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About Boning Knives

A boning knife is an essential tool for food preparation, especially when cooking meat or fish. The thin and flexible blades of boning knives help remove the bones and skin from the above food items. Let us explore their various types to find out which one suits your requirements. 

A boning knife is one of the special kitchen knives with a narrow blade and a sharp point. It is commonly used for removing bones and skin from meat, fish and poultry products. A high-quality boning knife would be super sharp and 5 to 8 inches long. Because of its less weight and ease of use, most chefs love having it in their arsenals. However, they come in a wide assortment, making your buying experience a bit overwhelming if you are considering one. Whether you want to buy shun fillet knives online in UAE or other varieties, we will unveil everything you need to know about them in this guide. Towards the end, you will also find some tips that would help you choose an appropriate style.

A detailed guide on meat, poultry and fish boning knives

A boning knife is an excellent tool that does its work precisely, leaving a small amount of waste. It comprises a long and narrow blade with a sharp tip for piercing. You can find it in a wide assortment based on blade types. Each works differently. A semi-stiff blade works well for large pieces like beef, pork and thicker pieces of meat. On the other hand, Victorinox is one of the popular brands for curved knives to debone meat. Lastly, a knife with a flexible blade is best when you want to do precise cuts along contour lines, such as cutting poultry or fish or removing extra fat out of anything. It is the best fish boning knife to buy. The categories are not confined to this. There is more to it! So, continue reading.

Stiff vs flexible boning knife

There are two major types of blades you can find in the boning knives- Stiff and flexible. In simple words, a boning knife with a flexible blade is suitable for cutting difficult shapes, whereas stiff ones are best if you have tougher and thicker meat. There is an extraordinary variety, i.e. semi-stiff blade as well. It is for slicing, deboning tough meat and also removing broken small bones. You can find a wide range of flexible to stiff meat, fish and chicken boning knives for sale in the market. Find the best varieties in brands like Mercer Culinary and Dalstrong.

Straight vs curved boning knife

Boning knives are available in two shapes- Straight and curved. As the name suggests, a curved blade has the front of the tip raised a bit above, whereas straight knives come with a narrow blade and pointed tip. A blade with a curve is best for removing bones. With this curve, the knife ensures that every cut is manoeuvred close to the bone. On the other hand, a narrow and straight one is ideal for fish and poultry. 

Shun fillet knife

Shun is a well-known concept in Japanese cuisine. It is the word that describes seasonal food when it is at the peak of its taste, freshness and perfection. Hence, shun cutlery are famous for their best performance and beauty. With shun products, you can enjoy lasting value. Their manufacturing involves many processes, and the special heat treatment brings out the best properties like a sharper, finer and effective blade.

Butchers boning knife

If you are a professional chef or butcher, you require a perfect knife for the countless servings for the day. Professional butchery comprises repetitive cutting motions, removing bones, fine parts and more things precisely. If you do not own a good knife, you can easily tire out your hands or arms. Victorinox Fibrox Pro, Mercer Genesis, Dalstrong Phantom, and Wusthof Classic are the best butchers boning knives. You can find high rated to cheap butchers boning knives in their collection.

Tips for purchasing Boning Knives

A boning knife is an essential tool to have if you are a non-vegetarian. If you are hunting for a useful knife, you must be confused with the wide range of options. So, here are the tips and suggestions that would help you choose an appropriate one.

  • Type of blade – Boning knife comes with various blades such as curved, straight, flexible, stiff, thin and broad. Each type has its own functionality, due to which you can use them for different work while cooking non-veg. You can use curve shape to perform delicate jobs like removing the skin of fish properly and filleting the quail. You can use the square shape to remove large meat pieces like beef and cut them in a fine slice. A boning knife that comes with a flexible blade is the best option to cut the difficult shape. You can go with a stiff blade if you have tougher and thicker meat to slice.
  • Type of handle – The handle of a boning knife is made with different materials. You have to choose the material of the handle according to your comfortability. The wooden handle looks very stylish, but it is easily breakable. Plastic handles are also trendy for their durability. Similarly, you can go with rubber and metal also handles for their durability. Handles made with polypropylene material give the exact look of wood, and there is no maintenance issue associated with this.
  • Size of the blade – Different blades that vary from 5 to 9 inches are available in the market. A larger size blade is the best option for you if you work with large and thicker meat pieces. As a smaller size blade is very flexible to use and easy to control, you can use them to get thinner slices, especially when dealing with delicate meat.
  • Safety – Safety is the main feature you should check, especially when you are going to buy things like a knife in which chances of getting injured are widespread. There are some parts of your knife that you should check. Like, a bolster that is positioned between the blade and handle of the boning knife. It acts like a safety guard, which provides a proper balance to the knife and improves the control of the knife also. Make sure that handle of the knife which you are going to buy is anti-slip.

Now that you have explored much about boning knives, you must be eager to get one. You can find an extensive collection of boning knives on our product search engine, ranging from curved to straight, stiff and flexible varieties. Moreover, find over 500 trusted online stores here that sell the best knives at affordable costs. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best ones while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What is a good boning knife?

While talking about a good boning knife, there are some aspects that you have to consider, such as blade design, handle material, blade size and safety. If anything solves our purpose efficiently, then it is considered as good. The curved shape is for performing delicate jobs like removing the fish skin and filleting the quail, whereas straight varieties are good for removing large pieces of meat. Moreover, flexible blades are suitable for cutting difficult shapes, whereas stiff ones are best if you have tougher and thicker meat to cut.

Are boning and fillet knives the same?

It is a type of knife used to take out bones from meat and other items, whereas a fillet knife is meant for separating skin. Hence, filler knives are thinner than boning knives for a precise function. There are various types of boning knives. A semi-stiff blade works well for large pieces like beef, pork and thicker pieces of meat. On the other hand, Victorinox is one of the popular brands for curved knives to debone meat. Hence, these are different. Do not get confused while shopping for one.

Why do butcher knives have that hole?

If you have noticed a hole in butcher knives and wonder what they are for, here is the answer. They have a hole so that butchers can conveniently hang them to any nail or hanger. Since it is big in size, it is a bit tough to fit them in the drawer. If you have been searching for one, then you can find a wide range of flexible to stiff meat, fish and chicken boning knives for sale in the market. Just like butcher knives, many other types of knives also have the same kind of hole for this purpose.

Where to buy butcher knives online?

If you are looking for a high-quality and best knife, then you should come to us in You can find an assortment of butcher knives sold at affordable prices on our retail search engine. We boast products offered by popular brands of the industry like Mercer Culinary, LedgeON, and UltraSource. Since these are all good brands, you can rest assured of their quality. So, go ahead and get the best ones. Also, find other homes & living products right here.

We hope that the above guide takes you towards the right purchase. The good news is that you are correct place. On, you can find a humongous collection of boning knives. So, make no delay and quickly find the best one in our collection. Have a fantastic shopping experience ahead.