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Meat Hammers

About Meat hammers

A meat hammer is one of the essential tools for food preparation, especially when cooking meat. It softens the fibres to make them easy to eat and digest. Whether it’s about preparing tough cuts of steak or broiling the meat, meat hammers work well everywhere.

A meat hammer is a hand-powered tool that tenderises slabs of meat. There are three main types of tenderisers you can find in the market. The first one resembles a hammer that is usually of wood or metal. It has two heads, out of which one is flat, and the other has plenty of small pyramid-shaped tenderisers. The second one has a large metal face and a small handle. The face is either smooth or has pyramid-shaped tenderisers. However, the third form is a bit different. It comes in the form of a blade tenderiser with a series of nails or blades to puncture any item. All three types come in a wide assortment based on size, shape and material. Whether you are looking for a basic mallet or the best steak hammer to buy, here’s a detailed guide on choosing an appropriate style.

Characteristics of various tenderising mallets

Meat tenderiser has been one of the essential cooking tools for years. From flattening to puncturing meat, it can perform a range of tasks for you. The hammer has raised and flat surfaces to ensure an easy mincing of all sorts of meat. The handle at the top offers great comfort for users. There are many types of mallets in the market, ranging from expensive varieties to cheap hammers for meat tenderising. Here is a detailed account of popular variations. So, read on!

Meat flattener hammer vs needle tenderiser

If you look broadly, you will find two primary varieties of hammers in the market. One is mallet style, and the other one comes with needles to basically puncture things. If you want to flatten the meat to make it easy to chew and digest, then you can use the flattener. If you’re going to puncture the meat or make it ready for grilling, then needle one works the best. Nowadays, when this has become a standard kitchen accessory, you can find many flatteners, masher type tools and steak meat hammers for sale in the market.

Stainless steel meat tenderiser mallet vs other materials

Stainless steel is trendy and possibly the best material used to construct a tenderiser mallet. This material is durable, rust-free and works uniformly. The other metals or even wood might not prove to be as effective as stainless steel. If you use wood hammers, it can break the meat with a lot of pressure. Also, if it sheds some splinters that get embedded in the food, it may cause many problems later. Using other materials might also bring a rust problem that makes the hammer very hard to clean every time you use it.

The best way to use a metal meat tenderiser or hammer

One does not have to put efforts to use a tenderiser due to its lightweight nature. Start with placing wax paper on the cutting board and place the meat over it. Hold the meat piece with one hand and firmly hold the hammer in another hand. Start hitting it evenly. It is always better to use a hammer instead of a knife for the purpose. It is sometimes seen that some heat aids the process of tenderising. On average, it has been seen that a temperature of 140 degrees works well for the work. So, if you want to buy a metal meat hammer online in UAE, it is the right decision since it makes the task effortless and quick.

Amazing benefits of steak hammers

Soft meat pieces are often easy to eat and digest. But, it is difficult even to chew them when it comes to hard meat, especially for older people. Hammers come to the rescue here. They help you make the meat soft and hence, easy to consume. A steak hammer also allows you to make uniform hitting or puncturing so that the meat can cook evenly. The cuts you make through hammers ensure that heat passes through them easily. Moreover, it has been seen that tenderisers also improve the flavour of the meat.

Tips on how to buy Meat Hammers

Purchasing hammers can be a daunting task due to the wide variety available in the market. However, it will be a cakewalk for you if you know what to consider while picking one. Some factors like material, handle, design, price, and brands can affect your purchase. So, let us go through some tips that would help you get an appropriate style.

  • Type of hammer There are two main types of tenderizers. One comes in the form of a two-headed hammer flat on one side and has plenty of small pyramid-shaped tenderizers on the other side. Another one comes with a head that contains needles. If you want to flatten the meat, then the former variety is good. On the other hand, for puncturing pieces, a needle-type tenderizer is good.
  • Material Meat hammers come in various construction materials ranging from wood to stainless steel and other metals. However, you should always prefer stainless steel due to its durable and rust-free nature. It also ensures an even flattening and cooking.
  • Type of meat This makes another important consideration while picking a tenderizer. Your meat can be hard to soft; however, it is not easy to chew the hard one. If you want your hammer to work hard meat, then it should be abrasive and strong.
  • Easy to handle It is an essential consideration for not just a hammer but every other tool you use in the kitchen. Please make sure they are easy to handle and work with. If you bring a difficult tenderizer, it might take a lot of time and may even bring you pain in your arms. So, select a lightweight model that has a comfortable handle for convenient operation.
  • Easy to clean No matter how best the hammer is, if it takes hours to clean it, then it is of little or no help. So, look for materials that are rust free so that you can use them as many times as you want effortlessly.

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Question & Answer

What is a meat hammer?

A meat hammer is a kitchen tool used to tenderise or puncture the slabs of meat. It is a useful tool that comes in three main types. The most common type has a short handle and dual heads. One face is flat, whereas the other has small pyramid-like tenderisers. The second type also has a short handle but a single head with multiple tenderisers. The last one has multiple blades or nails through which you can puncture pieces for even cooking.

What is hammering meat?

Hammering meat is a process through which the meat is made soft. Some pieces of meat are hard that need tendering for easy cooking, chewing and digestion. You can easily do it with a hammer or tenderiser available in a wide assortment in the market. Meat tenderiser has been one of the essential cooking tools for years. From flattening to puncturing meat, it can perform a range of tasks for you. The hammer has raised and flat surfaces to ensure an easy mincing of all sorts of meat.

How do you use a meat hammer?

Take a chopping board and place wax paper on it. Now, place your meat piece over it. Hold one end of the piece with your hand and take the hammer in another hand. Make a firm grip on the hammer and start hitting the piece. Make sure you do it evenly so that the meat becomes easy to cook and eat. Meat tenderiser has been one of the essential cooking tools for years. From flattening to puncturing meat, it can perform a range of tasks for you.

Where to buy meat hammer online?

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