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About Colanders

A colander can be the most overlooked kitchen tool, but that does not nullify its importance. Whether you want to rinse vegetables, and grains or take the access water out of pasta, you require one. Let us dive deep into details.

A colander is one of the crucial kitchen tools that have a perforated surface. It helps you strain food items like pasta and also rinses grains, vegetables etc. It has fine holes that allow any liquid to flow out, and at the same time, you can save food items from falling off. Without a colander in the kitchen, washing can become a messy task. You can find them in a range of construction materials like stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, silicone, and even plastic. All metals have their properties. Like, stainless steel is a rust-free and durable material, whereas going for a cheap plastic colander would be light for your pocket. Read to know more interesting details about them.

Everything you need to know about colander bowls

The basic type of colander comes in a big bowl with holes and two handles. It is versatile in nature and offers a comfortable grip, making the whole experience convenient for you. However, popular brands keep on improvising their designs. As a result, we have the sink model that you can literally put over the sink and allow water to drain. Next up, we have a container with excellent holes on one side. It is helpful if you include rice in your meals every day. You can also find them in the form of a colander cum serving bowl. The fine holes allow water to drain, whereas, with trap doors, you can serve items. Get to know about more innovative designs by searching for the best colander 2020. Continue reading to explore popular types.

Stainless steel colander

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and heavy-duty materials. Most of the kitchen items are made up of this material due to their properties. Stainless steel colanders are great for draining fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta and other food items. If you pick stainless steel mesh, it will be light in weight, so even if your food item is heavy, you can quickly drain it. However, a colander made up of this material can be more expensive than other materials. But, it will pay back really well for many years. So, it is great to buy stainless steel colander if you are looking for something versatile and reliable.

Plastic fruit colanders

Plastic containers are well suited for rinsing fruits and vegetables. They are inexpensive and light-weighted. Although, you have to make sure it does not get in contact with hot pans or pots as it may melt down. They typically come with a bit bigger holes than stainless steel drainers. This is the reason you should avoid them for rinsing fine items like rice, pulses etc. Metal colanders are the best colanders for rice and items like that. One more disadvantage that you face with a plastic colander is that it is not durable.

Colander vs strainer

While you look for colanders for sale, you will also find strainers in the market. Both work the same. However, the latter has a comparatively finer mesh than the former. Strainers work well for draining pasta or rinsing berries or other fine particles. However, the colander is good for fruits, vegetables, grains etc. For better differentiation, let us take this example. A colander is a container that can hold up a huge amount of pasta, whereas a strainer is mostly a little mesh that saves seeds of lemons from dropping into your dish.

Tips on how to buy Colanders

Colanders come in a wide assortment based on the construction material, size and design. However, your selection depends upon your requirements. There are certain tips you must keep in mind to select the best one. So below, you will find a brief guide on what exactly to look for.

  • Material – The selection of construction material basically depends on your specific needs. Choosing silicone material is best for consuming less space in your kitchen due to its foldability feature. If you don’t want to spend much, you can pick plastic material. Plastic materials are less durable than all construction materials. Stainless steel is popular for its durability and rust-free feature.
  • Size and number of holes – What should be the size and number of holes in the colander totally depend on the food you will use. Having a large number of holes helps you to drain the liquid from food quickly. You can pick the bowl having big holes for washing vegetables and straining food such as noodles, pasta etc. Small size holes are considered suitable for draining grains like rice, pulses etc. Please do not pick the colander with tiny size holes because there is a risk of sticking very tiny particles of grains, making your washing task tough.
  • Size of colander – What amount of food you cook usually gives you an idea of the appropriate size of the bowl. You must require a large size if you are living in a family with more than four members. On the other hand, there is no need to spend much on purchasing a large colander if you live alone or with one person. At the same time, it is good practice to have different size colanders to use to prepare food for gathering.
  • Base and handle – It is an important consideration to check the base and handle of a colander while purchasing it. A colander without a handle is not of much use, so choose one with two hard handles, which will make your lifting easy. The base of the colander with feet is also required. It helps to keep the content above the sink.

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Question & Answer

How to choose colanders?

While selecting a colander, some features are associated with it that you need to check, such as construction material, size and number of holes, size of the colander and supporting components like base and handle. For example, silicone is best for its foldability feature, whereas stainless steel is suitable for its rust-free property. If you want to rinse just big items like fruits and vegetables, you can go for colanders with large holes. On the other hand, if you want one for rinsing grains, pulses and other fine particles, you should choose a finer mesh design.

Are strainers and colanders the same thing?

Strainers and colanders perform the same function, i.e. rinse or drain water out of food items like fruits, vegetables, pasta, grains etc. However, there is a slight difference in their construction. Colanders have a bit large holes than strainers. The former is suitable for washing off fruits, vegetables, grains etc., whereas the latter work well for fine particles—for example, washing tomatoes or berries. You can even use it for sifting flour. Hence, both are different.

Where to buy colanders online in the UAE?

If you are looking for a colander, you are in the right place. On, you can find an extensive collection of colanders ranging from stainless steel to plastic and silicone styles. Our product search engine has brought together over 500 online stores that sell the best colanders and other home & living products at the best prices. If you feel overwhelmed with the results, you can simply narrow down your searches using the filter. Also, you can compare prices.

What are colanders used for?

Colanders are used for rinsing vegetables, fruits, grains and other food items. They are also used to drain water out of pasta and dishes like that. The fine holes in a colander allow water or any liquid to leave the container. It comes in a variety of construction materials like stainless steel, plastic, silicone and ceramic. All metals have their own properties. For example, stainless steel is rust-free and durable, whereas plastic is inexpensive.

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