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In this busy modern life, all of us needs a perfect dish drainer or draining racks to hold all the dishes, glasses, and cutleries. It’s really a tough task to clean and dry that messy cookware or plates on countertops. Besides, who wants to take a chance of breaking? Thus, a proper dish drainer is the saviour of your life! You can’t just think beyond it while you stay in a small apartment.

Dish drainer or draining racks is common kitchen utensils item which is found in every household kitchen. However, the design allows you to enjoy its benefits when it comes to serving. Besides, it has a unique design, and the construction makes your drying rack a huge space and time saver. You can easily dry the washed utensils, wine glasses, and cups before saving them in cabinets. Moreover, the racks are easy to reach with your sponge and dish soap. Thus, making dish-washing a blissful affair! The dish racks are available in varied designs and robust in structure. Besides, it’s available in stainless steel, wood, and plastic materials. In this article, we will talk about the different types of dish drainers along with the tips to consider before you look for the best self-draining dish racks online. So, read further to get help!

Different types of dish drainer for the kitchen to pick

Are you looking for a space-efficient utensil rack for your kitchen? Then your search ends here! It is an ideal dish rack for a small kitchen which is used for storing as well as draining the wet cutlery. However, these racks come in quality stainless steel and finish in silver colour. It has plastic-coated handles, which provide you with a perfect grip. And the double-wire circular support allows for superior storage space. Besides, you can organise your countertops, cabinets, and pantry clutter-free. So, let’s get more insight into other types of utensil racks for your kitchen. To make a quick and hassle-free pick while shopping online. Go on reading.

Over the sink dish drying racks

These draining racks can hold eight plates up to 10 inches in diameter at a time. However, the arms of the rack can extend up to 26-3/4” inches. And it measures 16-1/2 by 12-1/4 inches which fully collapse for easy storage under the sink. These racks feature a removable silverware tray for easy cleaning and draining of the water. Besides, it finishes with high-quality plastic, which is durable and lasts longer. Thus, these racks are safe for the dishwasher as constructed with TPE and polypropylene material. But, its space-efficiency feature makes it the best dish drainer tray for your small apartment kitchens. The one you don’t wish to miss!

Dish racks with covers

If you are looking for contemporary design draining racks for your kitchen, then your hunt ends here! These racks are lightweight, and rust-proof making it on the list of best sinks draining racks. However, it has an antibacterial processing hood, BPA free and hygiene polypropylene. Besides, these compact racks are small enough to fit optimally in most standard sinks. And provides adequate space in your kitchen but still can handle full-size plates. However, for the countertop use, it has a swivel spout that rotates in all directions. It helps in draining the water directly into the sink. Besides, it has multi-functional features and makes drying and water drainage at first-rate.  

IKEA dish racks

These draining racks from IKEA can be hung on the wall or placed on the countertop. Thus, making it convenient to use. Moreover, it has a removable tray underneath to collect the water from the drainer. It comes with 37.5cm width and 13.5cm /13.5 cm height, and these products need assembly. Besides, it finishes with steel, nickel-plated and clear lacquer. And the tray of the racks is built with galvanised steel. So, do you wish to buy a stainless-steel dish drainer? Then, you can check out the other popular brands. Some of them are HomeBox, Home Centre, Trouva, Royalford, Rubik, Cosmoplast, iDesign, Cuisine Art, Oscar, Joseph Joseph, Royalford, Gluckluz, InterDesign, and many more.

Tips on how to buy Draining Racks online

No one would ever say no to draining racks or dish racks to hold all the glass dishes, cutlery sets, or pot sets, especially in this busy modern life. So, after washing, you need to dry them properly before putting them on the shelf. How can one take the chance of breaking their favourite cutlery or pot sets? Moreover, without these dish racks, you need to clean the countertop every time these wash dishes spill out the water. Thus, choosing the best dish drainer 2020, among the unbeatable collection of various brands and shops, is a tricky affair. But, if you pick the wrong one, it might be troubling you all time whenever you go for washing, organising, or drying your utensils. But you don’t have to worry as we have already done a job for you. All you have to do is go through it.

  • Size and capacity – It is an essential factor to consider while looking for the draining racks in the kitchen. However, the size and capacity of the kitchen racks are interconnected. So, if the capacity of washing the utensils are maximum, then go for bigger dish racks. Else, for minimal utensils, you can choose standard size racks for the kitchen.
  • Materials – This is the second most thing to consider while looking for the racks in the kitchen. The materials play a pivotal role in the durability of these home & living products. Mostly, these racks are built with stainless steel, wood, or plastic products. Thus, you need to choose carefully as per your needs and purposes.
  • Types of utensils to wash – It is another important thing to consider while picking the best sink draining rack. So, if you use utensils like pans, pots, or larger items, then try to look for a more potent and weighted drainer. Else, you can select the lightweight one, which is easy to move or extended handle. Besides, try to consider the space for storing the utensils properly.

By now, you might be acquainted with the factors which one to consider and which ones to avoid while shopping online. So, if you are still uncertain which brands or shops to go for, then don’t worry, we have a solution for you! Browse And experience the excellent collection of products with the best price in the market. Hurry! Don’t miss this offer.

Question & Answer

What is a dish draining rack?

The dish drainers are used to arrange and drain all the waters of the clean utensils. And dry it without any water droplet spot on the utensils. However, it is an excellent product that helps to keep your kitchen neat and clean. Besides, it provides enough countertops space, which is best for small apartments. Moreover, these racks come with a detachable drip tray that holds the water from the utensils and avoids water spillage. Additionally, these racks are constructed with high-quality stainless steel with rustproof technology and high durability. Thus, you can use this drainer for a longer time. And best suits for a family with 3 – 4 members.

How to clean a plastic dish drainer?

Plastic dish drainers are usually sold in one piece or three-piece sets. The three-piece sets of drainers contain a drainboard, rack and utensil holder. However, plastic racks can easily wash and maintain in the same way one does for the dishes that get dry on the stand. Thus, it’s an easy task of cleaning them which needs to be repeated often, if you use it regularly for drying clean dishes. So, while washing, fill the sink with warm water. And add ¼ cup household bleach with dish detergent. Now, place the drain board as well as a utensil holder in the sink. And allow it to soak for 10 minutes. Next, scrub the rack on both sides using the sponge. And rinse in clean water and place on a dishtowel. It needs to be placed on a flat surface for air drying. And you are all done with cleaning!

What is the best dish drainer?

A small kitchen, as well as smaller sinks, can be painful to manage the space. This is primarily when the big bulky plastic dish drainers take up so much countertop space. Thus, it’s time to look for the best pick dish drainer for your kitchen. And make sure you choose the right one which can ease your job of cleaning and drying the utensils. You need a versatile rack that will be capable enough to contain a good quantity of dishes. It should have the ability to dry a heap of hand washable utensils that are located on the edge of the basin. Therefore, you can check out the popular brand’s products which are winning the trust of the customers for years. Some of them are HomeBox, Home Centre, Trouva, Royalford, Rubik, Cosmoplast, iDesign, Cuisine Art, Oscar, Joseph Joseph, Royalford, Gluckluz, InterDesign, and many more.

Where to buy a dish drainer in the UAE?

There are many varieties of dish drainers available in the market from different companies. Thus, it becomes quite challenging to pick the best among all the amazing collections that are available online. But you can still give it a try by considering the utensils rack as per your needs and space in your kitchen. Also, find the daily requirement or usages of appliances. Thus, keeping all these factors in mind wouldn’t be difficult for you to end up buying the right product which you would cherish for a long time. You will find some of the outstanding models of racks on We are the best product search engine with more than 500 shops allied with us. With the numerous options under one roof, it’s the best way to shop online.