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About Cookbook Stands

If you’re someone who regularly reads recipes on a tablet, an e-reader, or a smartphone, or even an old-school book, you could use the solid cookbook stands —not convinced yet? We’ll do that for you. In this guide, we shall see all that you need to know about the cookbook stands and a few crucial tips to achieve a good buy. So keep scrolling!

Whether your hands are full of laundry, or cooking ingredients or soaked with the bathwater, a cookbook stand comes in handy during these times. Not only does is help you enjoy a prolonged reading but are also perfect for holding big, chunky recipe books. They keep the book open so that you can quickly scan through the ingredients and cooking methods mentioned in a recipe. Besides, you can do all this without soiling the cookbook’s pages. Above all, the stand helps you place your books or e-readers at an ideal angle for reading. However, there’s more to the cookbook stands. If you’re curious to know more, then check out the next section where we highlight the various trending types of cookbook stands.

The most excellent cookbook stands for readers and cooks

Remember, cookbook stands are not just for holding your recipe books alone. With the growing technological advancements, manufacturers have created excellent multi-purpose holders. For instance, you can hold your books while soaking in a bubble bath. You could also use them to place a workout book while you work through the workout movements outlined in a page. Above all, you can enjoy reading while you finish up chores by setting a stand on top of your dryer. That said, the best part is that you can do all this with different kinds of cookbook holders. Below, we’ve compiled a few of such stands that you can use for various occasions in different ways.

The best overall recipe book stand

If you’re looking at purchasing a cookbook holder that’s perfect in all the aspects, then you can consider investing in the cookbook holder from Crate & Barrel. This sleek and stylish stand has a surprising design element. It folds flat for simple storage in a drawer or on your cookbook shelf. Besides, it also comes with an acrylic window that keeps the cookbook pages free of spills and splatter, when you’re frying chicken or whipping cream for that perfect dessert garnish. Apart from that, the stand holds just about any size cookbook at an angle that’s perfect for reading recipes. Plus, when you’re working with a recipe card or a printed sheet of paper, you can also use the acrylic piece as a makeshift clipboard.

The perfect cookbook holder for small spaces

Quite often, you might not have a counter or limited space in the kitchen. In such situations, it’s best to go for the stand from West Elm. This minimalist design from Japan is perfect for cramped up spaces. The model comes in white powder-coated steel for strength and has an ash wood top piece that serves as an additional attractive design element. Moreover, the simple slide base installed in the model easily accommodates books of any thickness. It even holds items as thin as tablets. Above all, the sliding base also allows you to place your books in different angles that are suitable as per your reading preference.

The finest recipe book holder for large cookbooks

We all know that cookbooks come in different sizes. We did see the apt stand for a smaller book: how about the bulky ones? Well, if you’re in search of a perfect holder for your large cookbooks, then look no further than the Clear solutions Delux large cookbook holder. These stands are excellent for large books. Their wide design keeps your books neatly open, while the acrylic shield protects pages from the kitchen spills and splatters. Additionally, the product has a black metal hinge that makes it easy to fold down the shield when it’s time to turn the page. Besides, this feature also allows you to fold the stand flat for easy storage.

The rustic cast iron cookbook stand

If you’re looking out for sturdy and robust cookbook stands that aren’t wobbly, then you can never go wrong with Cucina cast iron cookbook holder. This rustic, all-iron cookbook holder features a fork on the bottom lip and two weights hanging from chains. This design helps to hold the pages neatly in place. You can also move them where you wish to, so they won’t get in the way of your recipe as you assemble ingredients. The stand comes in complete iron with a glossy black finish. This stylish and sleek design gives you kitchen a decorative look, whether it’s holding a book or not. Its unique design allows you to place books up to 2 inches thick.

Tips on how to buy Cookbook Stands online

Now that you’re familiar with what the cookbook stands are, their uses and their various kinds, it’s time to buy cookbook stand online in UAE. But which one do you purchase? Will the one you buy, fit your space and your kitchen ambience? What material should you pick? Will it match the other kitchen utensils collection? All this needs to be answered to achieve the perfect buy. And how can you do that? Well, all you need to do is to consider a few smart tips and essential elements to assess your final product. So let’s have a look at those tips and factors below.

  • Know their types – Apparently, this is one of the most essential and important steps to perform before you set out to purchase any product online. Therefore, the cookbook holders aren’t an exception. Understanding the various types, features and characteristics of each type is a crucial step in achieving the best buy. Besides, having adequate knowledge about the product, you intend to buy always gives you confidence while browsing various options.
  • Consider the materials – The next factor to consider is the stand material. You do not want a flimsy and wobbly stand, as the main purpose of the stand is to keep your cookbook sturdy enough to read easily. Therefore, make sure to select a model that comes in robust materials. Some of the prevalent stand materials include wood, metal, cast iron and stainless steel. Remember, to choose these materials, even if you want to construct one of your own.
  • Check out their design – With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are creating several innovative stand designs. Some come with additional features, while others stick to simple yet stylish designs. But, when it comes to purchasing one, you must carefully assess their designs. See if it matches your kitchen ambience and the available space. Pick only the ones that you like and fulfil your requirements.
  • Set aside a budget – Once you have all the essential factors to consider, make sure you do not skip out on the budget. Setting aside a budget before the purchase is highly imperative to achieve a good buy. That’s because you can find several cookbooks stands at various price ranges. Some are cheap, and others are expensive. Indeed, you must pick the one that suits your budget. But remember not to compromise on quality while saving a few bucks.
  • Read reviews online – One of the best ways to pick the perfect model stand is to check out some of the best cookbook stand reviews The genuine customer feedbacks and comments about the product give you a fair idea about the product performance and quality. These days, you can also find several video reviews from experts. These give you a clear picture of the product, their parts, installation process, and many other essential aspects.

Indeed, all of the above tips are very important. But, in the end, it all depends on your personal preference. See if the product sits well in your kitchen, fulfils all your recipe reading requirements and stays within your budget. We hope the above hacks will guide and help you in pinpointing your ideal cookbook stand online without much effort.

Question & Answer

How does a cookbook stand work?

Cookbook holders are smart gadgets. They come in designs that help keep your cookbooks open. This, in turn, allows you to quickly scan through the steps of the recipe without scrolling the cookbook’s pages. Besides, the stands also help you keep the books at an ideal angle for easy reading. That’s how simple the cookbook stands are. By the way, you could also use them to hold many other things apart from books. For instance, there is a cookbook stand for iPads too.

How can I make a cookbook stand?

If you’re a fan of DIY’s, then there’s good news. You can make your cookbook holders if none of the models online suit your liking. And how do you do that? Well, for starter’s you need to decide on a material that you want to work on. For instance, you could choose wood, as it’s easier to shape and design. Next have all your equipment ready, like the cutters, drillers and saws. Trace the design in your mind and shape the material according to it. You can find several YouTube videos on this. Check out a few to get a fair idea.

What is the best cookbook stand?

How do you know that the cookbook holder you choose is the best one? Well, it’s quite simple, you know. The model you pick must suit your liking, fit your space, and have the highest quality. But, how do you make sure that buy a good quality model? Well, that’s simple too. All you need to do is to pick the cookbook stands from world-renowned brands like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Clear Solutions, Yankee Builder Shop, Wishacc, Cucina, Perryhill Rustics, and Williams Sonoma.

Where can I buy the cookbook stand online?

Several brands and online stores offer you an extensive collection of cookbook stands online. Indeed, the sheer variety is incredible. But browsing through each one of them and juggling through various sites to pick the perfect one becomes an arduous task. Well, what’s the solution to this? Simple – Why? Because our retail search engine brings you the most curated collection of cookbook stands from several brands and online stores on one single platform. From cheap cookbook stands to expensive ones, you can find them all on popular online stores like Lifestyle , Menakart , Newchic , Ounass , Mamas & Papas , Tryano , and many more.

For the person who always wants to try a hand on different recipes in their kitchen, the cookbook stands are a must. We hope we’ve covered all that you would require to purchase your perfect cookbook holder online. So, if you’re convinced and informed enough, then start your shopping right here, right now! And yes, do not forget to browse through the other home & living product collections on