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About Chopsticks

Chopsticks are a pair of equal-length sticks that one can use as eating and cooking utensils. These sticks have a history of existence in East Asia for over three millennia.

Initially, chopsticks were famous by the Chinese. Later they spread to other East Asian cultural sphere countries, including Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Japan, etc. Chopsticks come in pairs of two sticks of equal length and width. These sticks are available in many different materials like ceramics, metal, wood, and plastic. These sticks are smooth and frequently tapered. You need to hold these sticks in the dominant hand in a way that rest between the thumb and fingers. With this position,  you can use them to pick pieces of food. With many proven health benefits, these sticks are available in various types.

Different types of chopsticks for cooking and eating

They are an iconic aspect of Asian cuisine and culture. However, not all items are alike; there are several differences between chopsticks in the market. In the meantime, there are differences in material, shapes, and sizes in different regions and countries. These variations are due to a wide range of reasons, some wilder than others. However, it has offered the world a wide range of chopsticks segregated by purpose, aesthetics, preferable uses, and other such elements. However, we cannot cover all the types in one discussion, some basic and commonly used types as discussed below.

Stainless steel chopsticks

Metallic chopsticks are famous for their durability. Plus they are economical. Among all types of metallic chopsticks, stainless steel is the best. These sticks are rust-resistant, durable, and dishwasher safe, so they stay alive longer than any other type of stick. Besides, they are easy-care, reusable and can stand up to heavy use and washing. Besides being extremely durable, these sticks look classy on the table. These types of sticks are suitable for personal use and in the kitchen for cooking purposes. But they are not ideal chopsticks for kids due to weight.

Bamboo chopsticks

Bamboos are the most appropriate and affordable material for chopsticks. Plus, they are eco-friendly options, and if you buy from a brand, they are free from all types of pesticides and toxicity. People appreciate it because they are an ecologically green alternative to wood and are dense, versatile, and strong. However, they deteriorate and warp with continuous use. This is why mostly bamboo sticks are disposable and are available with takeaway service in Asian restaurants. Plus, they are ideally perfect for people of all ages and are an economical option to consider.

Wooden chopsticks

These chopsticks are different from bamboo sticks. The wooden chopsticks are majorly made of hardwood. For instance boxwood, ebony wood, chestnut wood, birch wood, red sandalwood, and snakewood. It also includes all other types of woods that are low in temperature conduction. Many options like hardwood have not been splintered and are lightweight, durable, and dense. Plus, they do not absorb water or swell and maintain their look and feel for long. However, it is better to avoid the dishwasher to keep these sticks durable for a long. Besides, while buying, you should be sure of buying sticks in their natural wood colour and not the ones painted with artificial colour.

Silver chopsticks

They stand in the family of luxury chopsticks. For ages, they are in use of wealthy people. Ancient beliefs are that silver would change its colour to black upon contact with the poison. Thus, the wealthy used to eat with these as a safety measure for any potential danger. However, today we can still find chopsticks made of jade, ivory, silver, or gold. Most of the time, these sticks are a way to show off luxury. Silver chopsticks commonly come in silver and hardwood. They are high-end handmade products with a grooved ring craving at the tip (to keep it anti-slip).

Tips on how to buy Chopsticks online in Dubai

Even if it is about finding some fancy chopsticks for sale, online shopping is always a headache. When online stores offer a wide range of products with one click, the hunt and selection of a reliable option become a headache. The best way to deal with the problem is to get yourself educated about the product and be clear about your needs. Being clear beforehand will help you simplify the search and buying process. Besides, some pro tips can help you ease your searching process and make smarter moves. Here are some tips on how you can use these like a pro.

  • The shape of sticks – It includes the width and length of the product. There are different variations of sizes and shapes available in the market. You can also pick a style according to your level of expertise in using them.
  • The material – As said earlier, they come in different materials, including stainless steel, wood, bamboo, or plastic. If you are a regular user and buying for personal use, consider reusable options. Otherwise, for parties and commercial use, disposables are the best.
  • Settle on a budget – They are not an expensive item if you go for a purpose. However, for antique styles, you may need to put in a bit more money. Besides, the price also depends on the material and brand it comes from. Consider both!
  • The look – They are not only used for their health benefits, but they have a sound aesthetic value. Specifically, if you head to buy wooden chopsticks online, you can find several aesthetically rich options to choose from.

These items are not only fun and class to use, but they can also make your food look good. It is always recommended to look into a few possibilities before settling for any specific size, material, or design of the stick. A comprehensive retail search engine can help you make better choices. This is where you can find top brands with bestselling products to choose from. So, explore now to know what surprises the market holds for you and make your pick.

Question & Answer

Can chopsticks be recycled?

Yes, they can be recycled. However, it depends on the material the stick is made of. Both wood and plastic are handled differently. A wooden stick can be disposed of with other green waste. In contrast, plastic items are usually made of recyclable plastic. These sticks should be sent for the recycling process to make a new one. Besides these two, you can also use chopsticks made of stainless steel. They last longer, and you can reuse them as many times as you want. These sticks can also be recycled by the end of use.

What chopsticks should I buy?

Some of the best items you can buy in any online store are Gold age Fiberglass, Reusable Bamboo, HuaLan Natural Wood Sets, and the Stainless-Steel Set at Williams Sonoma. Other options that you can consider are Ceramic Ramen Udon Noodle Bowls, Fire-maple Portable, HuaLan Fiberglass, and the Petty Edison Training for Children. Further, you can explore online stores to find other possible options for your needs.

Why are chopsticks better than forks?

According to research, they help to lower the glycemic index of the food you eat. This is because of the way it makes you eat the food. Eating with these sticks means eating lesser at a time and eating slowly. It reduces the glycemic index of food which is better for glucose levels in your blood. As a result, your body experiences positive health indications. This is why they are considered better as compared to forks.

Where to buy wooden chopsticks in Dubai?

At, you can find various global brands and manufacturers offering quality items for private or commercial use in Dubai. You can find some brands here: Goldage, Devico, FinessCity, Totken, Shanghai Tang, KitchenCraft, Chef Aid, and concept 4u. HT. With this retail search engine, you can also use the price comparison tool to make smart buying decisions for all of your Home and Living needs. This tool can help you find economical options that fit your budget.

In this way, you can explore dozens of options from different brands and make a well-educated buying decision. For many of us, using them can be a fun and irritating experience as they need more attention and grip than spoons and forks. But once you learn how to hold and use them, they are fun to enjoy your meal. Give it a try by ordering your first ever pair of chopsticks for your cutlery kit from online stores.