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Nurturing a beautiful home isn’t so easy! Sometimes, when you have children, pets, and a busy schedule, things can get out of hand. Besides, a drawing-room represents the host personality. So, whether your couch is brand-new or decades old, a washable slipcover or sofa cover will help you to keep it look at fresh all times. And above all, save your time from cleaning it regularly!

The sofa slipcover or sofa cover is a fantastic invention! It comes with a removable, protective fitted cover made of cloth or fabric. However, it’s designed in a way to protect the underlying upholstery of the sofa. Just as you remove and change your clothes, you can remove and replace the couch cover! Apart from that, it is easy to clean. You can simply unzip the couch cover set and toss it in the washer anytime. However, it is a great way to change up the look of your house in minutes. You can choose theme sets for your living room and swap them out when you decide you want something different. Like, from floral to a geometric pattern is as easy as changing out the covers. Thus, to buy sofa covers online in UAE, first, let’s grab some insight on the varied kinds of couch covers to make shopping easier and hassle-free. So, in the next section, we’ll be discussing the same. So, read on.

A brief description of sofa slipcover for your living room

Are you looking for a versatile loose cover for your sofa? Then, this product is just for you! And transform your old and worn out sofa into a stunning attraction of your room. It is a super stretchable sofa slipcover that ensures the three-seater sofa is wholly covered. However, it features non-skid elastic bottom and premium non-slip foam anchors that remain tight with no snag. And no wrinkling, shifting, or slipping even after sitting or taking a nap on it. Thus, it is the best pet sofa cover for a leather couch with a machine washable loose cover. So, learn more about the different kinds of sofa dressing to make the right pick.

Stretch sofa cover

If you are looking to buy a 3-seater sofa cover, then this product is for you! This stretchy, loose cover is ideal for covering pet damage or shabby-looking pieces of your couch. However, this flexible fabric easily slips onto the upholstery so that the sofa looks new. It is made from high quality multicolour stretchy and sturdy import spandex fabric. Besides, this cover features a non-slip elastic strap at the bottom. This prevents the couch slipcover from getting loose and sliding. And it is for machine wash with cold water only and contains 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

Waterproof couch cover

Are you tired of cleaning your pet’s hair or fur from your sofa? Then, you need this versatile couch cover for your couch. It’s highly recommended for both leather and fabric sofa furniture—besides, the silicon rubber prints provide leakage protection and keep cover in space firmly. However, with the use of high craftwork and technology, this beautiful quilted loose cover provides a real waterproof feature. Thus, it is the best waterproof sofa cover for dogs and keeps your furniture look like new. And it measures 21″ for a chair, 22″ for a recliner, 68″ for the sofa, and 78″ for an oversize couch.

Leather sofa cover

If you are looking for a sun-proof sofa seat cushion cover, then your search ends here! It is made with wear-resisting fabric for durable cushion life, which is soft to the touch. And it has an excellent elasticity which fits more than 90% of cushion covers. However, these loose covers come in various colours. Thus, you are free to choose the colours you like. And great for matching your home style decor using different combinations and effects. Therefore, before you buy an online waterproof sofa cover, make sure you measure your cushion. However, it comes in three separate sizes to accommodate your cushion.

Couch cover

Are you looking for the polyester-spandex cover for your new couch? Then, this stretchy fabric couch cover is for you! This loose cover has an impressive spectrum of 24 colours. And it ranges from understated to statement-making colours patterns. Besides, the material is easy to wash, and there’s no off-gassing. Thus, you can slip it on and enjoy using it immediately. And it protects your sofa from daily wear and stains. However, this cheap fabric for sofa cover contains 20% spandex 80% polyester, which is soft and comfortable. And it fits the total sitting area of 60-81 inches.

Tips on how to buy Sofa cover online

The sofa cover is ideal for families with young children or pets, which could potentially dirty the furniture. Besides, the loose cover is either made of separate pieces of flexible fabric which completely encase the base of the couch and cushions. Apart from that, the covers comprise thick pads of material that drape over the seat and stay intact in place with included straps. However, the latter option is better for temporary purposes like keeping your sofa stain-free during a kid’s birthday party. And the former design of the loose cover is for daily use. Thus, shopping for the best couch cover for your living room is tricky! You need in-depth knowledge of the sofa protector before you move to buy L shape sofa cover. Below we have listed factors to consider for a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Purposes – It is an essential factor to consider before you look for the sofa cover for sale. Usually, the loose cover generally falls into two categories- the one which protects the couches and loveseats from pets, children, dirt, spills; the other one which gives a new look to the old furniture. Thus, decide the purposes along with the material and budget.
  • Materials – The couch cover is usually made from cotton, wool, polyester, spandex, and linen. So, if you wish to give your furniture a sophisticated look, then you need to choose a durable couch cover made from heavy cotton. However, it’s best to go for a dark-colour slipcover or pattern to hide stains. Besides, you can try a stretchy slipcover, which fits like a second skin and look stylish.
  • Fit – The sofa protector fit best on round-arm furniture with rectangular seat cushions. However, you can easily find loose covers for hard to fit furniture like T-cushion sofas and wingback chairs. Besides, one-piece slipcovers offer a variety of sofa sizes and are easily removed for washing. But the sofa cover set with individual pieces for each cushion fits well and provide a seamless look.

So, whether you wish to invest in a piece of furniture and make it last longer or you are looking for a new way to upgrade your current pieces, the couch covers offer a perfect solution for all your issues. Browse It is the best UAE online shopping browser with more than 500 top-notch brands and shops allied with it. Thus, you delve into the mind-blogging collection of home & living products with the best offers in the market. Don’t miss it! Grab the offers now.

Question & Answer

Are sofa covers machine washable?

Yes! The couch covers are machine washable. But, first, you need to check on the fabric tag whether it tells machine wash or not. Then unzip the cover and remove it from the cushion. Now, wash it on gentle warm tap water with a mild detergent. However, you need to make sure that the cover is zip closed before you put it in the washing machine. Else, you might end up with a tangle up mess. Besides, the slipcovers can be line-dried, but many people prefer to put the cover back on the cushion while it is still damp. However, if you let the slipcover dry on the couch, then it will mould itself to the shape of the cushion for a snug fit. But be sure it is completely dry before you put the cushion back on the couch.

How to put sofa cover?

Now, you can freshen up your old couch with a brand new 3-seater sofa cover instead of buying a new one. So, for the one-piece couch cover, you need to remove all pillows from your sofa. Now, you need to spread the slipcover over the sofa from the front to the back. Then, drape the arms of the couch cover over the arms of the sofa and pull the cover over the back of it. However, with the use of the wooden spatula, you need to tuck any excess fabric from the sofa. You need to pull the excess fabric from the middle of the sitting area toward the arm. And tuck the excess fabric into the crease near the arm. Now repeat it for the other side. And place the pillows on the couch.

What is the best sofa cover for dogs?

A dog couch cover can at least protect your furniture from fur balls, scratches, mud and dirt, and of course, accidents. However, training your dog to keep off the couch is one way to keep your furniture looking new. But dogs can be sneaky and take a nap when they aren’t allowed, regardless of your requests. Thus, you can try Lixade’s couch cover. It’s crafted with a 2-seats pet sofa protector, which protects the sofa against pets tearing and biting. Thus, it keeps furniture clean from stains. However, it comes with a soft woven cloth and is padded with polypropylene cotton. And the back of the couch covers with an anti-water layer cloth. It is washable and lightweight. And it contains elastic tape for well fixing the back of the protector. However, you can try other popular brands products. And they are Essential, Home Centre, Decdeal, and much more.

Where to buy sofa cover online in Dubai?

There are countless options on different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs of the couch cover. However, it’s not easy to choose between leather sofa covers, waterproof couch covers, stretch sofa covers or sofa protectors for their different functionality. Thus, the whole selection process becomes messy, as well as tricky; however, all you need to do is look for good online search engines to check from the amazing collection. Thus, is one such excellent shopping platform. It collaborates with more than 500 top-notch stores.

So, what’s more, Commence with your shopping spree along with  It is the best shopping search engine with more than 500 renowned brands and stores allied with it. And you explore the mind-boggling collection of couch covers. Plus, you get unbelievable discounts & deals on every hour of shopping. Hurry, happy shopping!