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About Office Knives

Several types of knives oblige different purposes. You can use any knife in an ordinary household for nearly all types of cutting or slicing jobs. Nevertheless, for chefs, some blades are only predestined for a more specific job. Even though a cook’s knife can perform various kitchen tasks, nothing beats a virtuous paring knife for precision cuts. Bearing in mind that it’s perhaps the second-most essential knife you must own, it’s important to devote yourself to a high-quality product.

A paring knife is a tool that home cooks will always need. It’s considered the second most essential knife to have besides the chef’s knife. The paring blade acquired its designation from its role, which means to cut away.’ This knife removes the outer layers of fruits or vegetables. While you can peel numerous fruits and vegetables with a knife, making perfect precision is not possible. Office knives can remove the fruit covers, structuring strawberries, and many more into supreme. The challenging task of eradicating the external peel of an onion minus wasting time is more straightforward with a paring knife. These knives can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel for maximum performance.

Types of paring knives/office knives

Making food is stress-free, quicker, and safer if you have the precise tools. With numerous different categories of office knives on the market, treasuring one that suits your needs can be daunting. Minus the right acquaintance, it’s not easy to purchase a selection of professional knives you rarely use, as you will end up with a collection of new blades. Here are the common types of paring knives you will find in the market. They include; Spear Point paring knife used for peeling, cutting, and coring chores. Western-Style Japanese Bird’s Beak is anticipated for peeling vegetables. Also, the sheep’s foot paring knife is a tool for accurately julienning tubers. It is also used further for more traditional paring jobs. They are all available at

The benefit of paring knives

The paring knife is a must-have contrivance for every single kitchen. With its squeezed design, this knife can make a momentous effect as you cook. Its small pointed tip enriches manoeuvrability and handiness in the course of food preparation. Cooks adores the precision and resourcefulness office knives can offer. It’s just the precise tool that makes the most challenging cutting chores a breeze. These office knives are impeccable for comprehensive work as being suppler than massive blades, t. Be it deveining shrimp or slicing vegetables, a paring knife is superb for each chore. Being 3 to 4 inches long, office knives permit chefs to get into constricted corners. These kitchen accessories are worth buying if you want the best for your family. Take the chance and look more into them here at our online shops.

Best paring knives /office knives

While looking to find the best-quality paring knife for a specific task, it’s okay if you have some basic knowledge. However, if you don’t have any familiarity with these office knives, worry less as we are here to guide you on an applicable way out. We have examined several office knives to give you the best. Here is the list of the best knives you can buy. The best Japanese paring knife is the Tajiro DP paring knife, and the best-serrated paring knife is the Victorinox rosewood paring knife. When it comes to value products, you can trust the Wusthof classic paring knife. The best cheap paring knife is the Zyliss paring knife. The best professional paring knife is Mac 3.25-inch professional paring knife, etc. You can find all of these at our shopping platform,

Cheap office knives

Even though office knives (paring knives) are not essential knives in the kitchen, they are impeccable for making accurate, small cuts. They are also used for deveining shrimp and are inordinate to have for your home-based bar or office as they can peel citrus fruit for cocktails. You can also use them to open sealed boxes. Since these office knives are small with a short edge, they can easily be carried. And then use it at work to slice up fruit. Office knives are not expensive, so regardless of your budget, you can get one for yourself. With lots of office knives in the market, getting quality and cheap office knives is easy. If you want to buy the most affordable office knife for sale in Dubai, we got you covered. Get a cheap stainless steel paring knife here at by visiting our best shopping site.

Tips on how to buy Office Knives

Are you looking for a knife that can quicken small sophisticated tasks like peeling an orange? A paring knife is a way out. If it’s your first time devoting to some great quality knives, choosing the best office knives or paring knives can be intimidating. Remember, the sort of office knives you choose should be the best fit for you and your family. Here are the tips to consider while buying these unique kitchen accessories. Include:

  • Handle – The knife-edge feature is an essential factor to consider while buying a virtuous quality product. Remember, most of the tasks you will be performing will be in your palm; therefore, you will need a basic handle that can offer a blameless grip and is premeditated to fit comfortably in your hand.
  • Sizes – Standard product ranges between 6cm to 10 cm long. We recommend you buy a vane of 7 to 8cm long. Unquestionably, there are grander office knives obtainable. However, with 4 inches and more, you will not properly perform convoluted in-hand work.
  • Weight – Even though weight is not an important factor to consider, it might hinder it. Most jobs involving the use of knives necessitate in-hand work. Therefore a lighter blade is better than a thicker one. Remember, the knife must be in a position to be moved around in your palm. None is good or bad in matters of weight, but you must choose the weight that you feel is the right one for you. In short, the size of our hands differ with each person, so what seems heavy to you might be light to someone else.
  • Material – Office knives are made of many different materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and a mixer of both. Carbon steel grips a sharp edge but then again corrode if not taken care of, whereas stainless steel does not grab an advantage; however, it’s easier to care for. The mixer of both stainless steel and carbon is highly durable and easy to care for. If you are on a budget, ceramic knives should be your option.
  • Cost – Knives, mainly office knives, are an asset. An enduring knife is not automatically cheap. A superior quality blade that costs more will grip an edge and last longer as it’s made of advanced quality steel while a low-priced counterpart produces from low-quality steel.

Paring knives are must-have kitchen accessories for those looking to simplify some of the complicated kitchen tasks. These office knives come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s upon you to select the most appropriate one. If you follow the above tips carefully, you will not have a problem choosing your best choice or even any other home & living products.

Question & Answer

How to sharpen a paring knife?

Preserving a sharp knife is the sign of a hardworking and concerned cook. To cook well, you must take your time to prepare the right tools for the task. Remember, leaden knives are more dangerous than sharp ones because when the cutting edge is missing, you exert more pressure, sometimes leading to cuts and bruises. Sharpening knives like paring knives is very easy as you sharpen stones with you. The water stone can sharpen all paring knives of all lengths giving handlers control over the movement of knife-edge. This stone differs significantly. Some come with both fine and rough grit options, while others come either with low or high gravel options. The grit number ranges from 1000 to 8000, with 1000 being a grit number of choice for sharpening knives with chipped edges.

What are paring knives used for?

Paring knives, aka office knives, are one of the most significant gears in the kitchen. They benefit cooks from their small size. It gives the user more control over short, tantalizing cuts than a huge cook’s knife. Because it’s lighter and calmer to hold, you can grip it with one hand. It can peel off the covering and other undesirable bits from fruits and vegetables. Also, this knife finds its uses in hauling out the core from some fruits like strawberries and the like. You can take out tads of plump from meat to make it better or just slice open a shrimp for healthier performance.

Where to buy a good paring knife online in UAE?

Looking for a reliable online shop to buy a quality product? We have got you covered. At, we offer paring knives/office knives made by reputable international brands. The following are some online worth visiting if you need the best for your household or office. They are; Global offering some of the best kitchen knives worldwide, equipped with impeccably slanted handles. Click here to buy a global paring knife. You can as well buy Cutco paring knife here at Wusthof is an additional online shop offering high-quality sparing knives that is durable and easy to use. Others like Amazon are also worth visiting.

It is your personal choice whether you want a complete set or a dedicated knife. All that matters is a valuable purchase, for which our shopping search engine is the platform to begin with. Place your order now and be ready for an amazing cooking experience.