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About Mirrors

Do you know that the first-ever mirror used by humans were more likely the pools of dark and still water? At other times it was intentionally collected water in primitive vessels.

Technically a mirror is an object that reflects light so that reflected light preserves many or most of the physical characteristics of the original light. Scientifically this phenomenon of reflection of light is called specular reflection. In simple words, it is a flat surface that reflects the light of any object or body standing in front of it and within a specific wavelength. These reflective objects (mirrors) are used as grooming gadgets and decorative items in many ways. With various material types, shapes, and sizes, there is a wide range available in the market. Today we will explore some of the common types and uses of such products.

Common types and uses of mirrors

Today they are much more than just a simple tool that humans used to see their reflection. Now this basic accessory has a bounty of applications. Sometimes they are a surprising one. At home, they can help enlarge the look of a room to enhance the lighting of any space. They can be used as decorative as accent prices, especially when enhanced with a custom frame. At the same time, commercial buildings play an important role in creating impressive displays and optical illusions. Here are some common types  sold in the market on this date.

Bathroom mirrors

From the one with heated demisters to illuminating mirrors, there is a wide range of bathroom mirrors you can choose from. However, in any case, the main purpose of this bathroom item is to help in the grooming process. Besides that, now people are also concerned about the size, look and feel of their bathroom glass. Therefore, they prefer to buy options that can mix and match the sanitary in the bathroom. The height, shape and width of the products are important in this regard. Luckily with the efforts of brands, you can easily find options matching your needs, budget, and any type of interior that already exists in your home or office bathrooms.

Makeup mirror with lights

These adjustable items are not much older in the grooming types that exist in the market. They come in varying sizes, shapes and types of glass (concave and convex). However, what remains common is that all these products have special sets of LED lights. These LEDs are meant to deliver high-quality light on a specific area for clearer reflection for activities like facial makeup. Because of the additional load of light, these metal frames are heavier than plastic. In smaller sizes, they can rest comfortably on top of any flat surface or table.  They are best for increased magnification to better details and less distorted images.

Full-length mirror

When it comes to home decor, full-length items existed for a long time and is still in trend. These are massive sizes (normal in rectangular) products used for both grooming and decorative purposes. Today they are also available in customized shapes, sizes and look with plastic, wooden or metal frames. Although a bit expensive, they are appreciated as a luxury decorative item in commercial and residential places. With various options, you can keep them standing in the corner of the room or hang them on the wall. One way or the other, they are a unique and easy way to add aesthetic value and functionality to your place.

Antique mirror

Antique framed items can cost a considerable amount on your budget. But still, many people love to own these expensive decorative items. Back in the 17th century, they were considered more of a status symbol. Most of the antique items have a wooden or metallic frame with fine craving and creative working. At times you can find the wooden carving coloured or with the craving of metal inside the wood. The price of these items varies according to the age, origin, condition and historical value of the frame and glass. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy from reliable sources. However, you can also find a replica of antique items that are considerably cheaper than the original piece.

Tips on how to buy Mirrors online in the UAE

They are not only the most functional item in any interior, but it’s also decorative too. You can use these frames to express your personality, taste or creative senses. With stunning and delicate designs, today, there is an extensive collection available in the market. With such a wide collection and varying prices, the buyers often get confused about what to pick and what should be left on the shelves. To ease the process of buying living room mirrors for sale, we are here to share some tips and tricks. With these buying tips, you can make a successful buying process to protect your budget and your needs in parallel. Here are your tips to follow.

  • Focus on quality – It should be durable. A quality item will have better glass quality, thickness and will have a layer of silvering. Also, the glass must not have any inconsistency in the makeup and does not’ distort reflection. Plus, the glass should have a flat surface.
  • The measurement – Decide where you want to place the item before you head to buy one. Make sure you have an accurate measurement of the place you want to place the product. It is better to measure twice to be sure and on safe size. When you go for buying, read product size specifications carefully.
  • Allocate budget – It has an extensive price range based on quality, size, brands and looks. There are expensive options, and then there are cheap items to buy online. Remember, you will get what you paid for. So, it’s better to save some money before you head to buy a mirror online.
  • Read products details – Generally, the product description section will offer you all the information you wish or must have about the product. It is important to read the section carefully as there can be anything that you would not like in your product. Rethink and research if needed.
  • Buy reliable brand – Brands do have a level of trust for several reasons. But some work even better than others. Therefore, it is better to get peer or customer reviews to know which is the most popular brand and why you should go with it.

When buying important items like mirrors and other accessories for home and living, getting some suggestions is always a good idea. Plus, the market search is an additional tip that can give you an advantage in high quality and economic items. You might need to explore a few pages and jump between products to find a handsome option. And is all about easing this exercise with easy search and buying processing supported by automated bots online.

Question & Answer

Can mirrors be repaired?

Yes, you can repair mirrors. But it depends on what is the level of damage in the mirror. For a larger single crack, you can opt for certain Do it Yourself techniques for repair. It generally involves a mirror repair kit that consists of resin adhesive and a stabilizer. For assistance, you can watch the video tutorial online. But if there are hundreds of smaller cracks in your mirror, it better is to replace it. Otherwise, you can consult the mirror experts to see if there are any possibilities in your luck.

Are mirrors recyclable?

No, they are not recyclable. Unfortunately, this is because of the type of glass used in them. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to put them in the trash bins or recycling bins as they might hurt someone. However, broken glass pieces can be used in several creative ways. Sometimes people use them in DIY decorative projects, while at other times, you can see them in use for making a collage – again for creative or décor purposes.

Are full-length mirrors expensive?

They generally cost more than the standard small size items used in bathrooms or other such areas. On overage, a full size, decorated items price starts from around AED 4000 and goes higher as you keep adding size and other decorative specifications in the product. The price may also vary from one brand to another. Due to these varying prices, it is better to do some market search with and find what the best possible and economical options available in the market are.

Where to buy mirrors online?

The world is filled with amazingly creative people who make a variety of mirrors for home and office decor and fulfil its basic purpose. But is a place where you can find more than 500 brands and manufacturers offering these creative items for the consumer around the globe. Some brands you can find at Are MCS, Hamilton Hills, Aliens, Head West, and the H2MTOOL.

Explore the retail search engine now to find an amazing range of stylish and durable mirrors for your home or office décor online. This is where you can find products available in all top stores. Never hesitate to look for all the possible options in terms of both price and style. You deserve nothing less than the best. We wish you luck in your hunt.