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About Rugs

The right type of rug can give your room a great finish and pull together with the rest of the decorative element in a room. On the other hand, the wrong style can mean a disaster for the appearance of the room. So, when it comes to carpeting your house, striking a balance is the key. 

A rug can be both a functional and decorative item in a room. A rug can provide a comfortable space to arrange the seating in a living room; it can separate the area from the rest of the room, and, moreover, it can add a contrast to the flooring. But before you go shopping for rugs, knowing more about them will help you make better purchase decisions when you shop. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them before you shop. There are also some tips that you can follow that will help you choose the right type of rug based on your preferences and the aesthetics of the room. 

A beginner’s guide to buying rugs 

One major benefit of using rugs for interior decoration is the range of customisability that it can bring in. Depending on the material, texture, pattern, and colour, you can adjust the style of a rug down to its minute details. But that is not all about it. This article will give you a basic understanding about the various factors that you should consider while buying a rug. There are also some really useful tips in this article that you can use to choose the right type of rug, as well. 

Types of materials 

So much of the properties of a rug is determined by its material. Like, how well it stays on the floor, how much rise does it have, and how durable it is. If there are kids or pets in your house, then you need a rug that is more durable, and that is easy to clean. Washable rugs are a good option. Rugs with long fibres will have a more luxurious feeling to it. Another thing to consider when you are shopping for rugs is your habits. Thicker and softer rugs are great if you have a habit of dropping your phone on the floor while sitting on the couch. However, if there are old people in the house who use a cane to walk, then the rug shouldn’t be as thick. 

Ranges of styles 

One thing that defines the overall look of the room is definitely the style of the carpet. Being the most noticeable element also brings a lot of possibilities for the style. Fortunately, rugs are available in a wide variety of different styles. The key to choosing the right style is to find a rug that goes well with the shape of the room. Also, take into consideration the way you have arranged the sofa and coffee table in the living room. If it is for the bedroom, the rug should cover the floor of the room with even borders on all sides. It is better to keep all the decorative elements in your room to just one style.  

Patterns are the key 

Think about a rug as another part of your flooring. The pattern of the rug should blend in seamlessly with the rest of the elements in the room. It shouldn't look alien to the existing aesthetics of the room to avoid making it look like a wacky dress-up party. But that is not as hard as it sounds. You can follow some simple strategies to do that. Most of the time, rug patterns are associated with certain countries. If a style is predominant in a place, then that pattern gets called after that place. Therefore, we have oriental rugs, Moroccan motifs, elaborated Persian patterns, etc. Usually, you can just follow the names of the patterns to find out the right pattern for your room. 

Mixing and matching colours 

You meticulously pick a colour for your wall and floor. That same level of care should be present while you are choosing the colour of your rug as well. But there is one difference. Cleaning a rug is a lot harder than cleaning a tile floor. So, the colour of the rug should be such that it shouldn't look too dirty, even if it happened to get a little dirty. For that reason, if you are planning to get a pure white living room rug, think again. This is especially true if you have kids or pets. Earthy colour rugs can bring the ambience of natural landscapes into your home. Look for colours like mountain tones or coastal shades.

Tips on buying the right type of rug for your room

It might feel that selecting a rug that really fits the room to be a bit tiring. With so many things to look for and hundreds and thousands to choose from, choosing a rug can feel like searching for a needle among the haystack. But it gets easier if you know what to look for in them. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping for rugs. 
  • Choose the right size- If you are buying a made-to-order rug, then make sure that they fit your room perfectly. It is not possible to adjust the size of the rug after you buy it. Therefore, you have to measure the dimensions of the room beforehand and crosscheck it against the size of the rug when you shop. 
  • Pick the right design- Almost nobody designs a room around the design of a rug. Instead, people add a rug to suit the existing design of a room. Take design cues from your furniture, floor and curtains. In fact, the design of a rug has two elements to it: pattern and texture.  
  • Finding the best colour- In a sense, choosing the colour for a rug or wooden flooring is kind of the same. The fact that they work similarly is not any surprises. Therefore, when you are choosing the colour of the rug, the primary thing to consider is the colour of the flooring itself. Then comes the colour of the furniture and the walls.  
  • Borders and runners- The bits that add the finishing touch to a rug is its embroidery around the borders and also the runner that you use elsewhere in the room. The technique of colour coordination and style matching applies here as well.  
Rugs for living rooms and bedrooms are different. As the living room is one of the most used areas in a house, the carpet that you there should be tough against wear and tear. It should also be easy to clean. Sometimes you or your guests might accidentally spill some coffee over it. Therefore, choose a colour on which the stain of the coffee spill won't be as noticeable. For bedroom rugs, you can do the opposite of this. Also, don't forget to check out other amazing products from the Home & Living category. 

Question & Answer

Can you wash rugs in a washer? 

Not all rugs are washable in a machine. Check the label on the rug to see if it is machine washable or dry clean only. If you put a dry clean only rug in a machine, the colours might come off, and the fur will also come loose. If it is machine washable, then dust the rug thoroughly before throwing it in the machine. This will help you get as much dust and dirt out of the rug and makes the cleaning a lot easier. If there are any stains or spots on the rug, treat it separately before washing. Although a machine wash can clean the rug efficiently, it won't be good enough to remove the stains from a coffee spill, or anything similar.  

Are rugs recyclable? 

A typical carpet uses many different kinds of materials. The material that makes up the base of the carpets are usually synthetic fibres. There will be a top layer that provides the softness to the carpet. This can be yarn or any other soft material. So, while recycling a carpet, it is necessary to separate them before taking it through the process. That means there is some work involved if you want to recycle a carpet. While you might not need to do any of the work yourself, you will have to pay for the recycling. That too if there is a recycling facility that accepts carpets.  

What is the best rug for a kids’ room? 

Covering the floor of a kid’s room with a carpet is a great idea. Because kids tend to play most of the time while sitting on the floor, having a carpet gives them a comfortable and clean place to sit. However, such a carpet should be very durable and easy to clean. Keep in mind that kids will spill their food and drink on the carpet, and you will have to clean it very often. So, the strategy to follow is to stay away from expensive carpets that boast luxury material and go for synthetic materials that are soft and also durable. 

Where to buy living room rugs online?  

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