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Artificial Plants

About Artificial Plants

A few decades ago, when the artificial flora still looked pretty fake, placing artificial pants in a room was considered one of the cardinal sins of interior decoration. But a lot has changed since then. These days, even high-end hotels seem to use them everywhere.

Keeping plants takes a lot of energy and dedication. But some people feel that it requires more than just that. It also takes some level of skill and love for gardening to take care of the plants and keep them looking healthy and thriving. But what if you want to decorate your home or office with plants, but you are not ready for the hassle of taking care of them? Is there a way around it? Well, go for artificial plants. They are a hundred times easier to maintain and, in some sense, are cheaper than real plants. This article will tell you everything you need to know before you start shopping for them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better purchase decisions.

A beginner’s guide to artificial plants

The main reason for keeping a plant in the house is to make the space livelier and more energetic, especially when it gets too cold or hot to go outside. However, not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy all the sunlight these plants need. Yet still, you can enjoy the company of the plants around you. All you need is a realistic-looking artificial planter in your home or office area. Artificial trees provide an easy way to perfect the look of the interior without having to water or prune them. But you have to make wise choices when you are decorating using fake plants.

Advantages of artificial indoor plants

The main benefit of using artificial plants instead of real ones for interior decoration is that they don’t require much maintenance. You don’t have to remember to water them every day or to cull the weeds that grow around them. They do not cause any pest infestation either. Growing real plants inside a room can be challenging as well. Because it is not always easy to place the plants near a window, providing enough sunlight to aid their growth can be impossible too. Also, when you consider the cost of buying decorative plants and the cost of caring for them, artificial plants are actually much cheaper.

Plastic plants

Most of the real house plants already have that plasticky look to them. So, it won’t be easy to tell apart a real house plant from a fake plastic plant. And because the surface of plastic plants does not have pores or mesh on it, there is less space for the accumulation of dust. Plastic flowers and leaves do not fray like that of a fabric plant. This means that they have longer lives and will look more real than their cheap fabric counterparts. But one downside of plastic plants is that they are not biodegradable. Therefore, plastic plants are not the best choice if you are conscious of how they affect the environment. But you can eliminate this problem by sending them to a recycling facility when they get old.

Fabric plants

If your grandma had an artificial plant in her house, the chances are that it was a fabric plant. Because fabrics were the most widely available material in the old days, and also cheap, plastic artificial plants were not a thing back then. These days, though, fabric plants are mostly phased out. There are other good reasons as well for that. One of them is that, unlike plastic plants, fabrics fray at the edges. And a frayed leaf is a dead giveaway that it is a fake plant. Because the purpose of artificial plants is to convince people that it is real, people generally don’t use fabric plants anymore. But still, there are high-quality fabric plants that have a convincingly real look.

Artificial outdoor plants

All that being said, artificial plants are not just for the indoors. You can find plenty of plants that work outdoors too. In fact, if done right, an outdoor artificial plant can completely change the appearance of your porch or driveway. While it is great to have a tall cedar tree or a maple tree in your driveway, they require a high level of maintenance. Another challenge is keeping them pruned to a specific height. If you are not ready for that but still want to have a plant, it is definitely better to go for the artificial ones.

Tips on how to buy a good artificial plant for your house

Choosing a good artificial soup up the interior of your home or office can sometimes be a daunting task. If you fail to choose the right type of plant, you can, in fact, make the appearance even worse. But selecting the right one is easy if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you shop for them.

  • Choose realistic looking plants – The primary reason for having artificial plants is to mimic the look of real plants. Therefore, if it doesn’t look convincing enough, there is no good in keeping them in the first place. If you are buying plastic plants, choose those plants that are naturally plastic-y.
  • Mimicking preserved plants – Another way to ensure that your artificial plant looks real is to go for the look of preserved plants. Because preserved plants are not really alive, it is easier to choose an artificial plant that resembles their look.
  • Don’t fall for cheap gimmicks – Some artificial plants have fake droplets that are supposed to make them more realistic. But fake droplets are not at all convincing for indoor plants. Over time, as the plants get old, these fake droplets start to look bad. The same goes for plants with a finish that is too glossy.
  • Organic details are the best – Instead of going for tacky tricks like fake water droplets, there are some legit tricks that can make artificial plants look convincingly realistic. Things like traces of dirt towards the bottom part of the stem are subtle details that really work.

After purchasing an artificial plant, you can do a bit of customisation to it to make them more appealing. The easiest thing to do is to put them in a good vase. Because a good vase can do so much to the appearance of the plants, put some thought into selecting a suitable vase for your artificial plant.

Question & Answer

Can you recycle artificial plants?

Yes, you can recycle artificial plants. Most recycling centres have a drop off option. This prevents the plant from ending up with the rest of the garbage in a landfill, which is pretty harmful to the environment. But there are a few other options as well to avoid causing damage to the environment. You can donate the tree to a nonprofit organisation who will find a potential use for your old plant. With some effort, they will be able to restore the look of the plant and use it in their houses. Finally, you can repurpose your plant when they get old. Cut the branches off the old tree and try to create garlands and other decorative items.

Are artificial plants good for aquariums?

There are a few pros to using artificial plants in an aquarium. For one thing, they come ready to use free of bugs. You don’t have to do any cleaning before placing an artificial plant in an aquarium. Secondly, artificial aquarium plants are less expensive compared to real ones. They also have brighter colours and can really add contrast to the aquarium walls. Another benefit is that fish do not eat them, and they do not decay in the water either. This means that you can use an artificial aquarium plant for a really long time before replacing it with a new one.

Are artificial plants still in style?

Artificial plants will always be in style as long as plants are in style. The only determining factor is whether they look tacky or not. If you are worried about trying to decorate your house with artificial plants and making it actually look worse, there are things you can do to avoid that. Firstly, you should not go for cheap bedroom artificial plants that look very artificial. The price of the plant can determine the quality of the plant. Also, see if you can tell apart the artificial plant from the real one. If you can do so without close examination, it is a safe bet to buy that plant.

Where to buy artificial plants online?

If you are looking to purchase artificial plants online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from good quality artificial indoor plants to outdoor ones on Use the shopping search engine to look for the products you need. That way, you can compare the prices and features of different plants against each other and choose the best one among them.

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