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About Peel Knives

The peeling knives are generally known as peelers or food scrapers. These are essential kitchen tools in both commercial and domestic settings.

A standard peeler consists of metallic blades and slots with a sharp edge attached to the handle. These peelers are used to remove the outer layer, skin or peel on any fruit or vegetable. Peelers come in different designs and configurations, so finding one that works requires a bit of research. This variety of peelers can help you easily peel items like broccoli, potatoes, carrots, stalks, and fruits like pears, apples, and oranges. A peeler’s blade has a slot with one side sharpened, and the other side of the slot prevents the blade from cutting too far into the vegetables.

Types and uses of fruits vegetable peeling knife

As said, vegetable peelers are available in the market in different shapes and types. All these types target different buyers and serve different needs. So, for our readers today, we share thoughts on some of the most common types of peeling kitchen knives sold in the market. Besides speaking of the types, we will also look at the most suitable use of these peelers. As a kitchen owner, you can read the unbiased reviews on these peelers and head to buy one that suits your needs the most.  After discussing the types of peelers, we will discuss how you can buy one for yourself online. So here are the basic types of fruit or vegetable peelers.

The swivel peeler

This is one of the most widely used and famous vegetable peelers used in all parts of the globe. A compact design and easy to grip and use the handle, a swivel peeler are ideal for small fruits and vegetables. They are also suitable for fruits and vegetables with soft to medium shells. The design and compact dimensions make it a perfect option to use in the kitchen daily. A swivel peeler is a highly reliable option with its long and efficient blades for peelers. It has a simple plastic handle and a two-sided peeling blade that swivels to adjust itself to the contours of the vegetable or fruit you are peeling.

The Y Peeler

A Y peeler is faster and safer to peel with. The unique designs help in keeping your hand further from the fruit/vegetable during peeling. You can hold it at a 90-degree angle on the vegetable and move it in a downward motion for peeling. These are ideal for those looking to buy easy to use peelers that can work on all types of fruits and vegetables.  They come with a longer handle and efficient blades that allow fantastic control over the pressure implied and movement of the blade over the veggies. Additionally, they suit both right and left-handed people in the same way.

Serrates vegetable peelers

Users often find it a challenge to peel veggies and fruits with slippery and glossy skin. If you are among such annoyed people, a serrated peeler is something that will surely help you. These peelers are ideal for the job due to their specially designed blades and efficient grip. These peelers are effective in every case where you might find it harder to use other types of peeling knives. A serrated peeler is ideal for veggies and fruits with waxed coating or delicate items like peaches or tomatoes. A serrated peeler is available in Y-shaped or swivels forms and typically come with ergonomically designed handles to make peeling convenient and less of a chore.

The speed peeler

At times they are also known as rotary peelers. These are the ideal option for a commercial kitchen or chefs who need speed. These are quite an advanced option after electric peelers. Speed peelers are manually operated, reliable and faster options. They usually come in Y-shaped forms with stainless steel blades. This is what sets it apart from other Y-shaped peelers. It can help in paring fruits and veggies and have and grate items like cheese. These peelers are ideal if you tend to peel the bulk of items regularly.

Tips on how to buy Peel Knives online in the UAE

With many peeling knives to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start while creating your knife collection. A cherry on the top is the competition between brands that provided us with endless possibilities in the look, feel size and material of each type of peeling knife. As a result, the buyers feel overwhelmed while choosing a peeling knife. Therefore, we are here to help you find an ideal option. But we have got you covered. This section of the blog shares some tips on how you can choose the best peeling knife for your needs.

  • Know the possibilities – Start by checking out all the types mentioned above of peelers and see which of them suits your needs the best. There could be a chance that you will prefer buying a few different kinds of peelers available in the market.
  • Durability – It is important, and it will come with the design and material of the peeler. These peelers are a lasting investment, and thus finding a low-quality option will keep you at a severe loss. So, I prefer choosing a peeler with a stainless steel body and blade.
  • The peeler design – Here, the design does not imply how the peeler looks or the brand that it bears. Here we speak about the construction and frame. Look for an option with a durable, long handle and blade with a considerable size.
  • The blade of peeler – The peeler blade can be made of carbon steel, ceramic, or stainless steel. Generally, people prefer stainless steel as it is a sharp, durable and reliable option. Carbon steel and ceramic are vulnerable to rust and breakage with a minor fall.

If you are still not clear with what to buy, you can watch a video tutorial on choosing a peeler for use at home. Otherwise, explore the Home and Living section on to find the endless possibilities of vegetables from top global brands. It will be better if you can spend some time jumping and studying products from different brands. Do look at the customer reviews on products to find the real-time performance of the items you wish to add to your cart. Make a smart decision and buy an item that can last with you for years to come.

Question & Answer

What is a peeling knife?

Peeling knives are small size kitchen knives with a blade length of about 7 to 11 centimetres. These knives have straight edges on blades that run down towards the tips of the blade. These knives are used for peeling the skin off vegetables and fruits. Some of the bestselling peeling knives that you can find in the market are Victorinox Swiss Classic vegetable knives, the Zwilling vegetable knife set, the Opinel 001626 Les Essentiels, or the Opinel 001452 Les Essentiels: Fifties.

Which peeling knife is the best?

Some of the top-selling peeling knives of this year are Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife, Tojiro DP Gyuto, Zwilling Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, and Global G-2Other bestselling peelers that you can buy online are Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler, Messermeister Pro-Touch Fine Edge Swivel Peeler, the Precision Kitchenware – Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Dual Julienne & Vegetable peeler and OXO Good Grips Y Peeler.

Where to buy peeling knives online in UAE?

With a wide variety of brands and options in material, shape, and size, I suggested looking at retail search engines online. For instance, at, you can find all the latest and best-selling products from top brands like Wüsthof, TUO, Cangshan, Global, Mundial and Carimee. Here you can also leverage the benefits of a price comparison tool to find products within your budget. Plus, you can spend as much time as you need to decide on a suitable product for your kitchen.

Explore Shops’ Home and living section. Make a smart pick with an economical price that can match all your peeling and scraping needs in a commercial and domestic kitchen.