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There is no better way to add a touch of greenery to your home other than to bring in some indoor plants. They can not only brighten up your home, but the fresh air and the feel of nature can boost your mood as well.

There are multiple reasons why people prefer to use indoor plants for home decor . Primarily because they are relatively cheaper and easy to take care of. They also offer a great deal of flexibility in the way that you can customise them. Unlike most other interior decorations, it is easy to move around the plants and arrange them according to your liking. Also, isn’t it good to have plants that bloom inside your home so that you don’t have to go to your garden to enjoy its beauty? But, before you start shopping for indoor plants, read this article to know more about how to buy them and care for them.

A beginner’s guide to growing healthy indoor plants

Indoor plants are useful in many ways. Firstly, they can make your space more liveable and pleasing. Also, the plants can blend together with your interior decor and can make your room even more beautiful. But buying a good indoor plant is only half of the work. You should plant it in a good place and provide the right conditions that will make them grow and stay healthy. The latter part requires your constant attention and time and is a commitment that you should be willing to make. Here are a few things that will help you.

Finding the best spot

The number one mistake that people make is to squeeze the indoor plants in between things and make the room look more cramped than it really is. Rather than making the room look good, it will give the room a cluttered appearance. Another downside of this is that squeezing the plant in between things will not give it enough airflow to breathe. This, in turn, can affect the growth of the plant and will make it look weak and unhealthy. So, the most important rule to keep in mind when you are finding a spot to keep the plant is to give it a space that is not crowded. Make sure that all your furniture is at least six inches away from the plant.

Retaining the humidity

Plants require a certain humidity level to stay healthy. The exact amount a plant requires varies from species to species. Most plants would get enough humidity unless you are keeping it in a room with an air conditioner. Air conditioners tend to suck the humidity out of the room. Therefore, do not keep indoor plants close to them. Learn about the humidity requirements of the plants that you have. Some of them will require occasional mist sprays to help them retain the humidity, especially those tropical plants like Bird of Paradise, Bella Palm, etc.

Maintain the right temperature

Not surprisingly, maintaining the room at the right temperature is vital for the survival and growth of indoor plants. But maintaining the temperature is not the hardest part. In fact, most of the plants will do just fine at the temperatures that we find comfortable. But the problems come with the equipment that we use to achieve this. Radiators that help the indoors to stay during winters can cause the soil to dry up faster than usual. This means, if you are using radiators, you should water the plants more often than you would otherwise.

Providing enough light

All of us know that plants need light to make food. But not all the plants require the same amount of light to do this. For some plants, there is no harm if you keep them in dim spots. Devils Ivy, which is an indoor hanging plant, can thrive even under low light conditions. Peace lily, an indoor flowering plant, is another such plant that you can plant even in a dark room. But not all the plants are the same. Some other plants, like Succulents, need daily sunlight. In order for them to grow, you should keep them under direct sunlight near a window and keep the curtains open.

Tips on how to buy the right type of indoor plant

Some people buy indoor plants before thinking anything about where to keep them or how to take care of them. Later they figure out that it is better for them to give that plant away to somebody else rather than keeping it. You can avoid such mistakes if you plan everything before buying indoor plants. For that, you should know what criteria to consider while selecting the plant. Here are some tips that you can use while shopping for indoor plants.

  • Size – This is the primary thing to consider when you are buying indoor plants. Having a big indoor plant will sound fancy until you figure out that there is not enough space to keep them in your room. You shouldn’t just look at the size of the plant when you are buying it. Rather consider how tall and wide will such a plant generally grow.
  • Consider the space for the plant – You can further divide indoor plants into desktop plants and floor plants. Desktop plants are usually smaller than two and a half feet. With floor plants, you have a little bit more room to make it bigger. The ideal size for a floor plant is between two and a half feet and five feet. Such plants are great for decorating living rooms and sitting areas.
  • Light source – Make sure that you can provide enough light that is necessary for the healthy growth of the plant before you buy it. The location of your apartment or the direction of the windows in the room can greatly impact the amount of light that comes into the room. A north-facing window will not provide enough light for the growth of a cactus plant.
  • Toxicity of the plants – This might be surprising for some people, but some indoor plants are somewhat toxic in nature. Some are toxic to touch while others are toxic if ingested. Unless there are kids or pets in your home that might actually try to do either of the two, there is no harm in using them for household decoration.

Plants need constant attention and care to stay healthy and thriving. One time-intensive part of taking care of your indoor plants is watering them regularly. This is also the most common reason why houseplants suffer wilts away. These plants also need fertilisers similar to outdoor plants. And finally, you have to keep the pests away for the health of the plants and for your own sake. Apart from these, don’t forget to check out other products from Home & Living .

Question & Answer

Do indoor plants cause allergies?

This might come as a surprise for many people, but some indoor plants do cause allergies. Or to put it differently, you should stay away from certain indoor plants if you have allergies. Among them is Orchids, which is a popular household plant. Orchids but only causes allergic reactions if you happen to touch it. But in extreme cases, it can lead to life-threatening situations. But those are extremely rare. African violets are also a culprit. This plant is not good for people with asthma as its leaves can act as a magnet for dust.

Can indoor plants grow without sunlight?

Not all indoor plants grow without sunlight. But some of them do. That doesn’t mean you can plant them in a pitch-dark room, either. Rather, they will grow with a minimal amount of sunlight. Such plants are really helpful if you don’t have many options to keep the plant. Plants like Dracaena can grow if you plant them in a room with a window. You can keep them as far away from the window as you want. Given enough water and nutrients, they will thrive from there. Some plants can even utilise the light from artificial sources as well. Bromeliads are an example of such plants.

What indoor plants are poisonous to pets?

Indoor plants are great to decorate your home and to purify the air in the room. But if you are a pet owner, you should make sure that the plant is not toxic to your pet before planting it in your home. Some plants that are perfectly fine for humans can be dangerous for animals. Aloe vera might be a great plant to treat sunburns. Well, it turns out, they are not so great for your pets. Nothing really serious but they can cause vomiting and diarrhoea if your pet happens to ingest it. Devil’s Ivy can cause more severe symptoms like foaming and swelling of the mouth, making it harder for them to breath.

Where to buy indoor plants online?

If you are looking to buy indoor plants online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from cheap indoor decoration plants to best indoor hanging plants on Look for the plants that you want using the shopping search engine. By comparing the prices and features of different plants, you will be able to figure out the best among them.

There are more than 500 shops and brands offering indoor plants here on These include some of the popular brands like Costa Farms, Hirt’s Gardens, 9GreenBox, JM BAMBOO, The Air Plant Shop, and Brussel’s Bonsai.

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