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About Pancake Knives

Knives play an important role in any home and living . I n the past , the purp os e was served by sharpened stones. Later the introduction of the metalled to finely crafted thin metallic knives. T hese kitchen knives are actual ancestors of modern-day cutting or pancake knives.

In the contemporary world, we can see a wide range of high–quality cutting products, including pancake knives, cake knives and a whole range of cutting tools. Although many of us accessories like cake, serve etc., are not essential, if you want to give some extraordinary experience to your guests, they become imperative. Moreover, these products are used as a status quotient and to avoid mess while eating certain meals.  It happens when eating delicate food items like pancakes that come with liquid or tripping ingredients (honey or butter etc.)

Guide to cutting and serving with special knives & servers

From pancake cutters to unique styles of cake knives and server sets, you can find many tools in the market that are surprising for you. Many of these tools may seem useless to you, but the fact is that every item in a cake serving set holds great importance when it comes to following new eating and serving equities. From being a symbol of happiness to a sophisticated way of sharing your merriment with the world, cake cutting is a special occasion in every way. The same is the case with times when you have put serious effort into making a pie or lasagna and want to serve them without creating any mess. At such times, these special knives play an essential role. However, besides excellent tools, you need a little bit of knowledge and expertise that we will share with you now.

Think of moderately generous portioning

When you are celebrating an anniversary dinner with friends and family, a bigger cake can help you serve each guest a considerable portion. Having two family size cakes can also be a good idea as you can add various tastes. For a generous amount, you should cut the cake approximately 4″ tall by 4″ by 2″ slices. This is the size of a daily dessert portion. However, when it comes to serving pancakes or pasta, the portion size will be smaller.  A cutting knife with a spatula can help you transfer the portion to the serving plate without damaging the look and creating any mess on the table.

Think of other items on the table

This factor is more specific to serving items like pancakes. Generally, pancakes are served in the breakfast, and chances are higher that there will be more items on the table for your guests. Therefore, make sure you are not pilling up any specific item on the guest’s plate (whether it is pancakes or anything else). A standard portion of pancake serving includes three to four medium-size pancakes and double the amount of syrup and butter. This is also recommended standard chunk of nutrition one may need during the day.

Serve in steps

As you will not serve pancakes to your guest without syrup, butter, or some nice organic honey, knowing the steps for serving is important. Ideally, it is suggested to use a standard pancake serving knife and spatula to pick the cakes from the dish and serve on the plate. It is better to present the guest with all dressing options, including butter, honey, or syrups you have. Let them decide which one to pick and how much to pour as per their taste and needs. It can save you from all types of nasty mess on the table and allow the guests to enjoy most of their breakfast.

Tips on how to buy Pancake Knives and server online in the UAE 

Silverware is of great importance for decorating your table and giving your guest some luxurious experience.  Besides the serving spoons and forks for the meal’s main course, minor additional accessories like cake or pie serve also have value. Besides, many of these items also help the cooking process and add aesthetic benefits to the recipes. Considering the importance of buying these kitchen accessories demand additional attention to details during selection. This is why we are here to share some tips on making the buying process more fun and successful.

  • Know your needs – Cake knives or pancake knives, what is it that you are looking for? Both are entirely different products. So, before you jump on to any product search engine, be specific about your needs and start searching the specific category of products on the website.
  • Consider branded products – Branded products will be a bit costly compared to other available items in the market. But the money is worth investing in. This is because branded items are made of high quality, are durable and can last longer than locally made. So settle for nothing else than a brand.
  • Set budget limits – Different brands have different price limits. It is always better to do some market search and have an idea about the average cost of the desired product than set a price limit and digs in the search engines for products that fit your budget.
  • Read reviews – Once you get your hands on the affordable item, read about them carefully. The product description section will give you an idea about the material, care and wash instructions, size and other specifications about the product.

Besides, it is always ideal to look at the customer review section of the product. The response and reviews from customers give you an idea about the performance of the product. Exploring different aspects of the products helps you make a well–informed buying decision. Besides, if you need to buy the best cake knife and server set or cheap plastic cake servers exploring can be the best decision of your life. This is where you can find a blend of quality, service and economy.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a pie cutter online in Dubai?

A product search engine is the best place to look for reliable options available in the market. This is where all the top sellers and manufacturers showcase their latest products. Hence you can make an updated buying decision. Such a website is also ideal for comprehensive market search and looking for products that set in your budget. Therefore, you can buy high quality branded products without getting out of your budget.

What does a pie cutter look like?

These cutters are available in many different types of pie cutters available in the market. Commonly they are available in stainless steel in a circular shape. These circular flat pans have different styles of graving or cuttings. You can just put them on the pie dough to cut the shape on the entire pie cover in one go. Otherwise, you can use the pastry wheel cutters for making different shapes on the pie dough. You can also find steel or plastic cutting stamps for cutting silhouettes or shapes with embossed designs from a sheet of pie dough.

What is the best cake server?

An ideal cake server depends on the type of cake you are planning to bake. Some cakes are soft (like cheesecakes), while some are comparatively hard (like fruit cake or tea cake). Therefore consider the cake before picking the server and knife. Some of the bestselling items you can buy for your cake serving collection are; Cake Boss Tools 10-Inch; Ella Celebration; Wedgwood Vera Wang with Love;  Le’raze Gold–leaf;  Chef Owl Professional;  Kutler 14″;  Lenox Adorn; and the Fat Daddio’s Slicer.

How much is a pie cutter?

Luckily, even the heights quality of pie cutters is available at economical rates. The best material you can buy is stainless steel. These cutters start with a price range of about AED 55. However, some advanced options with a high level of creativity are a bit costly. Besides, the price of products may vary a bit from one brand to another. Therefore it is better to set a price limit before you head to buy a pie cutter online. Then search the product search engine to find an economical, high–quality item within your budget.

At you can find products from top brands like Prestige, Wilton, Winsor, RoyalFord, Bergner, Borndo, Magisso, Alessi, Michael Aram, Kitchen Craft, Villeroy & Bosch, Christofle, WMF, and Amscan.