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About Kitchen Shears

A wonderfully useful tool and the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen - yes, we're talking about the kitchen shears. From snipping herbs to cutting parchment and spatchcocking chicken, a pair of kitchen shears is something that every home cook needs. As you'd expect, though, not all shears are created equally. Now, this makes it all the more essential to know and understand the product thoroughly to pick the best model from a plethora of options available on the market. Let's help you with that! Read on if you want to know more. 

Quite often, people tend to mistake the scissors to be the shears. Remember, they have quite a lot of differences. Why don't we check out kitchen shears vs scissors? While both have two blades and two handles, the basic design differences are in the shape and size of the handles, and length of the blades. Usually, the handles of the scissors have equally sized and symmetrical handle loops. Moreover, their blade length is usually 6" or less. But, when it comes to shears, you'll find blades with blades 6" and longer, with the bottom handle being larger and more elongated in shape. In short, they're different, even though they perform similar functions. So, let's stay focused on our shears and explore a few of their trending model types in the next section.

The best kitchen shears for various purposes 

With the unique features in place, the kitchen shears are one of the most versatile kitchen tools in your kitchen. In fact, they're more useful than a kitchen knife, as you don't have to dirty up your cutting board. The top-notch pair of shears help you chop lettuce directly into a bowl for salad. Additionally, you can snip the florets off a head of broccoli or cauliflower, and trim the excess pieces off of pie dough. Almost any sort of shears can cut through the more delicate items. However, it takes the right pair to cut through the bone when you're spatchcocking a chicken. This means that different types of shears help you do various activities in the kitchen. Let's find out which ones are used for what below.

The kitchen shears for herbs

Mincing or chopping fresh herbs can be a pain, particularly if you do not have the right knives. However, investing in a pair of kitchen shears like the Chefast Herb Scissors Set makes your life so much easier. This shear comes with five stainless steel blades. This gives them a serious advantage over multipurpose scissors. With these additional blades, you can easily chop your herbs straight into your dish, both quickly and efficiently. Above all, it comes with an ergonomic handle, which is why you need not worry about them slipping off while using them. Last but not least, they come along with a super-handy feature that makes their clean-up totally effortless.   

The kitchen shears for chicken

If you cook chicken regularly and want to invest in a pair of shears that'll do all the cutting, mincing, and chopping efficiently, then you cannot go wrong with the OXO Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears. Although, you can get your job done using the multipurpose shears, using a set of dedicated cooking shears just for chickens makes your cutting needs safer and smoother. The perfectly tapered OXO shears feature sharp stainless steel blades. They help you reach those hard-to-reach places while cutting your chicken. Moreover, the handles too come with a spring-loaded mechanism that prevents any strain to your wrist and hand while using them.

The heavy-duty kitchen shears for cutting meat

It's always a better idea to be on a lookout for anything that might easily cook your meat dinner. That's where the heavy-duty poultry shears from JoyFork come in handy. For example, if you're going to butcher a turkey, you need something that's a little heavier than the regular shears that cut chicken. These shears are perfect for such tasks. Not only do they come in rust-resistant materials, but they also ensure that the micro bacteria in the poultry won't stick to the stainless steel. This way, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of the shear. Whether for commercial or home use, these shears handle all kinds of meat like fish, beef, chicken, and turkey.

The Wusthof shears for easy cleaning 

The worst part of cooking up a meal is the clean-up that you need to after. If you want to make your kitchen clean-up a lot easier, then buy Wusthof kitchen shears now. They offer you the convenience of easy cleaning and seamless re-sharpening. Apart from making your clean-up process a breeze, they come in high-carbon stainless steel materials. This enables you to use them as a jar opener. How? Well, thanks to their handy steel tooth insert in the middle of the handles. By the way, these eight-inch tools are also great for cutting flowers, food, paper, and even cardboard. Above all, with their smart design, you can easily handle them regardless of whether you're a lefty or righty!

Tips on how to buy Kitchen Shears online

Kitchen shears have always been overlooked tool, except by the professionals in the field. However, the innovations introduced and integrated into them have transformed them into one of the most important among the other kitchen utensils. We've formulated a few essential tips that'll make your buying process effortless and less tiring. With these hacks, you can easily discover the best kitchen shears to buy online in the UAE.

  • Pick cooking shears based on what you're cutting– This one of the most important factors to keep in mind. You need to identify your cutting needs before you purchase the best-rated kitchen shears. Typically, you'll find two main types of kitchen shears. The straight-bladed multipurpose shears and poultry or meat shears. The former one has two sharp blades that are suitable for regular snipping needs. Whereas if your cooking involves carving meat from the bone, you need poultry or meat shears.
  • Determine the handle and blade that works for you– The materials of both handle and blade can make or break a good pair of shears. Remember, a model plated with stainless steel offers you maximum protection as compared to the others. Similarly, the handles that come in the runner or non-slip materials save you from pain in your fingers and wrist while cutting. However, manufacturers predominantly use plastic in creating shear handles.
  • Go for the detachable shears– It's a fact that, even a piece of tiny food particle can contaminate the shear blade. Not only does this promote bacteria but also spoils the entire tool. In such cases, detachable shears are the best. Here you can easily pull apart the blades from the handle. This, in turn, makes it extremely easy for you to get even the smallest particle out of the pivot screw. Poultry or meat shears with such features will be easy for you to clean.
  • Pick the spring machines if you have weak wrists– People who have weak wrists or find it difficult to hold the shears must opt for a model that's comfortable to hold and give optimal control. In short, the handles of the shears must be large enough to hold. Besides, it shouldn't break apart when you apply force while cutting. In such cases, shears with spring mechanism seem to be useful. That's because they open themselves and enable you to operate them easily.
  • Look for models with well-crafted blades– It's the craftsmanship of the shears that determines its longevity. Shears should have designs that provide you with good balance even if you hold them one or two fingers. For instance, shears with blades extending into handles have relatively better balance when compared to other models. Some poultry shears feature serrated edges. Their saw-like teeth ensure a better grip.
  • Keep an eye on extra functions and features– We all know that the primary purpose of the shears is to cut and shear food. However, there are many multipurpose too. These versions of cooking shears allow you to perform many other functions apart from snipping herbs and cutting vegetables. For example, you can use them to crack nuts, peel shrimps, trim flowers, shape dough, cut through cardboards, and many more.

Now that you know how to choose a set of kitchen shears, it's time to stop considering them as an afterthought. It's time that you shop for one now. We hope the above hacks will guide you in the right direction and help you pinpoint the cheap and best kitchen shears online. Once you make your choice, make sure to keep them clean, dry, and sharp. Those are the keys for keeping your shears intact for a long time.

Question & Answer

Are there left-handed kitchen shears?

The best left-handed kitchen shears come with reversed blades when compared to the other standard models. This design allows users to easily handle the tool when using them in the left hand. Which also means that the right-handed people might find it difficult to use. However, it might work perfectly fine with the lefties!

Can kitchen shears be sharpened?

Yes, you can certainly sharpen the cooking shears. Besides, you might be surprised by the fact that the sharpening of the kitchen shears is the same as that of regular scissors. Some of the common methods of sharpening the shears include using sandpapers, aluminium foil, and sharpening stones. Dullness is inevitable. But you can still avert this with proper care and maintenance.

How can you use your kitchen shears?

One thing is for sure – the cooking shears are indispensable kitchen knives. They're an important part of any well-equipped kitchen. But, if you're only using them to cut open a package, then you're missing out a lot. That's because you can use these shears for various other purposes. Some of their common uses include cutting a pizza crust, snipping herbs, cutting up a whole chicken, chopping tomatoes and more.

Which kitchen shears are best?

Be it the best heavy-duty kitchen shears or the best come apart kitchen shears; the best product is something that fulfils your requirements and one that offers you optimal performance. But how do you ensure that you secure such a kind of model? It's simple! Go for the branded models. Brands like Zyliss, Prestige, ZWILLING, J.A HENCKELS, Tefal, Danube, Ikea, Fiskars, Victorinox, and WMF.

Where to buy kitchen shears in Dubai?

Finding the best kitchen shear or for that matter any home & living product is not an easy task. However, ensures to make your shopping effortless in every possible manner. From best stainless steel kitchen shears to best budget kitchen shears, you'll find them all on this product search engine. What's more, you can get branded models from popular online stores like Newchic, Menakart, Lifestyle, Brands for Less, and many more right here!