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About Cocktail Shakers

We all love cocktails. They’re an excellent combination of several ingredients that make an elegant drink. Your drinks do not mix on their own; you require some utensil or gear to do this, particularly when mixing for cocktails. It is where the cocktail shakers enter. These drink mixers are vital tools designed for mixing cold beverages, diluting drinks, and drink chilling. Every bar requires this unique tool to increase cocktails’ stirring process and give them the right taste. Whether you need this particular tool for your home or commercial bar, you can always find a cocktail shaker out there on the market. In this article, we’re going to discuss a few essential things about the shaker and some tips that’ll help you buy a cocktail shaker online in UAE 

The cocktail shakers date back to 7000 BC, a long yet colourful past to remember. Before the cocktail, shakers came in designs where the drinks were tossed between glass tumblers or stirred with long-handled spoons. This process required a lot of effort to make cocktails. Moreover, bartenders used to get tired, and people never had their desired cocktail drink. Eventually, someone came up with the idea of placing a tin over a glass to seal and shake the drink. Later in the 1870s, the technique improved to a cocktail shaker mixing six tumblers. You can trace back the inception of shaker material to the mid 19th century, which was stainless steel. Many bartenders prefer stainless steel cocktail shakers because they are durable yet chills the drink quickly. The durability of the shaker depends on the fact that stainless steel is rustproof. 

Understanding the cocktail shakers in detail for an informed purchase 

Cocktail shakers are more than what you think. They not only help you mix a drink in the best possible way but add zest to the way you serve the drink. Buying this drink mixture kit can become an arduous job, particularly if you’re a novice bartender or a cocktail enthusiast. In such a case, understanding the product in detail helps. It is imperative to study the benefits of using them, the various types, and how they enhance your entire kitchen utensil arsenal. Having all this at the tip of your fingers allows you to decide while buying them online. Below, we’ve compiled a few pointers to help you understand the shakers in-depth, like a cocktail shaker for beginners. 

The various types of professional cocktail shakers

A cocktail is incomplete without drink mixers. If you go to a bar, you will realise bartenders are doing magic with these drink mixers by showing off their skills to provide quality drinks. If you have never tried a drink made from these shakers, then you should put it on your bucket list. Different cocktail shakers types depend on their design, volume, and dilution. Common types include Cobbler, Boston, and the French shaker. The above said drink mixers would spruce your drink to the desired level with a fair shake, ensuring all flavours incorporation, affecting the texture and taste accordingly. The type of drink mixer you decide to select will depend entirely on your cocktail endeavours. 

The advantages of cocktail tumblers

Thorough shaking of different drinks together is necessary to bring a unified taste to your final drink. Furthermore, shakers are recommended to mix all ingredients if you go through cocktail recipes. There is proper dilution enthusiasm during shaking, and the drink will add character. Adding ice to the drink mixer aerates and chills the drink. Besides, you will get a smooth finished cocktail upon diluting with ice since water adds to the mix during shaking. A drink made using the drink mixer is unlike the regular or standard mixed drink in terms of uniqueness and status. If you require such a drink to enjoy, you have no excuse but to buy the best type of cocktail shaker. After getting a shaker, you can diversify your drinks and explore more cocktails according to your desire. 

Things to expect after buying a small or large cocktail shaker

You will not make regular drinks anymore; instead, you will spruce every drink and use different ingredients. One of the elements you can add is ice. The diluted ice makes a great refreshing drink, apart from making a pleasant click-clack sound. Bartenders often use a dry-shake technique, especially when they incorporate an egg into the drink. In such cases, adding the ice creates a nice foamy texture to your drink. Remember to pick large-sized ice cubes for drinks, particularly when you need aeration and dilution to your drink. The simplicity of the drink mixers and no need for additional components to make cocktails makes it an essential product for your home bar. Furthermore, getting a cocktail shaker will improve the general appearance of your bar. It’s, therefore, a wise decision to get a shaker. 

Reasons you should get yourself the cocktail making kits.

Most people think only gifted or non-mortals can do the bartending job of making great drinks. However, the truth is, you only need a cocktail-making set to mix a variety of beverages like a professional drink mixer. The Cocktail-making kit comes with all the necessary tools you require to make a great drink, and they include the shaker, jigger, strainer, spoon, ice tongs, cork screwer, and pourers. A Cocktail-making kit will ensure your table is organised. Besides, a beginner will find it easy since instructions on estimating the ingredients before shaking. In case you need to buy a cocktail-making kit, you should order one from UAE online shopping! Upon getting a cocktail making kit, you will be able to explore a whole set of cocktails. 

Things you should know about the plastic cocktail shaker.

The plastic cocktail shaker is among the cheap bartender cocktail shakers that one could consider from online shops. An extensive selection allows a person to order and get what caught their attention. Whether you need plastic drink mixers for your nightclub or home bar, they will prove to be of great use. The main benefit of plastic shakers is the resistance to breaking. Nonetheless, every plastic shaker you purchase has a tumbler, lid, and top for measuring shots. Besides, it’s easy to clean a plastic shaker after mixing your ingredients. There are several colours a person could choose that ranges from clear plastic shakers to the brightly coloured type for some style and trendy appearance depending on your needs. 

Tips on how to buy Cocktail Shakers online

Having the best cocktail starts with having the right working tools like a cocktail shaker. The process of selecting drink mixers might be confusing, especially if there are extensive options. Getting a suitable drink mixer will ensure a comfortable and efficient decision-making process in your bar or home. Therefore, you will need guidelines for buying the right drink mixers since you know the distinct types. Below are some of the factors to look out for when purchasing a shaker.

  • Check out the style – There are three types of drink mixers: Cobbler, French, and Boston shakers. While you visit our product search engine, you can choose any shaker types above. Boston shaker is famous since it holds a large drink volume; cobbler shakers are for a vintage feel, while French shakers are for stylistic designs.
  • Pick the right size – Drink mixers are in different sizes; some are hand-sized, while others will require you to use two hands to shake. However, the large shakers are comfortable to hold with both hands. If you are hosting many people, you should go for the shaker with a large volume. Also, when you have a party with a few people, selecting a suitable shaker to serve the purpose is essential.
  • Keep an eye on the appearance – While selecting cocktail shakers, appearance is a crucial element that one should not overlook. Many different colours will make it hard for you to choose from. However, shopping online is the best option since you will select products calmly while checking reviews.
  • Evaluate the material – There are several types of material used to make cocktail shakers; hence, one should be keen to buy a shaker made from a material of choice. The most common material used to make shakers is stainless steel. Moreover, it’s easy to select the best stainless-steel cocktail shaker from online shops. However, there are other materials, such as gold and copper. Besides, one can choose the best-insulated cocktail shaker.
  • Look at the design – Different drink mixers have different designs. When selecting a shaker, you should look for the one that has a simple design, usually the one with a cocktail tumbler and a cap for measuring the volumes of your drink. Furthermore, you will need a design that will be easier to clean after use.
  • Consider the usage – It is vital to get a shaker that is easy to use. If you are a newbie in bartending, you will need a shaker that will not complicate things. Besides, the shaker will help you show your mixing skills. It would be best if you looked at the technique of adding ingredients, mixing, and how to pour out the drink to the tumblers.
  • Go for branded models – One of the easiest ways of ensuring high quality is buying from top-rated brands. Thus, if you want to have a premium quality cocktail shaker, stick to models from Raj, Oxo, Bloomingville, Stelton, William, Yeoward, Men’s Society, Kitchen Craft, Oggi, Mixology & Craft, Vosarea, and Tablecraft.
  • Consider the cost – Shakers come with different price tags. The cost usually depends on the brands, the place from where you buy, and the drink mixer’s quality. That’s why you’ll find both expensive and cheap bartender cocktail shakers out there on the market today. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget to get the perfect shakers without shedding much money. You could also get some expensive cocktail shakers for sale during promotional offers.

The above tips will help you get the best cocktail shaker for your bar. You can therefore start exploring our product search engine to get a shaker that will suit your needs. Besides, you can check out what other customers say regarding the shakers you are planning to buy. Reviews on our site will help you make the final choice since they never lie. Moreover, online shopping is always fun, and there are plenty of colours and types of shakers to choose from. For a stylish and functional bar, shop with!

Question & Answer

How do cocktail shakers work?

Beginners might be worried about looking ridiculous while using the cocktail shakers. However, drink mixers have a simple working mechanism that is easy to understand, and you will be a professional with practice. The first thing is to add the desired ingredients to your shaker. While adding ingredients, it’s important to check the level to avoid spilling over. You will then need to close your shaker, making a seal, and this helps avoid leaking. It’s essential to hold the shaker tight and shake for around twenty seconds before pouring the drink. When shaking, the different ingredients mix, forming one flavour. Besides, there will be the enthusiasm that adds taste and chill to the drink. For a higher percentage of dilution, you should make use of cubes and crushed ice together.

How to prevent cocktail shakers from sticking?

There are several dimensions of cocktail shaker sets, and this brings about mismatched sizes. Any shaker with a mismatched size will result in sticking while making your drink. To prevent shakers from sticking, you should avoid pounding hard on the shaker tin. Tapping the lining shaker tin is one way to prevent the shaker from sticking. Besides, it’s key to ensure you separate the pieces immediately after shaking. You might as well consider soaking the drink mixer in hot water for several minutes. This trick helps the shaker to loosen up through temperature change. This is a guarantee you will prevent the drink mixers from sticking. If you are a newbie with the cocktail shakers, try these guidelines, and you will be glad.

Where to buy cocktail shakers online in UAE?

To get a perfect pour of your cocktail, you should know places where to buy cocktail shakers. Shopping online with UAE offers an excellent and extensive collection to select from. Besides, you can shop from anywhere across the world and get the product delivered. Another advantage of shopping with is that you will get a cheap bartender drink mixer. Feel free to shop with us, and you will never be disappointed. Every purchase you make with us will be a positive experience and quality cocktail shakers. This will ensure you serve the finest drinks after getting shakers from our store.

Cocktail shakers are crucial to creating a great drink. Besides, there are cocktails shakers for beginners who will hone their skills with practice. You can treat yourself by getting a shaker and sprucing up your drinks. Creating a smooth blend is why you need a shaker since it will mix all ingredients and flavours. Furthermore, you will find the favourite place to get all types and brands of drink mixers. While you’re here, do also check out other home & living products. Don’t hesitate to shop online with us!