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Wall paintings are a crucial step in the home interior decoration process. And once you begin conceptualising, the rest seems easy. From gallery art type paintings to vintage and homely, we’ve got all types of wall art ideas to spark your creativity. Read through to see, which wall décor ideas you’d love to recreate at your home.

Only a few tricks in mind can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste. Whether you’re an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, you can customise your walls as per your wishes so that you’ll be surrounded by the things you adore. However, to achieve this, you must know a few basics, like the types of paintings, where you must place them and most importantly how you’d choose the perfect one if you come across so many options at once. Fortunately for you, we’re highlighting all these things mentioned above in this guide. Read on if you want to give a new look to your interiors.

The top wall art painting to transform your interiors

By now, you must’ve figured out that the wall paintings help you define the personality of the homeowner and their space. It’s useful in putting together certain pieces together to create a character in a home. However, something that you do not know is that the choices of paintings are endless. You’ll find wall arts specifically for a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bedroom, dining, and so on. For example, the countertops or spaces above the kitchen are a perfect place to put up small pieces of art. Similarly, in the case of a bedroom, you can place soothing pictures right over the bed or on the opposite wall. Let’s explore a few such paintings that you can place at various places.

The canvas wall paintings

Canvas wall art has become popular over a few years. More and more people are taking the plunge and buying some incredible pieces for their homes. What makes the canvas art so great? Well, this wall art can be relatively inexpensive but yet give out the appearance of an authentic piece. Typically, the arts are prints on the canvas and thus give out a posh look. Besides, using the print cuts down the initial cost. However, you may find several other options that are quite expensive too. Either way, the canvas artwork leaves you with some great vibes when installed in the room. Above all, it only takes a few smart tips to find the perfect one for your room.

The paintings for the living room

Living rooms are one of the most fun and one of the most intimidating areas to decorate with art. Many among us feel stressed out when decorating the living room, as it’s the room most of your guests will first have a look at and spend time. Therefore, choosing the right wall art is imperative in provoking a conversation and setting the feel or vibe of the space. So, when it comes to hanging up wall art in your living room, you can opt for one large-scale piece or a large gallery wall. Quite often, you might have to think outside the frame. By the way, the art doesn’t have to be paintings alone. You could also for stag horns, a 2D image, or even DIYs.

The graffiti for the bedroom

The bedroom space must reflect your thoughts in all sense. Whether you want it to showcase a place for relaxation or simply an elegant artwork, you can choose such paintings. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot add a little twist to your space. You can add excitement and fun through bold or contrasting colours. But do not forget to style it up in a grand or subtle manner, whatever you prefer. If that’s what you are thinking, you will love the graffiti treated bedroom walls. For the rest of the décor, focus on the items that give the space a gritty, city feel. For bedrooms, you could always create a graffiti mural, faux brick walls, chain-linking fencing, or decorate with street signs. By the way, you can also buy bedroom paintings online in UAE for affordable rates.

The village painting for the lounge

What happens when the artwork takes centre stage in space? Well, that’s precisely what these village paintings for the lounge do. These paintings serve more than just a focal point but act as a unifying feature within an interior design. The techniques deployed in such kinds of arts are smart and diverse. Besides, many of the village setting arts perfectly complement the colour palette. Many others can unify the design theme and enhance the character of the structure itself. Above the bold colours and elements with sharp angles used in the picture stands out, giving an excellent effect for the spectators that are lounging around.

Tips on how to choose the best Wall Paintings online

Indeed, you now know the various kinds of wall art options out there on the market. However, choosing the right painting to complement your space can be one of the most challenging tasks in decorating your interiors. also, it may be puzzling to choose the right one among the available variety of choices. You might find all of them amusing or none at all. Consider these foolproof tips to achieve an easy buy!

  • Agree on the narrative of your space – Every space has a story. However, during the process of designing the perfect interiors for home or any other place, obsessing over deadlines, people often muddle up this narrative. Hence, the picture of the ultimate dream interiors becomes somewhat hazy. Now is the time to be patient. It’s essential that you clearly define what your house is and what it is not. You don’t want to hang up the ethnics Shree Nathji paintings in a modern interior set-up.
  • Narrow down the walls – Once you know the story of your space, next it’s time to identify the walls where you want to place your paintings. Based on the layout of your space, there might be specific places where you’d want to place these arts. The walls without much furniture are the best for this. For example, the headboard in the bedroom is the perfect place to hang your art if there aren’t any clear walls in the room.
  • Big or small, one or many? – A word of caution, before you pick a painting, it’s always imperative to measure the wall size. Medium to large-sized arts are usually safe bets and measure around 60-100 cm. You can use these pieces of art in isolation or group them together depending on the size of your walls. Similarly, small or mini wall arts measure around 25-59 cms. Therefore, it’s best to group them while placing them on the wall.
  • Measure up your wall – The paintings come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. They also have different orientations. If you have a narrow wall, then it’s ideal to use a wall décor with a portrait orientation. You can either place a single big art or team 5-6 small or mini wall art pieces. Remember, the oversized wall arts fit in large living spaces like the living and dining room. These pieces act as a focal point and make a statement.
  • Filter colour, mix and match – The colour shades of the paintings and how you match them with your wall colour is fundamental. That’s because any wrong move in this respect can entirely break the look of your interiors. So, if you have a bright and colourful room, choose subtle shades or introduce 1-2 dominant colours already present in the room. Alternatively, if the room has pastel shades, then pick a bold colour to compliment them.
  • Choose art with a heart – Knowing the artist is a crucial step in selecting the paintings. Understanding the artist’s intention helps you connect to his vision and technique. Above all, you must fall in love with the art piece to buy it. It must soothe you or bring enjoyment when you look at it. For example, a seaside painting soothes your mind and soul. Quite often, the pictures come with catchy phrases too.

Remember, paintings are a medium of expression that beautifully amalgamates colour, texture, and content. Therefore, hanging them indoors is undoubtedly going to bring in a zing to your home décor. By the way, you can also try mixing and matching wall arts, murals, ceramics, sculptures, fabrics to up your wall décor game. In short, do not fret about experimenting. After all, life’s too short for boring walls!

Question & Answer

Can you recycle the paintings?

Yes, to an extent. However, this highly depends on the kind of paint used on the canvas or the paper. For instance, you cannot recycle those contaminated papers with oil or latex paints. But there’s good news. You could always create DIYs with your wall arts to re-use them. For example, you could entirely paint over them to create new art. Similarly, you can give them a modern upgrade or as a last resort sell them. Last but not least, you could always donate them.

How many paintings should be there in a room?

Even though the number of arts in a room is a personal preference, but as a general rule, the art you place must consume two-thirds of the wall space above a piece of furniture for suitable spacing. Besides, the size of your wall is significant. If you have a long plain wall, you can place as many arts as you want. Then again, see if it suits your room’s aesthetics. Size, shape, structure, and other elements of the room can decline the attraction of the painting that you notice when you first saw it. Thus, the placement and compatibility of these paintings must be kept in mind.

How are the paintings priced?

Different artists price their arts differently. You can find both cheap paintings to buy as well as the ones that cost you a fortune. The price of the wall arts range from as low as AED 50 and can go up to AED 5000. All this depends on the effort the artist has put into creating the painting, the idea, technique, and style. The texture and size also play a deciding factor when it comes to the cost of the wall paintings.

Where to buy paintings online?

Whether you wish to buy landscape paintings for sale or check out the best vintage painting to buy, a reliable and credible platform is imperative. If you’re in search of such a place, then you can confidently end your search right here., the superfast product search engine brings to you a highly curated collection of paintings from brands like Canvasart, Wieco Art, Wall26, Prestige Paints, Colour Talk, and So Crazy Art. What’s more, you can get them from top online stores all available on the platform with their endless product’s list.

Whether it’s expensive or cheap, big or small, modern or traditional, make sure to buy only the ones, you like. But, also ensure that you carefully assess them before you make the final call. That’s because, the right wall art sets the tone of your space by keeping it inviting, communicating, and alluring for anyone who enters the room. We hope this guide has offered you that ‘something’ which you’ve been looking for to make a perfect buy! Do not miss out to explore various other collections of home & living product options here from over 500+ online stores.