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About Thin Peelers

When you are in the kitchen, then an excellent thin peeler is something you can’t do without. There are many variations today, and you can take the call accordingly. It is essential to work with the best and safest peeler you can get your hands on!

The kitchen is a beautiful domain to get creative – with a little bit of interest, of course! Today, there are cookbooks, shoes, internet recipes and live sessions with some of the best chefs. They help you make the most of your meals, and they will change your perception of cooking for sure. It is easy to buy the best thin peelers, which are quintessential of any kitchen today. You can look up a new tool now and then to add to your collection. Right kitchen tools are underrated, but they go a long way. You can also use them in several ways, different from what they’re original used it. For this, a little bit of creativity is all you need, and it can make your meals look divine! Look out for the best stuff you can find, and it will surely pay back.

Different types of the best peelers for your kitchen today

A peeler is used initially only for removing the peel of your fruits and veggies. But did you also know you can use it for fruit and veggie ribbons? Yes, thin peelers are particularly excellent for this purpose. You can use it for any hard or medium-soft fruit or vegetable. The long thin strands look amazing as garnishes for salads, pasta and more. Similarly, you can use it to create easy juliennes too. For this, you need to peel the fruit or vegetable as you need, and further julienne them up. You will be pleased with the results. The uniformity is unbelievable, and you will spend a lot less time than you do while working with a knife. Here are some of the different peelers you can buy today.

Potato Peeler

You can find the humble and straightforward potato peeler in every kitchen today, although the modern ones are designed for more safety and a more comfortable peeling experience. This one has a slanted blade that you can use against the vegetable to get the skin off. Since potatoes are the type that has an extremely thin peel, you need a peeler that will take off only the minimal skin. You need to use it on a raw potato and not a cooked one, as, in the latter, the peel comes off by itself. You can also use the same for other veggies like cucumber, sweet potato and more. These are very commonly available and extremely cheap too.

Julienne Peeler

Just like your regular peeler, this one has the same features, except you can use it to make juliennes of veggies that you like. So basically, this one will give you beautiful long strands as you peel the vegetable. So, you don’t need to use a peeler and then further attempt to julienne them. It all works well in a single stroke with the julienne peeler itself. The results are terrific, and you will be able to see more precision than manually doing juliennes. You can use them for potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and many other veggies too. Look for a good quality one as you won’t have to replace it regularly then.

Electric Peeler

For restaurant kitchens and those who are home chefs, using an electric peeler will save you a ton of time. This one is a manual device and is powered by electricity. So basically, you need to attach your fruit to the slot and turn the machine on. The two blades do their work by uniformly peeling the fruit from all sides. You can get fruits done in less than a minute. It is super easy to remove and replace the grains to be peeled in the machine. This one is more expensive for sure, but it will be useful for a place that needs a lot of stuff peeled regularly.

Lemon Peeler

A lemon peeler is mostly the zester. This one lets you remove thin and long strands of the peel in a manner you can add to cakes, cookies, curries and more. The flavourful rind of the lemon is very popular and has a unique taste. It is very different from using the juice, and a good chef can understand the depth of flavour that some rind can add to your dishes. You can use them as needed; however, using any other equipment means you also get the white part which is bitter and not edible. So, a lemon peeler is the best way to get the job done quickly and well. They are inexpensive too.

Tips on how to buy Thin Peelers Online

It helps to look for a few things when you are buying a good quality peeler. A lot of people go in for peelers but realise the shortcomings later. This means you need to hunt for one again, and then you have quite a few of them. With different brands, the type and quality of the peelers also vary. You can choose something that works well for your requirements. If needed, go for a separate zester, peeler and other essentials. Here are some tips for you:

  • Buy a good quality one – Nothing beats quality – if you look at this bit, you will love working with the peeler. So, invest a little more, instead of buying a cheaper one and then having to buy again. It’s worth the extra money you need to put in.
  • It should be convenient to use – The peeler should be easy to handle. It should fit into your hand comfortably. Check form something that isn’t too large or too small. You should also make sure your fingers can handle it well.
  • Good storage and carrying – The carrying bit are essential too. You don’t want a larger peeler that won’t fit in your drawer or something so small it keeps getting lost. If you are carrying it, check for something convenient as per this factor too.
  • Check for a warranty if it’s branded – Most of the branded ones come with a warranty, so check on this factor before you decide. It will surely help you save some money on repairs in the future if in case it breaks down.
  • Look for online choices – Shopping online is speedy and secure. If you haven’t tried it yet, then it’s time to take the plunge. Say hello to some fantastic brands and options that will save you quite a bit of cash with some exclusive discounts.

It also helps to do some useful bit of research on your end about the best peelers. You can ask around if you have some friends or family who own a restaurant or love to cook. There are so many options today that it can be challenging to conclude, so it’s essential to pick well. You can also buy potato peelers from second-hand stores and during sales to stock up. Make sure when you purchase easy egg peelers, they work well for the particular type of cooking you wish to do.

Question & Answer

Which are the best peelers today?

There are many options of peelers today, and thankfully some amazing brands around us too. With so many terrific choices, it goes without a say that you can quickly get brands like Philips and Oxo peelers on most of the online stores. Some of the best one’s today are Kuhn Rikon 2784 3-Set Swiss Peeler, OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler, Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express Electric Peeler, Precision Kitchenware Julienne & Vegetable Peeler, Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Y-Peeler, Messermeister Pro-Touch Fine Edge Swivel Peeler, Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Linden Sweden Jonas Peeler Original, Lakeland Fruit and Vegetable Y Peeler, ProCook Swivel Peeler, Microplane Professional Peeler, Victorinox Peeler, Déglon Professional Peeler, Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler, SharpPeel Stainless Steel Potato and Vegetable Peeler and Circulon Momentum Y Peeler.

What is a shrimp peeler? How should you use it?

As the name suggests, the shrimp peeler is used to remove the entire shell or casing of the shrimp in one go. This can be a stressful task, especially if you need to do it every other day. Plus, even if a little bit of the shell is left behind, it can be a challenging situation for the restaurant or the host. For this, the special peelers available hook onto the shell and take it off in one go. You can buy peelers online for shrimps that work brilliantly. They do a good job and also make it more comfortable at the same time. You need to make sure to maintain high levels of hygiene while sanitising them and store them correctly too.

How can you maintain the sharpness of an apple peeler?

While buying any type of peeler, this can be a critical question. You need to make sure that it’s a reliable brand to start with. This will make the sharpness last much longer, without having to sharpen it by yourself. To ensure it’s maintained for as long as possible, don’t use too much washing soap or scrub it too hard. For fruits and veggies, you can simply run it under a stream of water to remove all the smaller particles and store it away. You can invest in a sharpener to use it as you require, and this often works for kitchen knives too. You can also take it to the store every couple of months to have them do it for you.

Where can you buy a garlic peeler online in the UAE?

Be it buying a julienne peeler or the best hard-boiled egg peelers, you can get them all online. Shopping online is easy, and you can read the reviews and go through product specifications as well. Make sure you also check out this fantastic product search engine called With more than 500+ online stores under it, it’s really the best way to shop. Make sure you look at all the essential factors before taking the call and then decide. Also, you can find other home and living products here.

You can also buy vegetable peelers. The best potato peelers for sale online in the UAE don’t forget to check brands such as Prestige, Joseph Joseph, ZWILLING J.A HENCKELS, WMF, Ikea, Berkoff, Zyliss, Tramontina, Victorinox, Opinel, KitchenCraft, Kuhn Rikon, Gefu, Tescoma, Tefal and more.