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About Table Knife

A table knife is an essential part of most flatware table settings. Everyone needs a set for all sorts of meals, be it formal or informal. So, if you want to replace your worn-out table knives or blades, let us explore how to find the best ones. 

A table knife or blade is used to cut and push food placed on a plate. It is must-have cutlery that handles a lot of food items. However, not constantly! For example, if you have soup or pudding in the main course, then there is no use of a table knife on the table. There are two sizes of dinners knives you will usually find: place size and continental size. The place size is around 9¼ inches, whereas the continental one is 9¾ inches in length. This knife is the longest among other dinner knives. Also, use it as a salad knife when you want to cut more giant salad leaves but don’t have a salad knife for that. Well, without further ado, let us figure out the essential details about table knives and how to get the best place to buy table knives. 

Everything you need to know about the best table knives

A table knife cuts prepared or cooked food like poultry, salad and vegetables. It comes with a dull-edge blade that can have slight serrations. In most main course table settings, you will find it except for thicker food like steak and pork or soups. The dinner knives or blades are mostly made up of different grades of stainless steel. If you want a high quality, durable, corrosion-resistant and bright shine table knife, then a stainless steel knife should be your choice. Let us explore more about them and other details you must know to find the best everyday table knives. 

The popularity of stainless-steel table knives

In the past, manufacturers used to construct blades of dinner knives with carbon steel or other tough materials and wood, bone or ivory handles. However, now they come in a single piece of stainless steel, sterling silver or other base metals with silver plating. Stainless steel table knives have attained immense popularity due to features like durability, lightweight, mid-prized, and, not to miss, good looks. Stainless steel is a common kitchenware material that is a combination of steel, chrome & nickel. It has become one of the popular and most preferred materials when it comes to purchasing kitchen utensils. You can find them in a set of 2, 4 or more knives. You can go for luxurious to cheap stainless steel dinner knives as per your requirements. 

Using the prominent type of table knives

A table knife is mostly used with a fork to have food, following the classic etiquettes. There are two ways to use the fork and knife on the table. The first one is the European style, and another is the American style. In both techniques, you need to hold the knife in the right hand. Now, rest the index finger near the base and wrap the other four fingers around the handle. The American style involves holding a fork in the left. Then, you need to cut the food with a knife and then put the knife down. Now, switch your fork to your right hand to eat. In the European method, you need to keep the fork in the left hand, and the knife would help you coax your food onto your fork. 

The speciality of Oneida table knives

If you want the best table knives for sale, you must go for the popular cutlery brands. One such brand is Oneida that is an American manufacturer and seller of tableware and cutlery. They offer excellent mirror finish kitchen knives bearing a sleek design. You can find these knives in different stainless steel grades like 18/0, 18/10 and more as per your budget. The high-quality models are dishwasher safe and rust-resistant. The designs can be sleek and clean or have intricate details like baroque design and many more interesting styles.  

Tips on how to buy Table Knives in Dubai

A table knife does a simple job, i.e. to cut the food and push it. However, if you look at the varieties they come in, you will have an overwhelming experience. They vary in size, shape, blades, materials and many more factors. If you want to make your buying experience effortless, you have to keep certain factors in mind. Find below the tips that will help you buy the best and most appropriate styles as per your requirements.

  • Consider material – Table knives come in stainless steel, sterling silver and other base metals with silver plating. However, stainless steel is popular among all due to its amazing properties. It’s durable, not too pricey, rust-resistant and shiny it looks.
  • Check other crucial features – Whichever table knives you choose, make sure they are easy to maintain. Look for features like corrosion resistance, durability and dishwashers safe before purchasing any set.
  • Consider good brands – Whether it’s about tableware or any other materials, good brands mostly provide a consistent and excellent experience. If you know everything about table knives but do not have to check or scrutinize the quality, you can leave it to popular brands. If you choose good brands, you will be satisfied with the quality.
  • Purchase online – You can find dinner forks at any online or brick and mortar cutlery store. However, if you are looking for a variety of options, you should prefer online stores. If you purchase your product from online stores or marketplace, you will not have to roam here and there to find a particular variety. You can do it with a few clicks.

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Question & Answer

How to hold a table knife correctly?

If you want to use your cutlery classically, then there are two ways you can proceed- American style and European or continental style. However, the positioning of the knife remains the same in both styles. You can use it while cutting the food. Hold it in your right hand. Now, rest the index finger near the base and wrap the other four fingers around the handle. If you are left-handed, then you can consider reversing almost everything. So, that depends on you.

How to sharpen a table knife?

A table knife is meant for soft cutting, and the edge hardly needs any sharpening ever. However, if you think it has lost its mild sharpness, you can work on it independently. It does not need a specialized tool like other knives. You can do a little sharpening with sandpaper or a sanding machine. Remember that a table knife does not have to be very sharp. Work on it gently to achieve moderate results to not cause any harm to you while you use it.

Where is the table knife placed?

In general, table knives are placed on the right side of the plate. You need to direct the cutting edge of the knife inwards towards the plate. However, speaking of a butter knife, you should place it in a butter plate, and the blade should point downwards and left. However, the placement also depends upon the formality of the event. A lot of people do many tweaks depending upon the type of event and guests. So, there is a general rule, but one can tweak it depending on the event.

Which is the best table knife?

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