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About Candleholders

Why would anyone use candles in this day and age when they can just use bulbs at a fraction of the price. Well, the purpose of candles is not to light up a room. But when paired with the right type of candle holder, they can add to the visual appeal of the room. 

What you choose to hold the candles is sometimes even more important than the candles themselves. That’s because candles can burn out and disappear, but the candleholder will be present all the time. Even when you are not lighting any candles. Sometimes candle holders can get really creative with elaborate designs and multiple arms. In fact, you choose your candleholders to be a work of art. The only thing that puts limits on what you can do with it is your budget and requirement. But before you go shopping for candleholders, read this article to get to know them better. 

Different types of candleholders 

Candles are not part of everyday life for most people around the world. However, people do use candles during celebrations and also for interior decoration. In that case, having nice looking candle holders will definitely add to the aesthetic. To decide the type of holder that you want, you first need to know about the different styles of them. The style of the candle holder can affect the mood of the room. Some holders can cast shadows of interesting shapes and optical illusions. Here are some of the most common types of candle holders.

Tea light holders 

Small candles are good for mood lighting. You can complete the look of them using a tea light candle holder. In homes in cold regions, these types of holders are a common sight. A major attraction of such holders is that they offer a neat and clean look without costing a lot of money. Tea light holders are also smaller as compared to other types of holders. That means you will still have plenty of room left on your bedside table even if you have half a dozen tea light holders and candles on it. All of these factors make it a perfect choice for a romantic dinner in the home. 

Elaborate candelabras 

Candelabras can bring a Victorian vibe to the table. They symbolised wealthy households for thousands of years. But to this day, people use it as a part of rituals and home decoration. Unlike other types of candle holders, candelabras are large with intricate detailing. Because of all these, they are not suitable for everyday decoration of the houses, unless you want to make a point out of it. However, for ceremonies, they are absolutely great. Even one such candelabra can set the tone of the decoration because they are conspicuous and can work as an object of attraction in the room. 

Hurricane lamps 

As the name suggests, hurricane lamps have something to do with the wind. It has a glass fixture that surrounds the candle and protects the flame from being blown out by the wind. While it sounds like a simple, functional thing to have, hurricane lamps can be the prettiest candle holders among all of them. The glass covering adds a few functional benefits to the holder as well. As the glass will resist the wind, they are good for outdoor use. So, if you plan a candlelight dinner in your backyard, here is something you should put on your list of items to buy. Another benefit is that the glass covering reduces the risk of accidents while reading a book or anything like that.  

Taper candleholders 

Not all of you want to give your room the medieval aesthetics to your room. In that case, check out the taper holders. They are the blend of antiquity with modern times. Such a slim candleholder might look very unstable at first glance. But the base is wider than the head, and the holder does not fall over as easily as you think. Tape holders are a product of modern minimalism. You won’t find any intricate detailing or decorations on the holder itself. The sides of these holders are smooth and shiny and can blend in easily with the rest of your room easily. Glass and steel are the most common materials for taper holders.

Tips on how to buy the right type of candleholders

Although a candle holder is a simple decorative item, there still exist a wide range of choices within them. Well, that is great news. At the same time, it also means that it is easy to make mistakes when you are shopping for them. But you can make the task of choosing the right one easier by looking for certain criteria when you shop. Here are a few tips that you can use when you shop for candleholders.

  • Consider the purpose of the holder – Yes, the candle holder is for decorating your home. But where do you want to put it? Do you want to lighten up a dark corner in the room with it? How noticeable do you want it to be? Think about the answers to all these questions when you are shopping for candle holders.
  • Choose the type – The type of holder can tell you whether it is suitable for your room or not. Dinner candles are very different from large candelabras. A candelabra is an overkill for a dinner table, to put it lightly. And at worst, it can look very out of place.
  • Styling the holders – Much of the styling comes when you group the candleholders together. A group of three candleholders can do a lot more than a solitary candle. Pay attention to the heights of the holders and candles when you group them. Try to align them in a meaningful way.
  • Candle accessories p;– There is no shortage of accessories for candle holders. Different models of accessories are available for holders that have both functional and aesthetical benefits. If the base of your holder is not wide enough, then get an accessory that can catch the overflowing wax.

Caring for the candles and holders is as important as buying a good set. Or maybe it is even more important to take care of them. Because you are playing with fire when you are using candles, take all the necessary steps to prevent accidents. Don’t let the candle burn for a long time if you are not using it. Not only this helps you save money, but it is also vital to avoid accidents as well.

Question & Answer

Can you recycle candles?

This might come as a shock, but there are no efficient ways to recycle candles. For one thing, not many people use candles these days. So, it doesn’t make economic sense to set up candle recycling facilities. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your half-finished candle stubs. In fact, it is easy to reuse those steps using some simple setups. All you need is a candle mould. If you already have that, then remove the burnt wicks of the candles and melt and pour them into the moulds. Remember to keep the new wick centred when you pour into the mould. If you want, you can add some scent or colour to the new candle.

How to clean candleholders of wax?

It doesn’t matter how expensive your candle holder is; they are bound to get messy after you light a candle over it. Although there might be little to know about dark burnt residue, it is still a lot of hard work to get the wax off of it. One way to clean the holder is to heat the holder by placing it in hot water. Simmer the water on a stovetop and place the holder inside it. Allow the wax to melt completely. But this method will take some time. Another way is to keep the holder inside a freezer. Keep it like that for a few hours. If the wax is shrunk enough, you will be able to just pop them out without leaving any residue.

How to stick a candle to a candleholder?

To make the candlestick and holders attractive, all the candles should stay upright on the candle holder. If one of them skews to the side a bit, it will ruin the symmetry of the whole thing. So, how do you make sure that all of them stay upright? Well, there are a couple of tricks. One method is to use double-sided adhesive tape at the bottom of the candle. This will work if the candle is small. If the candle is too large for adhesive tapes, then you can try the old school method. Drip a pool of wax on the holder from the candle itself and then press the bottom of the candle on this before it solidifies.

Where to buy candle holders online?

If you are looking to buy candle holders online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from cheap glass candleholders to the best wall candle holders online on All you have to do is to look for them using the shopping search engine. This will also help you to compare the prices and features of different candle holders and find out the best one among them.

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