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About Mill Knives

Mill knives are an integral tool of various industries and the application within. You will find hundreds of variants and even customised ones to perform a single task to maintain consistency and proficiency in one job. Therefore, buying them with a keen eye is not just imperative, but a necessity for your business to maintain the quality measures of the market.

Mill knives got their name simply because they often used in a mill or the facility where the leather is processed. Handy mill knives started their operation in the leather industry first. Leatherworkers, cobblers, and shoemakers used to work with these special blades to remove the excess part of the leather or rubber before trading. As industry usage enlarges, the style of the knife for every industry becomes different. For instance, cotton mill knives are way different in size, shape, and style than hammer mill knives.  Not just that, you can even see mounted versions specialised in numerous jobs. So, if you are looking to buy mill knives online in UAE, we suggest looking at some factors associated with the purchase.

Various applications of mill knives

Apart from traditional jobs in leather and rubber manufacturing, mill blades have craved their paths into other industries as well. No wonder they are one of the essentials in manufacturing units worldwide. And here we are talking about both the versions: Handheld and mounted. Many artisans still love the handheld tool for their work to add the human touch to their masterpiece. A few applications include flooring, tire manufacturing, wood carving, insulation installation, carpeting, pottery, and several other conversion industries. For wood carving, the style of the blade would have a V groove and double-cut design. Likewise, every blade will be different in its operating principle and thus comes with an overall unique design.

About cotton mill knives

The textile industry is huge and thus demands variants of machine brands and types. Their job includes manual cutting as well as fully automated production lines. Catering the kind of blades perfect for both applications is not tough as long as you are looking at the right place. For instance, Hyde brand is one of the major manufacturers of textile equipment such as beaver, comet, gerber, lectra, kuris, maimin, and many others. And you should have blades appropriate for cutting of garment fabrics to the carpet to upholstery. They should cut natural fibres and modern human-made fibres with efficiency. If you put a keen eye on these details, you sure will end up on the best mill knives to buy.

Replaceable mill knife handle

Just like blades can be sharpened and filed, handles of the mill knives are replaceable too. Even with a little wear and tear, it becomes impossible to work efficiently. That’s when you need another lightweight, ergonomically engineered soft-grip handle that fits your hand. The whole purpose of manufacturing quality grips is to add the feature of less user fatigue. Additionally, their cushioning absorbs shock and pursue optimal performance even during extended use. There may or may not have slotted screw length adjustment depending on your requirements. We have some cheap mill knives to buy for you if you would like to explore.

Handy and mounted mill knives

We all know that the mounted version of mill knives came later into the picture. Before that hand knives used to perform all the function such as hack, pry, cut, shear, trim, slit, slice, and other countless operations. Still, many professionals rely on hand knives for trimming moulded parts, installing flooring, cutting stencils & insulation, and many other jobs. If you too find hand knives as an integral part of your job, you can explore as many as possible at our product search engine. Or you can also read quick tips further to narrow down your purchase.

Tips on how to buy Mill knives online

Mill knives need you to consider the reliability of the product when buying. You can be a part of any industry, and the type of mill knife you want could be different too, but quality measures remain the same. Along with that, we sometimes tend to ignore important tiny details and end up dissatisfied with the product. Thus, we have compiled these measures big or small to ease your quest of finding the right product.

  • Handheld versus mounted – The mill knife blades originally were handheld, but many industries prefer a mounted version to eliminate any potential human error or accidental injury. Leather or rubber manufacturing is the top-ones that still uses handheld blades.
  • Version of blades – Knife constructed with a cold work tool steel is ideal for the manufacture of rubber sheets and for the final assembly process of tires and hoses. Another knife with cold work tool steel takes the job of long cutting procedures. However, there are also blades for the purpose of a heavy-hitter. Thus, choosing the right blade is the most important perspective of purchasing mill knives.
  • Parts other than blades – If yours is a handheld product, you must scrutinise the quality of rivets, cutting edge, heel, bolster, spine, and handle of the product. For mounted counterparts, cutting edge matters the most. Other parts than the cutting edge add durability and ease of usage in both versions.
  • Manufacturers and brands – A credible manufacturer and a reputed brand can provide not just a quality product, but years of happy service. You should either do a little background search or shop from a trustworthy brand. At, you will find many authentic brands such as Lecimo, Hyde, DBoyun, TREND, Sheffield, and KUBEY.
  • Additional features to consider – Other than the material of the blade, the handling of the product has to be firm yet ergonomic for long usage. So, parts to consider are handlebars of the handheld device and smooth navigation of mounted versions of the products.

There is also an option that exists for customising the industrial knives in case the industry-specific application is new and needs a special tool to perform the job. You can find all kinds of kitchen knives relevant to nearly all industries on our shopping platform. Well, it is not just a product listing platform, but comparison tools and genuine reviews make it even more legitimate. From scratch to finish, you will see every phase of your purchase wholesome on So, let’s get started.

Question & Answer

What is a mill knife?

Mill knives are specialised versions of knives to be used in mills to perform certain industry-specific jobs. They are indeed one of the essentials of industrial tools. For instance, the wood industry takes its skills in woodcutting and wood engraving. For both applications, the blades would be different in design and handling. It can be a mounted version for wood cutting and both for engraving. As you see, the tasks require special technique and skilled labour, the tools have to be high-end as well. And mill knife of quality brands stands up to the mark for these functions.

Which mill knife to buy?

Buying a mill knife for a professional industrial purpose should solely depend on the application. For example, Lecime brand can provide you with a mill knife with a 90-degree V shape for decorative cut grooves, letters on the signs, and to bevel the edges by using a side guide. Then, Hyde is another reputed brand to buy a knife for heavy-duty cutting applications as their products are made of hardened high-carbon chrome vanadium steel. Likewise, there are many other brands at you can explore.

How to sharpen a mill knife?

Sharpening the mill knives is a professional job as it demands the tool to remain perfect. Although you can file for tiny defects, you should send your knives for precision grinding for keeping up with the standards. Files can be a cross-section or profile and cut and are usually available in lengths from 100mm to 350mm. However, precision grinding uses a specialised course of action for sharpening mill knives for paper mills, plywood mills, steel companies, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing companies of all types. So, you can choose from filing and grinding, depending on your requirement.

Where to buy a mill knife online?

Industrial supplies are always chaos to order, especially if you have a small workshop. There are a few companies that only take bulk orders. But online shopping can let you get rid of this problem and let you choose the quantity, brands, quality, all of it according to your budget. For that matter, is a superb lead as it caters for everything under one roof. You can shop variants if brands or high-low price range, and relevant to your industry. So, get in there and see if you get something up to your expectations.

this purchase of our mill knives can be a one-time investment, so quality and durability are features you should be concerned about the most. Find all the variants under our dedicated section of home & living and pick the suitable match as per your needs, budget, and personal preferences. So, hop on to it now and see products worth your shopping cart –