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Olsenmark - Electric Mosquito Killer LED Bulb 2 Modes - (OMBK1742)
Olsenmark - Electric Mosquito Killer LED Bulb 2 Modes - (OMBK1742)
Olsenmark - Electric Mosquito Killer | LED Bulb | 2 Modes | Dual Purpose, OMBK1742 LOW ENERGY CON...


Geepas Rechargeable Led Lantern with Led Bulb and Solar Panel - GE53035
Geepas Rechargeable Led Lantern with Led Bulb and Solar Panel - GE53035
Geepas Rechargeable Led Lantern with Led Bulb and Solar Panel - GE53035 The Geepas rechargeable L...

About LED Bulbs

Choosing an LED bulb is equivalent to nitpicking over tiny details. This technology has various measurements like wattage, lumen, kelvin, power factor, and many more. Therefore, if you consider switching to LEDbulb from your traditional lighting, you need to spend some time breaking down a few or more technical jargons.

From 1962 till this time, LED lighting technology has emerged as an alternative to traditional bulbs. Their low-cost and ultra-efficient features make them perfect for any indoor lighting requirements you have at your home. On top of it, the advantages can totally validate the decision of this technology switch. It uses less electricity, have long rated lives, produces little heat, do not emit UV or infrared, contains no mercury, and resistant to shock or vibration. It can also operate effectively in extremely cold environments, unlike traditional bulbs that usually broke with a mild inconvenience.

Three main terminologies of LED bulbs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, consisting of a two-lead semiconductor light source. Integrated LED must be the next term you often hear during your purchase, which simply means an outer fixture of LED. This fixture also makes the lighting look sleek and stylish. And the third one is the life expectancy measurement of the LEDbulb. You will see the product description as 50,000 hours to L70. It means the LED will last at least 50,000 hours, and by that point, it will still be running with a 30percent reduction of its initial output. If you read the product description right, you can grab the best LED bulb for home use or other applications.

LED smart bulb

A smart LED bulb either has a technology related to functioning or performance. By saying it in simpler words, a bulb can either have a smart switch or a smart bulb. Talking about functioning or smart switch, you can control the bulb by a hub or a smartphone application just like Philips Bluetooth plus Zigbee product. Another smartness is a product that comes with an array of infrared LED’s making your home security camera function in the dark. You can also buy an LEDbulb with a motion sensor. However, a smart bulb or smart lighting can let you change the theme or colour of your product with a command. Music visualisation is also present in some products. Therefore, you can choose your kind of smart light as per your liking.

Dimmable LED bulbs

Isn’t it perfect that you can adjust the light source to complement the atmosphere in your home? You can have warm, bright, dim, cosy, any kind of light you want with a push of a button. This is done by connecting a device known as a dimmer to a light fixture. You can connect multiple LEDbulbs to one dimmer but should not match LED light with fluorescent or other inductive light sources. Some inconveniences associated with dimmable lights are flickering, flashing, and buzzing sound. Therefore, mounting them needs you to hire a professional so that no electronics get mismatched and trouble you later.

H11 LED bulb

Let’s first crack the H coding here. All car headlights have high and low or dipped beams. You can achieve this lighting by integrating dual-beam bulbs, such as H4, H13, 9004, and 9007. The other design inculcates two separate bulbs to function as a high beam and low beam, and H11 is part of this single beam design. Philips CrystalVision H11 headlight bulb is one of the favourite choices among customers. It has around 3600Kelvin colour temperature that makes it an ideal product to choose from. However, the short life span of 150 hours makes it a little hesitant to purchase. You can check out and buy Philips led bulb online.

Tips on how to buy LED bulbs online

If you compare or describe incandescent bulbs with LED ones, you won’t be able to pick the right product. A 60watt traditional bulb will continue to throw the same amount of light their whole life. But this is different with LED ones that increase their power with every passing year. That is why LED’s are described in lumens meaning the brightness put out by a light bulb. Considering this, we have compiled some technical parameters that you must know before purchasing any LED product.

  • LED bulb size and shape – You will see different alphabets when trying to get to know the dimensions of the product. For instance, A19 size with E27 base means ‘A’ for arbitrary shape and ‘E’ is for Edison screw with 27mm diameter of bulb’s base. Similarly, the shapes can be C meaning candle shape and G, globe shape.
  • Luminance versus wattage – You should give preference to luminance over wattage while choosing the LED bulbs. Here, luminance defines the brightness and wattage, energy usage. More luminance means more brightness. For example, for a 100W bulb, an equivalent brightness should be 1600 lumens.
  • Picking the right CRI – Colour Rendering Index (CRI) tells you the proper lighting for your application. The range is between 0-100. As a rule, a CRI of 90 or more is considered high, and anything below 80 is mid-range to low. If you want something of good colour quality, find a product in the 90s range.
  • Colour temperature Kelvin – Warm and cool are two colour temperatures measured in Kelvin. By convention, yellow-red colours are considered warm and blue-green colour cool. If you see a product with a higher kelvin range between 3600-5500K, it means it will induce cool light perfect for task lighting. However, a lower colour temperature range of 2700-3600K is preferred for living spaces because it is more flattering to skin tones and clothing.
  • Choosing the right beam angle – When you switch on your LED light of the ceiling, and it spread across the whole floor, that means the beam angle is wide or extra wide depending on the floor area. You must have understood the concept of beam angle. So, considering the number of LED lights and the height of the ceiling, you can easily choose the beam angle you want, ranging from 15degree to 120degree.

There are also other parameters like instant light, dimming capacity, weight, and heating of the LEDbulb that can affect the functioning of your product. You can read all about them under the specifications list before hitting the buy button. Also, it would help if you have a handy list of brands. Some of the mentions of the list can be Philips, Xiaomi, GE, Syska, Halonix, Crompton, Havells, and Eveready. You can find them all or even more on our product search engine.

Question & Answer

What led bulb is equivalent to 40 watts?

A 5 watt LED bulb is equivalent to the traditional 40 watts bulb. However, the light output of LED lights continues to fluctuate year by year. For instance, a 10 watt LED lamp delivers a certain light intensity in the current time, which will drop to 8 watts in a year, and is likely to drop to just 2 watts in four years. Besides that, you do not have to look at the chart online every time you want to know the LED wattage. You can just divide the number of watts of incandescent light by ten, and it will give you approximate watts of the LED light.

How long will an LED bulb last?

The lifespan of LED bulbs ranges between 10,000-50,000 hours, which is a big range meaning these bulbs can last up to 10 years. However, the usage and certain factors come in between the life expectancy. The extensive use of the bulb can subtract the number of years from their life. Also, material defects, power fluctuations, and heat stress are the factors responsible for degrading the performance. The last factor is heat stress means LED bulbs run coolers, and if you provide proper ventilation, it can maximise their life span.

Which led bulb is best for the bathroom?

Task lighting, downlights, and night lights are three kinds necessary for bathroom vanity. All three kinds suffice your bathroom vanity in total. You can use task LED lights on both sides of the mirror so it doesn’t strain your eyes. It will only light up the mirror area that is useful at night also. Then, downlights mount to the edges of the room, not in the middle, to reduce the shadows. These lights brighten the whole room efficiently. And now, the night lights that can be the best if you infuse certain behaviour into them. For example, having dim lights with a presence detector is a perfect idea for a night light.

Where to buy an LED bulb?

Buying an LEDbulb wants you to contemplate wattage, lumen, placement, types, and many other factors. Knowing the brand to buy won’t let you grab the best deal, but knowing the best place can. For that matter, is an excellent platform to commence your purchase. Being a perfect comparison tool and providing smooth navigation, this platform makes your shopping journey a seamless one.

You can find out all variants of LED bulbs on our shopping platform, It can be your decorative requirement or for practical purposes, our platform houses multiple brands and online shops to fulfil your needs. You can also extend your shopping drive to other home & living products and grab all your needs under one roof –