular brands of ice makers you can consider investing in include Crownline, Geepas, Super General, Nobel, Genie, Innoo Tech, and NB North Bayou.

Where can I buy an ice cube maker online in UAE?

Several online stores and brands offer you a wide range of ice cube makers of all types. However, browsing each one of them to find a perfect one seems like a challenging task. So, if you want to make your shopping process a breeze, then do not miss checking out From the best clear ice cube maker to ice maker for the freezer and cheap ice maker for sale, you could see everything on this superfast product search engine. What’s more, you can easily explore, compare prices, and pick your favourite model from popular online stores.

So now you understand everything that you need to know about ice makers. You know how they function and what parts to pay attention to. Besides, you also have an idea of what models to invest in. So why wait? Start your shopping experience now! And yes, do not miss to check out various other stylish kitchen utensils and home & living products from over 500+ online stores only on