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About Cutting Boards

Certain pieces of kitchen equipment are elementary as cutting boards. Surely if you have cut-proof hands for steel, a handheld paring knife will be just fine. But when it comes to dicing, chopping, smashing, or mincing, there can be no way other than a solid chopping board. 

A cutting or chopping board is a durable flat surface on which you can place material for cutting. The kitchen cutting board is generally used for preparing food while other types exist for cutting raw materials like plastic or leather. The second mentioned type is commonly used in commercial settings. Based on the needs and suitability to use, these boards are available in a wide range of materials, shapes, widths, and sizes. Commonly chopping boards are made of plastic or wood. However, occasionally you can also find cutting boards made of marble, steel, or glass.  

Different types of kitchen butting boards  

Today there are different types of cutting boards available in the market, and each of them is made from different materials. But the question is which of these is the best and why? A wooden board, for example, needs special attention. It needs detailed cleaning and oiling to keep it in good condition for a long. As the later section of this article will speak about the tips and tricks on how to buy a cutting board, for the time being, we will generate understanding about different types of chopping boards available in the market. So, let’s have a look.  

Plastic cutting boards  

 these are somewhat a safe bet; most commonly used and the best option that one can consider. The safety of these boards depends on getting them clean. And it is not as easy as you might think. These boards become more popular when plastic became an industrialised material making it available in abundance. According to researches, these boards are safer than wood and supposedly more comfortable to clean. You can also throw them in the dishwasher, and it is all done. And this is the only reason many people give them bonus points for this reason. 

Bamboo cutting boards  

These are made of natural bamboo and having one or more in your kitchen exudes good vibes for two reasons. One is because they are aesthetically cool, and the other has much to do with the spiritual properties of the bamboo. Many believe that the essence of those properties is an eternal thing that translates into any product made from bamboo. Besides a stylish appearance, these boards are ranked higher among the folk who are eco-conscious. Bamboo is a durable place and does not exercise any chemicals for harvesting. These boards are durable and easily recyclable.  

Wooden cutting boards 

When it comes to hygiene, these boards are far better than plastic boards. This is because they will not accumulate any bacteria as it does not offer any favourable conditions for them to grow or reproduce. It may not sound right, but it is a fact and reason why many prefer them on many other types of boards. So if you can keep them clean, there is nothing to worry about the hygiene and health of these boards for a long time. As a plus, you can also sterilize them in the microwave. You can also find some wooden cutting boards with self-healing abilities. For example, the scars and cuts will not be pronounced on the wood cutting boards that are made of beech or maple.  

Glass cutting boards 

This can be the least option for consideration. Yet, they are loved by many. And the only reason is the look and feel. These boards are often used for serving a purpose to add aesthetic value to your meal like grilled fish or whole chicken that needs to be cut in the piece but served as a whole on the table. Besides, these boards have no application as they are fragile. Besides, they are potentially dangerous for your fingers. Not to mention, they are not suitable for your kitchen knives. Additionally, they have an extremely slippery surface that makes you more accident-prone. 

Tips on how to buy Chopping Board online in the UAE 

With so many options available online, it can be weirdly difficult to choose a cutting board. The shape and sizes of these items vary significantly, and between different types of plastic, wood, and wood fibre composites, you have a lot of options to choose from. At a time when there is no hard and fast rule for buying any kitchen accessory- including cutting board – there are some buying tips and tricks that might come in handy while choosing the cheapest wooden chopping board. Here are some tips on how to buy the best chopping board for sale online in the UAE.

  • Consider the size – At first, you should decide what size of cutting board you want to buy. Generally, rectangular boards tend to be more practical and standard items for both commercial and domestic kitchens. However, commercial items are bigger (15-20 inches) as compared to the ones used at homes.
  • The thickness of the board – Remember you will be cutting, chopping, and hitting the bones on the cutting board. Therefore, the board must have the ability to bear the forces you will apply to them. And to do so, the board must be thick enough that typically falls between ½ to 1-2 inches.
  • The material of the cutting board – As mentioned earlier, a cutting board comes in a variety of materials including steel, wood, plastic, marble and even glass.  Here durability is the core feature your board must-have. So, pick a board that is durable enough, which include an option made of wood or steel.
  • Extra features of the board – Cutting boards come with a lot of extra features including grip to hang and handle, rubber feet and folding options. Some are important, like rubber feet, while others are not that much helpful in the cutting process. Even than choices are up to you, be careful with options.

When you head to buy a kitchen utensil online, the choices are unlimited. It is important not to get deceived by the images shown for any product. Always dig deep by reading the product description section to find the make, make retail, size, and care instruction about the product you choose to buy. You can also read the customer reviews about the products to find if they are reasonable to purchase or not.

Question & Answer

Which cutting board do chefs use?

When we speak about chefs, we will see that most professionals recommend using plastic cutting boards. The highly recommended options are made of polyethene. They have lesser and no impact on health. Besides, if you are lucky enough to get a branded high-quality item, the board will last longer than any other available option in the market. Additionally are easy to wash and work fine both with dishwasher and hand washing. In the end, they are relatively okay on knives but not good as wooden or bamboo boards.

What is the cutting board best for knives?

While well-designed plastic cutting boards might not dull your knives, a wood board is often the safer, more hygienic way to go. When evaluating wooden cutting boards always look for high-quality materials like teak, maple, or walnut for the best overall cutting board. Some of the best-selling items you can buy online are the Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut Cutting Board, the Royal Craft Wood Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board, and the OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Cutting Board Set. 

Where to buy chopping boards online in the UAE?

For a comprehensive market search and to buy economical and branded cutting boards for all your commercial and residential kitchen needs, explore This is where you can find top brands like Prestige, Neofla, Joseph, Ikea, Kitchen Kraft, WMF, Breville, Michael Aram, Picnic Time, Zwilling, and J.A. Henckels. You can also take advantage of the price comparison tool to compare the price of products from different brands and models and make the best choice for your needs. 

Which chopping board is most hygienic?

Most of the users believe that plastic boards are the most hygienic and safer to use. They are preferred over wood and bamboo and found to be safer to run through the dishwasher. However, many studies found that wooden boards are also secure to use. Besides with time plastic boards accommodate more bacteria in the cuts that the knife makes on the board. As compared to plastic, wooden boards are easier to clean and hygienic for a longer time.

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