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About Knife Blocks

Surely, materials, maintenance, and cleaning are essential to get the best cutting performance out for any kitchen knives, so to is the way you store them. Certain storage practices dull your knife’s sharpness over time. Besides, not storing them at the right place could also get you injured. So how do you keep those edges sharp and your fingers safe? Well, it’s simple – get yourself the knife blocks. A well-placed knife block helps make your kitchen prep much more seamless, but that’s as long as you choose the right one. So how do you choose the best one? Well, that’s simple too, just keep reading, and you’ll know how!

Why don’t we begin by defining the product? A knife block is a kitchen utensil that’s mainly to help you store the kitchen knives or knife sets safely. You can store the knives vertically, at an angle, or sideways in the knife blocks. However, that depends on the kind of knife block you buy. Now, this also means that not all knife blocks have the same design or shape, and you can find several different varieties of knife blocks out there on the market. But, quite often the sheer number of options make your buying process a bit challenging. However, you can turn around this situation in your favour. All you need is a bit of research on their types. You could also use some smart hacks to assess the performance of the product. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in the next section.

The various knife blocks to keep your kitchen blades safe and secure

Don’t you hate it when you have to prepare a meal, but your favourite knife is nowhere to be found? Thanks, to these blocks and their endless varieties, you can now store all kinds of knives and knife set at a designated place. Not only does it make your job easy but also ensure that your fingers remain safe. And yes, they do add zest to your kitchen aesthetics too. However, that’s only when you pick the right model that perfectly fits your kitchen ambience, and that also fulfils your needs. As mentioned earlier, you surely do have endless options to choose from. But, navigating through those verities may take ages. We’ve listed a few trending models that you can consider when buying the blocks below.

The magnetic knife block

Who doesn’t want to display their knife collections in the coolest way! If you’re on the lookout for a product that enables you to do so, then the magnetic knife block from Böker fits the bill. The 11.25 inches high by 10 inches wide by 6 inches deep with just three pounds weight product can hold up to seven knives of any size. So what’s so special about this product? Well, unlike other knife blocks, this one uses magnets. The magnets are incredibly strong, so you do not have to worry about the knives falling off. This unique design allows you to store your knives quickly and clean them too. Apart from its smart construction, it also comes with a stylish and sleek design.

The best knife holder for drawer

Quite often, you might face a limited counter space. In such cases, a block that you can easily fit into the drawer proves particularly useful. You can never go wrong with the Bamboo Shenzhen Knives when it comes to purchasing in-drawer blocks. The product has slots that fit up to 15 small knives or ten larger knives. Their small enough dimensions (17 X 5.5 X 2 inches), fits for most drawers with some clearance in all directions. Additionally, the entire product comes in bamboo materials that make it more sustainable than the hardwoods generally used for in-drawer blocks. Besides, it’s also eco-friendly. Note, you might want to add non-slip grips onto them, as it quite often slides inside your drawer.

The best under cabinet horizontal knife block

If you’re someone who dislikes leaving out empty space in your kitchen and loves to convert any unused space to a smart storage destination, then the Drop Block Under Cabinet Knife Block is your ideal pick. This product is a great space saver if you’re tight on counter space. The model comes with two hinges that screw into the underside of your counter. Once fixed, you can pull them down quickly to reveal the three magnet strips that keep your knives securely in place. Generally, the product comes in three sizes. The smallest takes up 18 by 9.5 inches and the largest 24 by 9.5 inches. However, the only downside is that it may not fit knives with thicker handles.

The pure bamboo wooden knife block

We did see, the bamboo version of knife blocks, but that was for in-drawer. However, there are also bamboo blocks that you can display on the countertops. If you’re in search of such models, then consider investing in the Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block. This angled countertop bamboo block measures around 10.2 inches long by 9.2 inches high and 4.8 inches wide. This design also comes with 20 slots that allow you to store a variety of knives and accessories, such as sharpening steel. Above all, the product also comes with rubber feet on the base. This feature makes sure that the block doesn’t tip or slip when you insert and take out your knives. What’s more, you can easily clean them too.

Tips on how to buy Knife Blocks online

Indeed, knife blocks are an effective and efficient way to keep your knives and knife sets safe and tidy. But, if you thought all blocks have the same build then, it’s time to think again. These blocks can vary widely in terms of material, shapes, designs, thickness, and many more factors. This is why you cannot just blindly buy knife blocks online in UAE. You need to keep in mind a few crucial factors to make a wise purchase. To make things easier for you, we’ve laid out those factors below.

  • Check out the storage method – Do you want to display your collection of knife sets or do you want to tuck them away in a drawer? Knife blocks come in a wide range of different styles. They include countertop models and in-drawer blocks. Of course, your final call surely does depend on your personal preference and your unique needs.
  • Look out for the storage capacity – The number of knives the block can store is crucial when you want to purchase a block. For example, if you have a large collection of knives, then it’s essential to buy a block model that has enough partitions or spaces to store your knife collection. There’s no point in choosing a knife block in which you can store only part of your knife collection.
  • Consider the ease of use – Remember, once you easily insert the knives into the blocks, you should also be able to remove them smoothly. In other words, the knife sets must be easily accessible. Note, several models of knife blocks make things easier for you when compared to the other models. Therefore, choose one that enables you to remove and insert the knives inside the blocks smoothly.
  • Check out the compatibility – You must always make sure that the knife blocks are compatible with the knife collection you have. For instance, if you have more of long and sharp knives in your collection then ensure that the block that you purchase has large groves. Conversely, if you wish to store pairing knives, then they shouldn’t be lost in the block’s design.
  • Look out for the ease of cleaning – undoubtedly, your knife block will need cleaning regularly. And this should especially be easy and quick to preserve goof hygiene. Ideally, you must look for a model that’s dishwasher safe. This way, you just need to pop them into the dishwasher and wait till you get the squeaky clean version of your dirty knife block.
  • Look out for durable models – Durability is the king in any kitchen utensils. Therefore, the knife block that you buy must be long-lasting. The last thing you want is for your blocks to crack or buckle under the weight of your kitchen knives. Typically, the durability of the blocks depends on the material of construction and its design.

You see, all the above factors are very crucial in getting you your perfect knife blocks. But, your personal preference always stands above all of this. Therefore, make sure to keep all those factors in mind, assess your products carefully and then go for the final buy. After all, you’d want a product that’s long-lasting, durable, sleek and nimble in your kitchen.

Question & Answer

Are knife blocks safe?

Indeed, they are. The blocks themselves are an ideal tool to keep your knives safe from rusting or dulling. Besides, it also keeps you away from any potential scratches or cuts, as it puts away the sharp edges of the blades in the right place. However, you just need to make sure that you frequently clean the blocks and keep them tidy to avoid any dirt building up in the blocks. Besides due to their endless varieties, you can now store all kinds of knives and knife set at a designated place.

Are knife blocks universal?

One size fits all stands doesn’t work for almost all the kitchen utensils. But the universal knife block is a major exception to this. The universal blocks come with flexible rods that adapt to any size knife. Meaning you can stick anything from a long serrated bread knife to a heavyweight cook’s knife, and the block will hold it in the same manner. Besides, it also holds knives of various lengths, designs, and shapes. Above all, the block itself fits in any corner of your kitchen and doesn’t take much space of your countertop.

How much is a knife block?

As stated earlier, not all blocks have the same build. This also means that each model has different features and characteristics. Some are high-end, while others have a classic design with basic features. This, in turn, enables manufacturers and sellers to tag them at different price ranges. You could find some at prices as low as AED 50. While there are also models that you can buy at AED 300. Therefore, it’s best to set a budget aside. This’ll allow you to purchase a model that fits within your budget.

What is the best knife block?

The best knife block is something that fulfils your needs. That is, it must have the design that you desire, the material that you can easily clean, high compatibility, all this in the price range that you can afford. Well, if you are on the lookout for some models, then consider exploring the comprehensive collection at famous brands like Chicago Cutlery, Cuisinart, Calphalon, Wüsthof, Kyocera, and Junyuan. You can get some of the best metal knife blocks and many other models here.

Where to buy knife block online?

Several online stores and brands offer you an extensive collection of knife blocks. However, navigating through all of the products that they offer might make you’re buying a bit challenging. But, you do not have to worry, as you have with you. This retail search engine allows you to browse through various cheap knife blocks with sharpeners and much more from your favourite brands and online store, compare their prices and then purchase them with just a click. And the best part is that you get to do this all on a single platform. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Remember, the best block is always a model that’s sturdy and convenient to use. And choosing a model as such needs extensive research and careful consideration. We hope this article has touched on the critical aspects of knife blocks that’ll enable you to buy them effortlessly. So, are you ready to get the right storage space for your blades? If yes, then get started here! And yes, not only offers you knife blocks but also brings to an extensive range of various other home & living products from over 500+ online stores.