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Clothes valets are also known as suit stands, cloth valets, Dress boys or men’s valets. It is a furniture item that comes in handy to hang clothes, specifically men’s suits.

Typically, a valet includes trouser hangers, shoe bars, jacket hangers, and a tray for organizing miscellaneous daily use items like keys, wallets etc. Some styles also feature jewellery boxes. An electric clothe valet also helps to keep the clothes warm before dressing. Such Valet includes a timer to prevent overheating.  In the US, the term is familiar to as non-freestanding cabinets. At times they have trays that hold smaller size personal belonging. Let’s say cuff links, watches, cell phones or keys. And with that in mind, you can also call them men’s jewellery boxes.

Everything you need to know about men’s valet stand

A clothing valet stand is a furniture item that is commonly in use by men. They use it to hang clothes after ironing. It helps to keep the clothes clean and wrinkle-free for subsequent use. A stand suit hanger stand allows the user to hang basic clothing items like shirts, trousers, coats, and ties. With these stands, you will not need to worry about folding to store the coats and jackets. With the advancement in style, modern Valet stands also provide space for keeping accessories like wallet, mobile phone, or items you may need to dress up.

Purpose of a modern valet stand

A valet stand is just like a mini wardrobe in the corner of your room. It takes lesser space and allows easy storage of basic clothing items. A modern style comes with mechanical setups that keep the clothing warm while hung. This feature is useful in colder regions as the clothes remain at a comfortable temperature to wear. A timer helps to control heating and temperature, ensuring the clothes are safe. These valets are also ideal for a walk in the wardrobe to keep the clothes without creating a mess. Also, because it can adequately hold clothes, they are a must-have for your branded collection.

Benefits of a valet stand

Valets can surely make your life easier. Many styles also feature a steam press that eliminates the need to sit physically and iron clothes. A steam iron takes about 15 minutes to get the job done with perfection. The machine will also turn off automatically hence ensuring no damage to your expensive suit. Also, it gives you a single space to empty all your pockets as you reach home. So, when you are about to leave home, you can find all the small yet important stuff in one place, saving you a lot of time from searching.

Is it worth buying valet stands?

Although as many benefits of Valet stand (dress boys) for a busy person of this era, many still wonder if to hold one or not. But most fashion and interior experts agree that this small furniture item single handily manages to deal with the pretentious tasks. Some to name are ironing clothes, keeping them wrinkle-free, storing them in the right position and ensuring all your important stuff is handy when you are getting ready for the next trip out in the city. With that many services daily, investing a small amount and dedicating some space to these dress boy stands is worth it.

Tips on how to buy Valet Stands for bedroom online in the UAE

The best place to buy a valet stand or dress boys is to explore a retail search engine online. These furniture items are rare and thus a bit harder to find. Also, when it comes to home accessories and daily use furniture items, you would surely like to have something easy to stay up to. Also, as clothing and accessories are delicate items so you will need an item that can take care of the delicate fibres well. And even if you buy a cheap valet stand (dress boys), there should be enough comfort to hang all the clothes you need. Here are some common features you will need to consider while selecting dress boys.

  • Size of the Valet – No one wants an occasionally used item to take much space. So, it would help if you explored any online store to find possible compact designs in valet stands and won’t’ keep bumping into them.
  • The style of Valet – The traditional wood and modern metal, you have two main options to choose from. Explore brands to find different items that can complement the exciting furniture and décor of the room where you will place the stand.
  • Check the hanging options – The hanging area with struts of shirts and another garment is a great and useful feature to own. For example, a shoe rack. Not all stands have these compartments. So, check different items if you have any such special needs.
  • The storage – These dress boys offer a wide range of storage options. Some can store your footwear while others can come in handy with special trays for cufflinks, spare change, mobile, or watch.
  • The assembly – Do you want a pre-assembled option, or you are good with self-assembly of the parts of the valet stand. Although both can deliver the same performance, the stand that comes in parts is easy to store and transport when and if needed.
  • The weight of the stand – Just like size and assembling options, the weight of the dress boys also matters. The wooden and metal stands will be a bit heavier as compared to plastic (not a reliable option). On average they weigh about five to eight kilos.

So, if you are planning to travel with the stand any sooner, or take dress boys as a gift for someone special, weight becomes an important point to consider. Also, for better decisions, you can check the customer review section. Here you can find responses from previous buyers. They share the experience of a specific product and help us have an idea about the material quality, style, and other functional aspects of the products we wish to buy.

Question & Answer

How does a valet stand work?

A clothe valet stand is a special type of hanging arrangement on dress boys that helps in keeping men’s suiting arranged. It can not only keep suiting and accessories handy but will also protect them from any crease or wrinkles. These stands have dedicated arrangements for pants/trousers, shirts, and coats. Sometimes they also offer special spaces for keeping footwear and other accessories. You can also find trays and cabinets for keeping ties, scarves, watches, cuff links and other such items.

How to use a men’s Valet stand?

Different types of valet stands (or dress boys) serve differently. So, the usage of each item depends on the style you own. In a traditional design, you have a dedicated area to hang the coat and shirt as you do on a hanger. Likewise, there is a particular slot for keeping the trouser and tie etc. Mostly they are used to ensure that the suit is wrinkle-free. Some modern designs need hangers to hang clothes in and put on the stand. So, you should check the hanging style before you decide to purchase any valet stand.

How big is a valet stand (or dress boys)?

Valet stands (dress boys) are available in a wide range of weights, heights, widths, and styles. There is also a wide range of material options in valet stands. However, wooden and metallic items are the most commonly used across the globe. Generally, these items weigh something from five Kgs to eight Kgs. These items measure as 34 ½” in height and about 18″ wide with a depth of about 17″. If you are looking for a lighter option, try picking some modern designs in steel and other types of metal.

Where to buy a wooden valet stand (dress boys)?

When it comes to buying furniture items for your home or office, go online. You should explore any retail search engine . This is where all the top global brands come to display their items. For instance, at you can find the best selling and cheaper dress boys and related items from all the brands. Some to name are Proman, Ore International, Picontó, and Home Box. Additionally, here you can use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products from top brands without worrying about the surging market prices.

Indeed, is a comprehensive platform that gives you the opportunity to search and buy by brand, price, features and more. Explore now to make the best addition to your home and living with quality dress boys.

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