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About Cake Knives

Cakes are essential for any celebration. From birthdays to weddings or baby showers, nothing can replace the value of cake on the venue. And at such times, the cake knives also become important.

Cakes knives are special types of utensils used for cutting and serving cakes on any occasion. Commonly these kitchen knives are made of stainless steel. These are generally lightweight and have slightly curved a blade that easily cuts through different textures of cakes, pies or frostings. We can also find cake knives made with a decorative appearance. Besides, they are also available in serving sets, including spatulas and knives with the same imprints or engravings. The spatulas in these sets help in serving pieces of cake without creating any mess.

Benefits of using cake knives

Many people come up with the question of whether knives are necessary or not? In the baseline, yes, we can use any other knife or sharp object to cut the cakes. But there will surely be mess, shredded wastes of cakes and a lot of mess. If you want to stay tidy and clean without wasting any cake, a proper cake knife is a must-have. Besides the fact that a cake knife can help you serve cake efficiently, it also owns some aesthetic values. This is why today we can see a wide range of special and customized knives for occasions like weddings, birthdays or else. Here are some common benefits you can earn with all these types of knives.

The ease of use

These knives are different from those we can generally see or use in the kitchen – for cutting meat, fruits, or vegetables. Traditionally a cake knife has a handle raised above the blade and the knife curves towards the centre. It means that you can slice through all the layers and from top to bottom without colliding your knuckles on the counter or sinking them into the surface of your cake. A long blade cake knife is mainly ideal for slicing sheet cakes. In such cases, a 90-degree hilt facilitates easy cutting of the cake all the way from one edge to the other.

Cleaner and longer cuts

A cake knife can help you enjoy the easy cutting of even the largest pieces of cake. This is mainly supported by the thinner blades that are not available in serrated or chef’s knives. Here thinner blade means lesser drag when cutting the cakes, and you will avoid putting too much pressure on the tender crumbs of the cake. This thinner blade allows you to place the knife on top of the cake and press it down to enjoy smooth cuts – That is it. Additionally, the long smooth blade allows you to cut more surface areas of cake in one go. Here you can easily slice 8 to 10 inches cases across the centre in a single fell swoop.

A cake knife – Cuts more than cakes

Have you ever thought about what other probable benefits or uses of these thin long-bladed knives would be? Well, surprisingly, it does not just cut the cakes. These knives are also referred to and used for pastry cutting. This is mainly because it does more than just cut the cake into slices. A long offset knife comes very handy for slicing pies, puff pastry, croissants and many other bakery items made in bigger portions and need slicing. The versatility of these knives is majorly due to the thin and sharp blade. And this mulit0purpose ability of a cake knife makes it an important element in any commercial or domestic kitchen.

Making occasions more special

With special customized options like engraved wedding cakes knives, they can be an option to add value and charisma to your celebrations. For many of us, the cake is of great importance when it comes to celebrating any occasion. Let it be a birthday, sharing news of a newcomer in the family, an after-graduation family celebration or a mega wedding event; cakes are a must. And when you take out a cake knife, you will know that things will get celebratory. With a cake knife, you can slice your beautiful cake in a presentable manner.

Tips on how to buy Cake Knives for wedding online in the UAE

Cakes are an important part of any celebration or occasion. From baby showers to weddings, cakes have become essential on the menu list. And to add more value to the great taste and look of the cakes, brands keep coming with enchanting crockery and cake cutting accessories. As a result, we can now enjoy a wide collection of knives for weddings and other occasions. But this comprehensive range also overwhelms many of us. To ease the stress, one should focus on online buying. This way, one can see a list of options to pick from. Additionally, the following tips can come in handy to buy a cake knife for your special occasion.

  • Consider materials – Cakes knives are available in different materials like plastic or stainless steel. A plastic cake knife is ideally perfect for kids birthdays or baby showers etc. But the best wedding cake knife should always be made of stainless steel. Any other material will not be an appreciated choice.
  • Consider brands – Weddings are important occasions, and there are no chances for risk or any mishap. Therefore, when it comes to anything that will be a part of your venue, quality should be your priority. So always look for branded products.
  • Consider budget – Although branded products are expensive, you can still find many cheap knives to buy for your big day. But if you are looking forward to engraving some custom message on your knife, be flexible to pay a bit extra based on many factors.
  • Consider the theme of the wedding – If you are planning a specific theme for a wedding, look for a knife that matches everything else at the venue. For ideas, you can consult products from brands and choose what suits your taste the most.
  • Decide message – As we talk about custom engraving on your wedding cake knife, you can write anything to express your love. It is better to do some brainstorming with your partner and decide on a message that depicts the feelings of both.

Luckily there are a large number of brands and stores that offer customized engraving services for wedding knives. Otherwise, you can also find an amazing collection of quality wedding knives with messages engraved on them. These ready to use products are easy to access and economical to buy. Plus, selecting these ready to use products will save you from a lot of hassle and brainstorming of selecting the message, font and other details on the knife.

Question & Answer

What knife do you use to cut a cake?

Cheesecakes, layer cakes, angel food cakes, or dacquoise require different cake cutting techniques and knives. No matter what knife you pick, it should be able to deliver you nicely, even and clean cuts. Some of the bestselling options that may suit your needs are; Angel food cake cutter e 732, Silver heart cake and knife set, Fat daddio’s 14-inch cake slicer/bread knife, and the Cake boss nylon tools and gadgets cake server.

What is a cake spatula?

A frosting or cake spatula or a palette knife is a unique kitchen utensil designed especially to spread a substance into a flat surface. These devices are used for evenly applying frosting on cakes. It is also an ideal tool for applying spreads onto sandwiches in mass quantities. Today these spatulas are available in both metals and heavy-duty plastic materials. Some of the best-selling options available in the market include Icing Spatula, U-Taste Offset Spatula, the New Star Foodservice 38088 Straight Icing Spatula, and the PUCKWAY Cake Decorating Angled Icing Spatula.

Why are cake knives different from others?

These knives are a special style of knives where the length of the blade is more important than the sharpness (as compared to other types of knives). Cakes knives can or cannot be serrated. A serrated cake knife is used for less-dense cakes with a softer texture inside and harder outer sides. These are ideal for wedding and birthday cakes or angel foods and Bundt cakes, whereas you can use the non-serrated knife for denser sakes where there is a lesser difference between the inner and outer textures. These knives are commonly used for cutting cheesecakes or nut bread.

Where to buy cake knives online in UAE?

It is better to look at an online retail search engine to find the possible material, size and other options in cake knives for professional or personal. To better search and buy from brands, you can explore the Home and Living section of . Here you can find top brands selling panel curtains online. Some to name are Tenrai, Aveks, Reed & Barton, Wallace, Lenox, and Ateco. You can also use tools for quickly searching for products fitting in your budget.

Cakes are fun to eat, and with the right type of accessories, you can make sure the fun is away from any mess that comes while cutting the cake. Explore the best knives with and stay mess-free for the rest of your life.