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About Graters

We feel like most of you already have a grater in your kitchen. But, they’re usually old, outdated and quite often do not work well. Oh, and talk about being rusty! If you need a new grater then, you’re inevitably going to love reading through this article, as it comes with a complete package of what you need to know for securing the perfect shredder from the online platforms.

Of course, you know what a grater is. It’s a kitchen utensil that you use to shred various food items into fine pieces. But, what you don’t know is that François Boullier invented this smart kitchen tool in the 1540s. All thanks to him, that we can now have zested lemons, grated cheese on our favourite pizzas and chocolate slices on those mouth watery cakes. In short, shredding your food items have become a lot easier and user-friendly. There are several other exciting things that you ought to know about these smart tools. One of the most significant things among these is to know their types.

The different types of grater models to choose from

There are more options that you know for grating cheese, zesting a lemon and grating nutmeg into powder. Graters come in unimaginable sizes and shapes. Some are flat with a long handle, while others are big and boxy. You can even find slim, ruler-like graters known as rasps or Microplane. These come with super-sharp bi-directional steel blades that turn blocks of rock-hard parmesan cheese into fluffy wisps. Furthermore, there are also graters with built-in containers that help reduce the mess in your kitchen. Obviously, with so many options out there on the market, you’re bound to get confused when it comes to buying the perfect one. Even though not a complete list, but below we’ve compiled a list of graters that you can consider investing in.

The K Basix best cheese grater & shredder

A robust, sturdy and best-valued product is something that everyone wants. Consider investing in the K Basix cheese grater and shredder if you’re in search of such a kind. The product is cost-efficient and convenient. Even though it might not look much, but it’s easily strong and sharp enough to grate anything and everything from hard cheese to zucchinis and carrots. All this is possible because the product comes with a reinforced frame. The construction of the product is in a way that the handle cannot bend or break unless you put intense pressure. Above all, when it comes to the grip, this model has a thick and soft rubber handle that’s ergonomic.

Cuispro food grater with surface glide technology

This model is something different from everything that we’ve featured in the list so far. The product includes surface glide technology that allows you to grate more efficiently than other graters. Instead of just having lines of grates, this model has a repeated grooved pattern that’s spread evenly on the surface. This reduces resistance and makes it easier for you to grate or shred food without any hassle. Besides, this design also increases the length of each individual blade. This, in turn, means you get more grated food with every stroke. In short, if you want your food to be grater swiftly and smoothly, then there’s nothing better than this model.

The professional Microplane grater

As mentioned earlier in the article, most chefs and people around the world love this best Microplane grater. Thanks to those ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and their beautiful design. Made from one of the highest-quality steel, the product features a hanging loop so you can store it away when you’re not using them. When it comes to safety, the product comes with a protective cover that enables you to cover the surface of the grater when storing them. This keeps the rust at bay. Besides, the beautiful stainless steel material also happens to be incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The product is also dishwasher safe. By the way, they’re also the best ginger grater in town.

The OXO good grips parmesan grater

Next on our list is another excellent shredder from OXO. The brand offers you a vast range of really high-quality culinary tools, and the OXO good grips are one of the best parmesan cheese graters. It pretty much looks like an ordinary box grater. However, it comes with an added feature that makes it extremely useful. On the bottom of the shredder, you’ll find an attachable container that catches whatever you’re grating. This tool comes in handy, especially for health nuts who like to measure what they eat, as the container also has measurements on both sides. Apart from that, it also has a small lid on top. You can use this container to store food if you grate too much by accident.

Tips on how to buy Graters online

Now that you’re aware of their types, the next step is to shop for one. Obviously, you’d want to pick the best among the various options available online. But how do you start? What do you look for? Well, this is exactly what we’re going to highlight in this section. Below are a few essential factors that you must consider while purchasing the graters online.

  • Consider your purpose – Some shredders are multi-purpose, such as the box graters. They have four grating surfaces. However, many have one flat surface. Depending on your needs, go for a simple flat grater if you want to grate an ingredient of the same fineness. But, if you’re a cooking enthusiast, a multi-purpose shredder can come in handy. This means, considering their purpose is highly essential.
  • Explore their types – Once you know your purpose, the next in line is to explore the various types of graters that’ll suit your requirements. Typically, you can find four main types of these tools. It includes the multi-sided, flat, rotary table, Microplane. A different design of every tool enables you to use them for various purposes. Out of the four, Microplane stands out for its super sharp stainless steel teeth.
  • Keep the safety measures in mind – Grating, any sort of food, requires as much caution as cutting meat and vegetables. Therefore, to be safe, it’s best to opt for a model that comes with a protective cover or a grating guard. Some versions even have rubber stoppers at the base or edges to reduce unnecessary slipping. In short, you must always be cautious when grating or shredding any kind of food for different dishes.
  • Assess the material – Most of these tools come in stainless steel materials, as they often come in contain with moisture. Manufacturers go for stainless steel materials as they come with an anti-corrosive property. This property is essential when in contact with the food. Besides, the metal is also relatively hard when compared to the others. All this means, longer shelf-life for your equipment. Also note, avoid graters that come in tin materials as they tend to rust in the long run.
  • Go for branded models – Does the brand matter? It turns out it does! A reputable brand like Microplane is popular among consumers for its ease of use, stability, and ease of cleaning. A good shredder must grate any soft and hard items smoothly, leaving minimal wastage. Most branded graters come with ergonomic features that help reduce your work and efficiently serve their purpose. Besides, opting for a good brand makes sure that your product lasts for years.

Get to know what you require and then go for it. Remember, a poor quality device will ruin your entire cooking process. We hope the above tips and factors that we’ve listed will guide you in the direction and help you pick the best model from the wide range of options available on the market today.

Question & Answer

Can a grater function as a zester?

Remember, grater and zester are two different tools to shred your foods. But the difference lies in the size of their holes. The grater comes with larger holes that are best for shredding cheese and other food items. While the zester gives your optimal performance while shredding the citrus fruit peels like orange or lemon. Therefore, it’s best to use them differently for a different purpose unless you want large lemon peels in your food.

What are graters used for?

A grater is a kitchen tool that you usually use to grate foods into thin or fine pieces or slices. You can also call them shredders. Generally, most people use them to shred cheese of all kinds. However, with advanced technology, today, you can find several models of these tools that allow you to use them for various purposes. You can use them to grate, slice or shred different foods like lemons, oranges, cheeses of all sorts.

What graters do chefs use?

Most chefs prefer to go for models from Microplane. The reason is that they’re multi-purpose and dishwasher safe. Though, the shredder from this brand was initially created for smoothing out pieces while woodworking. However, the chefs quickly snatched them. Even though the manufacturers were quite disappointed by this, they promptly embraced this fact and now produce several other kitchen tools.

Which grater to use for carrot cakes?

This depends on the way you want your carrots to be on the cake. If you prefer to have large chunks in your carrot cake, then make sure to shred them on the side of the grater where you have larger holes. On the contrary, if you want them to be pulpy, then go for tiny holes on the grater. Now this means, you can either choose graters with larger holes like a boxed grater or ones with fine holes like a fine handheld grater.

Which grater is the best?

The best shredder is something that suits your needs and that offers you optimal performance. So how do you make sure you find a one like this? Well, it’s simple! All you need to do is to go for branded and high-quality models. Some of the world-renowned brands that you can consider investing in include names like Prestige, Lixada, Oxo, Raj, KitchenAid, Goolksy, Ikea, Boska, Alessi, and many more as such.

Where to buy grater online in the UAE?

Our shopping platform that is is an excellent platform to commence your shopping drive. However, there’s something unique about this product search engine. Here you get to explore branded models like Zyliss cheese grater, Ikea cheese grater, Moulinex grater, and many more. What’s more, you can also compare prices of various grater models from popular online stores to purchase cheap electric food grater or cheap handheld cheese grater. Apart from that, the platform offers you access to various other kitchen utensils and home & living products from over 500+ online stores.

Food graters are a must-have for any kitchen. These amazing tools help you shred your ingredients into desired bits making the cooking process not only easy but fun too. Every shopper might have different views, opinions and likings when it comes to these devices. Thus, it will be good to have a basic understanding of the product you intend to buy. We hope this guide has been helpful.