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About Flower pots

Flowers are not just a lovely addition to your garden space or backyard but also excellent at brightening up your indoors. Well, now, it has become effortless to house them with a wide variety of flower pots that range from clay, wooden, and plastic to even metallic styles. 

Whether you are a gardener, florist, or just a home décor enthusiast, you must know the significance of having flowers at home. They brighten up your indoors, garden spaces and even back yards with their vibrant colours and exciting textures. However, you need a high-quality flowerpot to grow and nurture them well. They support the plant’s growth and make a beautiful addition to your décor. There is a lot more than old school terra cotta when it comes to flower pots. On this page, we will take you to everything you need to know about various flowerpots before purchasing one. 

Exploring flowerpots and their popular varieties 

Flowerpots come in a wide assortment based on their shape, size, design and most importantly, construction material. We have seen Terracotta or Clay pots in most places. However, their plastic, metallic, and ceramic counterparts also perform well, offering incredible benefits. For example, when we think of planting in garden spaces, we consider terracotta, whereas ceramic comes into our mind when discussing indoor décor. On the other hand, clay is known to have significant porosity, and plastic pots are lightweight, making them apt for hanging plantations. Read on to know more. 

Ceramic flower pots

Ceramic pots are available in a range of attractive colours and patterns in the market. They are one of the most versatile flower pots that you can use in the kitchen, living room, garden or anywhere else. They are good at complementing both indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The porosity of ceramic pots allows air to move inside the soil, making the plants and flowers healthier. Moreover, they remain undamaged and can even handle high temperatures like 1600°C. Hence, if you want something durable, this can be a great pick. Whether home or office, ceramic flower pots are famous for all spaces. However, they are denser and heavier than other pots, especially after filling soil. 

 Wooden plant pot

Wooden work has been considered the most elegant interior since antiquity. Even in the earliest years of human civilization, man started carving things out of wood for daily use. As the era evolved, we have been getting luxuries of other substances, but even today, wooden carvings make the best homes and decors. Similarly, wooden pots draw immediate attention when complemented with vibrant flowers. As wood is not a conductor of electricity, wooden pot lamps also make a great household item. Planting in the best wooden pots can make your garden look more lively, beautiful, and rooted and make your little spaces appealing. Nowadays, wooden pots are coated with transparent gelatin and thus make great showpieces too, and the value increases according to the type of wood used.

Clay flower pots

As flower pots come in various materials, each has a different set of properties. Similarly, clay flowerpot is one of the types with its own special characteristics. Porosity is one of the properties of clay that makes clay pots very useful for most plants. It permits air and moisture to penetrate the surface of the pot. This air exchange aids in nurturing plants and flowers. Hence, they live a better and longer life. If you are going to place them on the balcony, it protects the roots of the plants from damage caused by continuous changes in the temperature. However, they are easily breakable, heavy and expensive. Hence, you might have to consider your budget for picking one. 

Plastic flower pots

If you want something to complement indoor and outdoor spaces, plastic flower pots are the best option. They come in numerous colours and shapes. As the plastic is non-porous, it maintains the moisture in the pot for a long time. Therefore, these pots are handy for people who generally forget to water the plants frequently. Plastic pots are light in weight and easy to lift. You can even hand them on the balcony with trailing plants or clustered flowers. Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight. Plastic attracts and stores the heat resulting in quick damage to plants. In addition, they might fade when exposed to sunlight. 

Tips on how to buy Flowerpots in Dubai

Flowerpots come in a wide assortment of shades, sizes, shapes and materials. It can be an overwhelming experience to choose one out of so many options. However, on, we believe in educating our customers before moving them towards shopping. So, here are some tips that would help buy plant pots online in the UAE.

  • Material – The first thing to look for in a flowerpot is its material. Manufacturers can use various materials to make flowerpots like plastic, clay, ceramic and even metal. Each material has a different set of properties. For example, if you are going to hang the flower pot on the balcony, then you can prefer plastic material because of its lightweight, unbreakable surface and easy to handle properties. But, you must not prefer the plastic pot if you are thinking to grow heavy plants. You can go with clay pots for that. Wooden, ceramic and terracotta are other common materials you can choose from.
  • Drainage – Drainage is another essential factor to consider while purchasing a flowerpot. It is essential for the proper growth of plants. A right drainage system takes care of the roots of the plants by removing the excess water from the pots easily and quickly. Hence, the pot should have a hole to remove excess water and keep roots safe from rotting, fungus and harmful bacteria.
  • Self-watering – Self-Watering flowerpot is the best option for people who cannot regularly give water to the plant. This type of pot provides moisture to the plants consistently. They are quite different from regular pots due to some interesting features like a water reservoir, wicking mechanism, and water level indicator. Due to their unusual properties, they prove to be very useful for office settings.
  • Colour – Flower pots come in a wide range of colours. You can decorate your entire indoor as well as outdoor with different coloured flower pots. Neutral colours such as slate grey, white, black, and shades of brown are timeless for the outdoors. On the other hand, while selecting the pot colours for your living space, you should consider the colours of your room’s walls and other furnishings.

Now that you are aware of most pot styles, you must be eager to purchase one right away. The good news is that you do not have to go anywhere else. Here on, you can find an extensive collection of flowerpots for sale offered by famous brands like Mkono, MyGift, Bloem, Gifts & Décor, Classic Home and Garden Greenaholics. You can browse through the collection effortlessly and narrow down your options by applying filters. You can even find cheap flowerpots if you have budget constraints. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a fantastic shopping experience ahead.

Question & Answer

Are flowerpots supposed to have holes?

A flowerpot should have a hole at the bottom for proper drainage. It allows excess water to seep out of the pot and keep the roots safe from rotting, fungus and harmful bacteria. Hence, it is a vital feature to look for while selecting a flowerpot. Another good thing about potholes is that they allow good airflow, which is good for plant growth. The plant can develop root rot if the excess water does not flow out. So, whenever you are out purchasing pots, you must look for this.

How to make flowerpots at home?

It depends upon the material you use for the pot’s construction. The most common DIY pots are of cement or clay. To make a cement pot, you have to create a mixture of cement and sand in equal proportion. Use some water to create a thick solution. Now, take a container or bucket and oil it from the inside. Put the mixture inside it and put another heavy container of the same shape as the previous container but with a lesser circumference. Press it and leave for some hours. When the content dries, you can take out the smaller container from above. After that, remove the dried pot from the bucket/container. Paint it as per your requirements, and it’s ready. You can also create pots from clay, waste containers, bottles, and many other materials. However, the same procedure does not apply to each.

Where to buy flower pots online?

You can get a wide variety of flowerpots right here on You will find an extensive range of flowerpots ranging from wooden to plastic, clay and metallic ones on our product search engine. Moreover, there are hundreds of brands listed here. So, you will have a lot to choose from. You can also compare features and costs here to find cheaper options. Also, there are many sellers here so you can have enough options in your hand. So, wait no more! Go for the best.

Which is the best flowerpot?

Mkono, MyGift, Bloem, Gifts & Décor, Classic Home and Garden, and Greenaholics are brands that sell high-quality pots. You can find them in plenty of shapes, sizes, materials and shades. You can find some of the best brands right here on our retail search engine. Since there are plenty of options to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. So, the above guide will help you choose the best. Shop for it from the popular brands present here.

Flowerpots are best at complementing both your indoor well as outdoor spaces. So, you have collected a lot of information about them; you must be looking for the best one. So, make no delay and move to our product listings to find a fantastic collection of pots offered by over 500 online stores. Go ahead and grab the best pots and other home & living products while stock lasts.