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Maglite J3ASZ2 Solitaire Spectrum Series LED Flashlight, AAA, Black Body, White LED Light
This Spectrum Series LED Solitaire features a red beam. This is the best light source for protecting a person's night vision. Reduces eye strain in low-level light situations. Provides greater contrast to objects it illuminates so you can see finer details. Does not interfere ...
Maglite J3ASZ2 Solitaire Spectrum Series LED Flashlight, AAA, Black Body, White LED Light
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About LED Lamps

In technical terms, a light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device. It emits light when an electric current passes through it. Now, if you are looking to purchase one in the form of an LED lamp, you have to search for features that match your needs. The efficiency, design, output, budget, everything should complement each other. To make this happen, it is imperative for you to research and explore varieties available in the online marketplace.

LED is not a new lighting technology. It has been in the market for many years now, and we cannot ignore seeing the gradual shift from incandescent bulbs to the LED lighting. It’s all about changing the priorities and requirements of modern houses. As the interior design changes, the accessories attached must match the aesthetics. And indoor lighting is a key part of interior designing, no doubt in that. If you are also trying to match your wall accent while buying a table lamp for your bedroom, it will be logical to explore variants, features, and budget range to make an informed decision.

Lighting terminologies you should know

When you start to explore online, you will see many terms you may not comprehend. Thus, it is crucial that you read about them to understand the product and overall the purchase to make it suitable as per your needs. One of the terms is luminous flux measured in Lumens, which is the parameter for total light coming out of the LED. Then, illuminance is the light intensity at surface or place and is measured in Lux. There is another, Colour temperature measured in kelvin, which tells the light appearance. You can check the temperature chart to make the right choice. Once you are through with these terminologies, you are ready to explore the products online.

LED desk lamp

A desk lamp is both functional and decorative. If it is your first purchase, you may first have to look at your desk, maybe even declutter it, and see what size, shape, and design will fit the best. You may also want to match the wall accent of your room with the product. In the arena of aesthetics, you can go with subtle, vintage, decorative pieces, funky, or even over-the-top designs. It is all about your taste and mood. When you sit on your desk and work or study, you want to centralise all your energy to work. And the atmosphere around you help you do that. Thus, the best LED lamp for a desk is what fancy your eyes.

LED wall lamp

If we talk about home & living products, wall lamps accentuate the interior in two ways. The first is by the white light that creates a subtle and modern look. Another is by throwing different colour temperatures to create a more vibrant look. You can choose the exterior of the product as same as the wall colour or contrasting, as per your choice. The decision is tricky as it is going to change the whole decorum of your space. So, do not forget to read the specifications about luminous flux, colour temperature, and the control button. Some products give you the option to control the brightness, which is like personalising the light accordingly.

LED bedside lamp

Many of you want a bedside lamp with dim light, less intense, and enough for reading purpose. It could be reading a book or a text on your phone. You can even replace it with one of the best desks LED lamps with USB ports if your usage is more and you do most of your work on the bed. Further, features like 180degree rotation, spotlighting, and adjustable lighting can make the product worth it. You can decide if you want a warm light or cool light, which you can find out written in kelvin. The more kelvin numbers, the more cool and white light it is.

Tips on how to buy LED lamps online

LED lamps have been available in the market for years, and now finding a particular unit is in itself a daunting task. You need to dig into certain brands, features, and platforms that offer a flexible budget range. But once you are on it and contemplating amongst different products, the question then is about the parameters to weigh the product’s quality. Here are a few tips to consider while scrolling through the products and trying to buy the best LED lamp online in the UAE.

  • Efficiency – How do you define this feature? You can check out power usage and lifespan as both factors define efficiency in the best manner possible. Typical power usage should be between 2 to 10 watts of electricity. So, read the specifications list to learn more about the product.
  • Brightness – Lumens is the brightness parameter of LED lighting. It measures the amount of light the LED light puts out, unlike watts that measure the amount of energy in light. So, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light will be.
  • Control buttons – You will find many products with buttons to dim and shine the lamp as per your liking and surroundings. Also, the number of control button varies – some will have four while some just produce three types of shine. You can choose as per your needs.
  • Design – First of all, the LED is small in size, which gives plenty of room for creativity. Various manufacturers have built shapes and silhouettes out of an LED. You will most probably get the shape or the design you have in mind.
  • Cool or warm – An LED with a temperature of 2700K produces a golden white light, which is warm. Then, a temperature of 7000K produces cool white light. So, the reference of cool and warm LED is based on the colour temperature measured in Kelvin. You can google colour temperature and decide upon the right feature.

You may also need a handy list of brands while shopping for an LED lamp. A few of the brand names include Philips, Xiaomi, Syska, and Halonix. You can find more while scrolling products on our shopping platform, It is even possible to refine the search result with a budget, online shops, and other categories of indoor lighting. Check all of them to end up satisfied with the product.

Question & Answer

Are LED lamps dimmable?

The dimmable feature simply means controlling the brightness of your lamp. And, the answer is yes, LED lamps can be dimmable. But not all lamps will have this feature. If you think you need a dimmable feature, you have to search for it or read the specifications list while scrolling through the products. Also, the feature has variants. Some will allow you to dim the light to its minimum potential, while some products have fewer controls. It’s upon you to decide the one you need as per your liking, budget, and other priorities.

How long do LED lamps last?

The life expectancy of a LED lamp is in between 35,000 and 50,000 hours. Some of the factors that can affect these hours include heat, humidity, switching cycles, and power supply. For those who do not know, the switching cycle is the number of times you switch ON and OFF the lamp, and if it is less, lamps may last longer. Even when the lifetime is over, your lamp will not burn out. Instead, it will slowly dim the light due to the slow ageing of the parts like refractors. This is the indication to replace the product.

How much are LED lamps for nails?

You can buy an LED lamp for drying out your nails for AED80, AED 42, or even a higher range. The features affecting the cost include the number of LEDs, timer controls, and power in watt.  There could be more features in line that you have to read and make an informed decision. One such feature is the product that comes with a detachable unit, so maintenance becomes easy. If you need this feature, you have to spend a few extra quids. You can search for more products on our shopping search engine and see what fits best to your needs.

Which brand of LED lights is best?

A trustworthy and authentic isn’t hard to find on our shopping platform, Sylvania is one such name for it. Upon your visit to this brand, you will plenty of products suited for every single purpose. For example, the brand has a variety of lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting. Also, their special lighting products include stage lights, swimming pool lights, traffic lights, and purposes like insect attraction, pet care, light therapy, and many more. Likewise, you can stumble upon many other brands that are equally competent. A few include GE, Osram, Delite, and Sunco. Visit and find more!

Plenty of online shops, multiple brands, genuine reviews, features on our shopping platform make your shopping drive a seamless one. You can also extend your shopping from LED lamps to another indoor lighting as we have a dedicated section for it. So, hop on to it and see products worth your shopping cart –