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Coffee is something that a lot of people want to have the first thing to start the day in recent times; it has also been termed unhealthy and linked to having high caffeine levels. However, the popularity of coffee or coffee accessories has not reduced, and people keep coming back to it.

However, it’s not always feasible to head to your favourite coffee shop when you wish to enjoy a cuppa! Over time, you will start to see the downside of doing this, which is the hole in your wallet. However, you can always get an easy way out by making it yourself at home. The number one reason people don’t do this is that they say it doesn’t taste the same. Of course, doing it on the stove compared to the high-tech coffee equipment those guys have, the results are bound to vary. But, of course, there is always a way out. For this one, you can look for the best coffee accessories to make it easy. While some underestimate their power, one cup made with the help of these will change your thoughts on it for sure!

Different types of best coffee accessories today

You can look for the best tampers and milk frothers in the market very quickly. You might have to shell out more for quality and branded products, but they will last you long. Also, to get the perfect cup as your favourite coffee shop, the right home and living equipment and good quality coffee accessories are two essentials. You can also check videos and read to learn more about brewing good coffee. It gets more comfortable if you remain persistently and do not give up in the first few tries. Even the best kitchen utensils and good quality coffee are useless without some own determination to make it right. Some trials and errors are undoubtedly a part of it. But once you learn the secrets behind it, it’s something that will last you your whole life.

Coffee Tamper

It is common in coffee accessories. The tamper is very commonly known as a coffee press, and it works brilliantly for bean coffees. You first need to grind the beans and then pour them into the mesh or coffee filter. After this, the tamper is used to make sure you get all the goodness out of the coffee, and it gets into your cup. It makes the process faster than having to wait for all the liquid to come out of the beans. A lot of cafes also use it extensively, who use beans in their operations. Make sure you get a sturdy one that will last you long. It also works with powder coffee, unless it’s instant coffee which requires no straining.

Coffee Cup Warmer

Who doesn’t love to feel warm and cuddly with a coffee mug and tucked under their blankets watching a movie? Well, the trick to not letting the coffee cool down fast is to use a cup warmer. Just like dinner is often on warm plates to make sure their temperature stays put coffee cup warmers do the same thing. This one looks like a small weighting scale and are electrically powered. Of course, there are newer variants too that you can find today. The cup should sit on it for a couple of minutes. Once heated, immediately pour in the hot drink in it and serve right away. It’s the best way to get the coffee shop feeling at home.

Milk Thermometer

It is another important item on the coffee accessories list. For some, this might feel a little technical, but a little info will help you understand just how essential it is. The milk thermometer lets you take the milk for your tea or coffee to the best temperatures before pouring it into the cup. This makes sure the drink blends perfectly. So, it won’t burn your tongue, and at the same time, it won’t cool down the beverage either. Depending on the type of drink like tea, latte or cappuccino, this temperature varies. 150°F – 155°F is considered the best temperature for steaming milk at home for an espresso machine. Cafes generally serve it at 155°F – 165°F.

Espresso Coffee Accessories

Nothing beats the classic espresso, and some people cannot get enough of it! Even though there are so many new coffee choices today, a lot of people often keep going back to this one. The pure coffee, which is had by itself without cream or sugar, is perfect for a good kick due to its substantial strength. Of course, brewing it at home is now easier than ever, thanks to so many amazing brands and their espresso machines. The coffee accessories can be plenty such as milk pitcher, cups, shot glasses, tamper, scale, spoons and more. Some might also enjoy it with a twist of cream or some flavouring to make it different.

Tips on how to buy Coffee Accessories 

With the right coffee accessories, it gets effortless to make the perfect cup in the morning. It‘s also a fantastic way to impress your friends and guests. A good coffee machine is a real investment and accessories add to the charm of making the best cup of coffee. If it‘s something you cannot go without it for a day, then buying coffee accessories is something you shouldn‘t be putting off. Here are some tips to make sure you end up with suitable coffee accessories.

  • Check for quality products – Don‘t refrain from investing in the right quality product. They are sure to come at a price but will make your job easier. You can also check for online deals and choices like EMI to make the buying process a little easier.
  • Make sure your coffee variants are compatible – Some coffee machines require powder, or some might take whole beans and powder by themselves. So, you can see what works the best for you and is convenient too and then proceed with buying it.
  • Check reviews and ask for suggestions – Before taking the big step and buying coffee accessories, don‘t forget to look online. Along with spotting great deals, you can read reviews and also ask questions to previous buyers.
  • Look for second-hand supplies – If you are on a budget that won‘t cover the machine cost, then a second-hand machine is something to look for. There are many amazing ones with very little use, so keep an eye out. Make sure you get a good deal on it.
  • Buy them as you need to – To start, you can just get the leading coffee machine. Other coffee accessories are something to add up over time. This helps you pocket and also makes sure there are no reckless purchases.

The best part about buying coffee machine accessories is that you don‘t need to replenish them. Coffee machines are time investments, unlike coffee accessories. Some coffee machines are also portable, so whether it’s that beach house or an Airbnb, you can take it with you while on holiday too. The accessories also make for a superb gift so you can consider it for someone who loves their coffee. While the machine is pricey, the coffee accessories are relatively much cheaper.

Question & Answer

Which are the best espresso machines?

A good espresso machine is the only thing between you and the perfect cup of coffee. As the name suggests, most machines go beyond making a single espresso and have so many features to them. If you don’t know which one to pick, then these fantastic machines are some of the very best one’s today – Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, La Pavoni Europiccola, Cuisinart EM-100, Elektra S1C Microcasa Lever, Krups Super Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker, Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, and Sowtech Cappuccino and Espresso Machine with Steam Milk Frother and Carafe.

Which coffee accessories are perfect for home use?

When it comes to buying coffee accessories online in the UAE, there are quite a few things you need to consider. A lot of online websites also offer cheap coffee accessories on sales, if you can wait until then. However, most of the best coffee accessories in 2020 are very readily available, and you can start using them without any training. Some of the best ones are – RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 2 Tablespoon Coffee Scoop, Mr Coffee Mug Warmer, Chemex glass pour-over, AeroPress coffee and espresso maker, Bialetti Moka stovetop coffee maker, Planetary Design Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister and Large Double-Wall Insulated Glass Mugs.

How do you select the right coffee beans for your machine?

The best place to buy coffee accessories is undoubtedly in online stores because you get so many variations. It becomes easy to land the best home coffee accessories in Dubai within a few minutes because that is how simple it is. But when it comes to sound quality coffee, you might want to consider some samples and do some trials too. The whole roasted coffee beans are the perfect choice for this. So, choose a machine that has a grinder because the result of freshly ground coffee is impressive. You get a whole lot of beans today, ranging from different parts of the world with unique flavour profiles. Going to a store that allows some tasting or sample packs is the best way to get started with it.

Where can you purchase the best coffee tamper and other coffee accessories in Dubai?

Getting your hands on the best-selling coffee accessories is not a big task anymore since pretty much everything (including a wide range of coffee accessories) is so readily available online. You can also check for deals and offers that some stores provide during special occasions; nevertheless, you can always get the best choices on this fantastic product search engine called With so many online stores under it, it’s the best and easiest way to shop when you are in Dubai.

You can also find the best pour-over coffee accessories with brands such as Dreamfarm, Coodio, Mind Reader, Breville, Stelton, Tom Dixon, Bialetti, Royal Doulton, Bodum, WMF, Coffee Planet, Barista & Co, Kitchencraft, Wacaco, Alessi, Gefu, Delonghi and more. For online stores, don’t forget to check Sprii, Jumbo Electronics and more.

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