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About Cutlery Cassettes

Cutlery is the most common term used for any hand implement used cooking, serving, and especially eating food. But today they hold much more important than what it was back in the day. Therefore, we can find a wide range of cutlery boxes (or cutlery cassettes) in the market today.  

As known to historians, the very first cutlery production venture dates back to the 17th century. Since then, professional cutlers are bringing affordable cutlery to the masses. Today cutlery is also known as flatware or silverware. At a time when the term cutlery is specific to cutting instruments, the term silverware is used irrespective of the material composition of utensils. And the term tableware has come in use to avoid the implication that they are made of silver. The significant items of cutlery include spoons, forks, and knives. However, even these basic cutlery boxes have a lot of variety that we are going to discuss today.

List of essential items in a flatware chest 

Also known as cutlery boxes, these chests contain a comprehensive range of spoons, forks and knives used for eating different types of food.  The cutlery cassettes or silverware chest can be smaller one ideal for a two to four-person household or big enough to serve dozens of guests at a party or in the restaurant. A smaller set can contain up to 4 items whereas more massive sets do come with 124 pieces or more. These sets hold great aesthetic values and easier to manage your cutlery. Aesthetically they allow you to harmonise every single item on your table while serving the guests or synchronizing with the interiors of your celebration.

Knives in a silver flatware storage chest 

You will use them for fine dining and formal occasions. But the quality of a formal dining knife is much higher. Any table knife is generally a third larger and almost a third heavier than an average dinner knife. And this is what makes them a bit expensive to buy. Some basic types of knives that come in flatware boxes include butter knife (rounded and smooth for butter and jams); steal knife (long serrated used for cutting steak); table knife (main knife for main meal course and); a fish knife (used with a fish fork for delicately cutting fish and seafood); cheese knife (come with long prongs and used for cutting all types of cheese) and dessert knife (with smaller blade). 

Forks in silverware case  

There are many heavyweight and bigger forks in a silverware case as compared to the average fork. The forks work in pairs with the dinner knives. One can use a fork for fine dining and on a formal event. Hence it is a bit higher in price. Generally, a tableware set includes a table fork it is the largest fork for the main course and alongside the meal table knife. Other options are; pastry fork ( for desserts like cheesecake and flans that contain pastry); fish fork ( used with the fish knife for any seafood); salad forks ( smaller in size and delicate for eating sliced fruits or salads); and cocktail fork ( for eating small appetisers and feature three tines).


Spoons are the most ancient and standard must-have on any dining table. There is a huge variety of sizes, and shapes of spoons used for eating different types of food items. A tableware set includes; teaspoons (smaller in size and used for measuring a small number of ingredients or stirring tea or coffee); Coffee spoons ( slightly smaller than a teaspoon and used alongside coffee); Sundae/ latte spoons (designed for stirring tall drinks and desserts like sundae); the dessert spoon ( a bit smaller than a tablespoon and used for eating desserts);  and soup spoons ( they are round spoons for scooping and eating soup). Besides the tablespoon is a standard item in any cutlery box.

Serving items in a cutlery box 

There are different types of serving items in some advanced level cutlery boxes. These may include mustard spoons for serving smaller chunks of ingredients or straining spoons for draining vegetables or food from sauce just before serving. Whereas, a cake server is a flat head, ideal for sliding under the slice of cake and lifting quickly for serving. These sets may also contain sugar thongs which are smaller in size and used for picking sugar cubes. Whereas salad serve is a pair of spoons (sometimes with prongs). You should use it for picking salads.

Tips on how to buy Flatware Chest online in the UAE  

From a new household to a commercial kitchen or restaurant, a large flatware chest can be the best option to pick. It will offer you every single item you will need to serve your guests. Plus, they will take away all the hassle of matching the weight, size, style and look of your tableware. Just buy a cutlery set box, and you are all done with the entire tableware list. However, picking the right option is tricky. One wrong decision can be disastrous, and the whole set may be useless for you. Luckily, we have gathered some tips to help you avoid making any mistakes while buying a cheap cutlery storage box (or cutlery cassettes) online.

  • The style of cutlery – Every item on your table determines your aesthetic taste. Although you may feel tempted by cravings on the handles of the tableware, the expert recommends following simplicity. Consider traditional yet modern designs, mostly with round or flat handles in polished or brushed metal.
  • Price and durability – Visual aesthetics are one of many important features of tableware. But purchasing eye-catching cutlery will mean nothing if you have to replace them now and then. It is also important to acknowledge the quality of the material. It defines the performance and life of the product.  Stainless steel is a popular choice and is an economical option to consider.
  • The weight and balance – An ideal tableware is comfortable and lightweight when you hold it. Here we will recommend you picking formal tableware. It is durable, stylish, heavier, and larger than average pieces with fine make and precious aesthetic values. However, they do come with some added bucks. So always consider the price limit while searching.
  • Match wisely – It is important that the new cutlery mix and matches well with the existing items in your cupboard. While searching online, some items may look perfect. But if you team them with the dinnerware, you will see a disaster on the table.  Avoid making this mistake and rush of styles and colours on your dining table.
  • Thin or thick – Even though cutlery cassettes come with the same make throughout, you will notice some forks and spoons have slender necks while others will have a broader one. You can go with either of these but make sure they are comfortable to handle and eat with. Make sure your guests can hold it comfortably and adequately, as only then they can enjoy the meal.

Buying cutlery can be a fun yet simple task for any person if they know what to look for. But when it comes to purchasing big boxes with dozens of items, pay a little more attention to the details, count the number of each item, and look if there are any extra items in the box or not. Once you have found the ideal box; the right style and design; the correct balance and weight; the perfect metal grave and an ideal match for your dinnerware, all you need to do is to learn how to buy cutlery cassettes or related items to optimum effect to enjoy every meal.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy a cutlery box?

Any product search engine is the best place to find top quality items in kitchen utensils. These websites have dedicated home and living sections to help you create a synchronization between every single item that you plan to have in your new home or commercial kitchen setting. Besides at you can find dozens of brands selling the latest styles and high-quality tableware. Some brands that you can buy here are Cutipol, Chapman & Grand, Avalon, Raj, Wallace, Reed & Barton, Hagerty, and Laminate.

How to refinish a cutlery box?

Generally, a silverware chest or cutlery cassettes material includes wood, stainless steel or rarely plastic. Each of these come with compartments segregated with plywood and covered with a piece of cloth. With time the cloth will fade, get dirty and tear. You can take the box to repair professionals for setting up all the loose ends of the box and change the cloth. These professionals will also work on anything else that needs to be repaired.

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How to fill cutlery cassettes?

A flatware chest takes hold of your tableware in proper order. To do so, you must put individual table knives in slots that are generally in the lid of the box. But some boxes come with a ledge in the base with knife slots. The bottom of the chest has typically wider slots for gripping necks of spoons and forks. They also prevent the items from moving within the box. When adding items to a flatware chest, make sure not to push anything in a slot that is too small for it. Slight damage in the internal structure will loosen the entire setting and will not be useful for long.

Tableware sets or branded cutlery cassettes are an ideal option for commercial kitchens, personal use or even as a gift of a housewarming party. So, if you know anyone who can be over the moon with such a gift item, explore now and surprise them.