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About Knife Sharpeners

The function of knife sharpeners is simple, and their requirement in every kitchen cannot be ignored. There are loads of product available in the market with different styles and efficiency. All of them sharpen your kitchen knives, but some are more efficient than others. If you go by the features, you will know the difference.

The oldest method of knife sharpening is grinding against a hard, rough surface, typically a stone with grits. However, the process doesn’t stop with sharpening as it is followed by straightening and polishing the edge. The technical terms could be grinding, steeling, and stropping after which you get the perfect shaped knife like a new product. With the inception of electrical products, the time of sharpening and other process is getting less. All you need to do is put your blades in the right position, and you get your well-honed blades within a minute. And talking of stones, they now evolve into much simpler products. On this page, you will get to know all about them so you can narrow down your purchase.

Types of kitchen and professional knife sharpeners

There are three major types of knife sharpeners: whetstones, manual & electric ones, and the last honing steels. Out of the three, whetstones can be the oldest method of using oil or water to activate the sharpening. You need skills to hold the knife at the correct angle and perform the right action. However, manual or electric products do not need much work. They consist of a 2 or 3 stage system for creating, sharpening, and honing the blades. Check out some of the best electric knife sharpeners here. Next is the honing steel, which many professionals use to straighten their edges before every use.

Manual knife sharpener

A human-powered sharpener can get the job done with the same efficiency as any electric product. You need to take care of a few parameters, and the most crucial is its handle grip. Ergonomic design can let you hold the product firmly. You should prefer it ambidextrous suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. There is one con with manual products, which is pressure prediction. You need to invest some time practising and finding the ideal pressure. One of the best manual product that we recommend is Chef’schoice 463 Pronto Santoku with a 2-stage system out of which one is for sharpening and the other for honing. Both stages utilise diamond abrasive surfaces to make your blades retain their edge for a long time.

Electric knife sharpener

With an electric product, you just have to place your blades at the correct sharpening positions, and that’s the only manual job you do. Within a minute, you can get a polished edge coming out of the tool. These products don’t use lubrication, unlike whetstones and are extremely low maintenance. These products are ideal for kitchen use. Presto and Chef’schoice are two brands with the perfect electric products you are seeking. Presto’s product is easy to use and just weighs 2.95 pounds whereas Chef’schoice is 0.37 pounds. Check out some knife sharpeners for sale on our retail search engine and see if you find what you have been looking for.

Pocket knife sharpener

You must be an outdoor enthusiast if you are likely to buy a pocket knife sharpening tool. Some ideal features have to be easy-to-carry, compact and affordable. Smith’s PP1 can be an excellent product for serrated edges as they contain pull-out diamond coated rod. Also, Lansky’s Blademedic is a great tool for beginners because the movements of the tool are simple that needs moderate force. Another perspective of an outdoor tool should be its versatility as you cannot buy different tools to carry. Watch it before you add an item to the cart. Check out and buy a pocket knife sharpener online in UAE or move further to read some crisp tips.

Tips on how to buy Knife sharpener online

There are misconceptions that frequent use of sharpeners cause damage to the knives, which is a complete bluff. If you invest in quality sharpeners, there is nothing that can go wrong with your knives. You only have to follow certain protocols, such as not using the sharpener too aggressively. Otherwise, the edges can chip off quickly and get too thin. Here we have compiled a few points which if followed, can narrow down the purchase for you.

  • Grit – Coarse, medium, and fine grit are three kinds to be considered before purchasing. A coarse grit, which is less than 1000 grits is good for damaged knives with nicks and chips. Medium ones with 1000 to 3000 grits are fine for dull knives that are without any damage. Last, fine grits of 4000 to 8000 is available to refine your knife’s edge.
  • Size – It is a crucial aspect to notice, not from the viewpoint of proper functioning, but it is storage. Many stones and manual sharpeners are small enough for a drawer, but whetstones and honing steel can be a little tough to handle and store. You should check out the dimensions under the product’s specifications before you decide on any product.
  • Time – Some professional chef or bladesmith doesn’t mind spending time sharpening their tools, but a household item can be quick. And if that’s your requirement too, you can go for manual or electric products. They get the job done in the same way, just much faster.
  • Budget – The range you will see on shopping platforms can vary from AED30 to AED100. Higher-end models are great for a professional job like when you want to cut turkey during holidays. Other products are good for sharpening your tools on a weekly basis.
  • Versatility – If you want to use a single product on different knives, or even scissors, you should buy that specific product with a listing that can sharpen various tools. If not, you could get unwanted burrs and rough edges on your scissors or cleavers.

Some of you want to sharpen their knives before each use and having a well-honed knife before a meal preparation is great. Well, some of you sharpen their knife three to four times a year, and that’s fine too. But both of the blades and sharpening must be compatible with each other. You can find all kinds at inclusive of reputed brands like Lansky, Smith’s, Presto, Chef’s Choice, AccuSharp, and many others. Explore now!

Question & Answer

Are knife sharpeners effective?

Knife sharpeners are effective provided that you do it right. That means you need a special skill set to perform the sharpening. Otherwise, you are likely to thin out the blade too much as a result of removing more metal than required. You need to monitor the result periodically to get the best outcome. Some knives are sharpened to a 17-degree angle while some get to a 20-degree angle, you should buy a specific product that can customise angles. If you concur with the required factors, the results of sharpening will always be effective.

What are the best knife sharpeners?

The controlled-angle sharpening system of the Lansky brand has been a hit in the market since its inception. The system comes in seven kit varieties along with three to five sharpening hones per kit. Here, you will find products for the kitchen, outdoors, and your shop. Also, there is one out of the box product from the brand Smith’s. It is a 2-in-1 sharpener plus a cutting board, and we consider it as one smart tool. Likewise, there are more best products and more brand on our retail search engine you can explore.

How long do knife sharpeners last?

Knife sharpeners can last up to five years or more if you keep it clean and maintain them well. The best way to clean the sharpener is by using an inexpensive synthetic bristle paintbrush that can easily dust off any residue. Wipe the body with a damp towel afterwards. From time to time, you will also feel the need for some deep cleaning. At that time, you can rinse and wash the sharpener with warm and soapy water. Well, you can extend the life of any product by performing gentle handling.

Where to buy knife sharpeners online?

Knife sharpeners can be a regular product that you would like to have for your kitchen. Or these products can also serve as a professional sharpener in your workshop. For both, is an excellent platform to commence your journey and grab the right product. You can see Smith’s professional products, Lansky’s kitchenware, and Presto’s trustworthy items. Also, the platform serves as a great comparison tool to fade away all the confusion, and you can even read the review to make your decision logically.

There you have it! You must have noticed that some products are only good for knives with long blades, while others are multi-purpose. The latter one can also handle ceramic knives, scissors, cleavers, and other tools for sharpening. Overall, your requirements will lead you to best buy, so fix the budget accordingly. can let your search a specific range and features by applying the right filters. Get on it now and start your knife sharpener’s search under our dedicated section: Home & Living.