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About Clothes Hangers

One of the best ways to make sure your clothes stay well while drying is to use some clothes hangers. Hangers are a great way to also store your clothes in the cupboard or a suitcase, however, you wish to do it.

The reason why clothing accessories is such a big part of home & living is that we always use them. Yes, hangers are so simple and sometimes we just reach to grab one for our clothes, without giving it a second thought. But this simple product makes things so much easier. You can hang your clothes on it and keep them wrinkle-free too. At the same time, using clothes hangers is an excellent way to keep track of your clothing. Make sure that you use the hangers in the right manner so as to make the most of them. It is easy to multipurpose and uses them for many different purposes too. Here are some of the different types of hangers you can get today.

Different types of the best space-saving coat hangers

It is so easy to pull out a hanger and put your freshly laundered coat on it. Even if you have used a shirt for a little while, you can always pop it back on the hanger to use it once again. It saves space in your wardrobe too. For those who live in tiny spaces, you can also opt to use a hanger and place it on a rack simply. There are many variants depending on your budget, choice and other factors that you can pick from today. You can also check out a couple of types from different brands and types and then go for the best one to match your requirements. Here you can easily spot some of the different kinds of hangers.

Fancy Wire Clothes Hangers

The best thing for those who are tying the knot, you can easily get fancy wire hangers both online and in stores today. These hangers are lovely for photography and come in metal or wooden bases. In this case, the top part where the clothing rests is bent and twisted to form names or designs. So, it can spell out the name of the couple, their wedding date or something else. They look super cute and is something that everybody should do for their big day. They are a more recent idea and not something people have been doing for long. however, their popularity has definitely grown a lot!

Coat Hanger Storage

There are also storage hangers for coats that you can use for long periods of time. You must have often seen that using a good hanger for your suit is the best way to keep it in good condition. It takes care of creases and preserves its overall look. For the suit, it’s very important to make sure it looks new and in good shape, without which it loses its charm. A shabby coat can be the worst fashion mistake, and using a good wooden hanger can help to prevent this. Of course, you can go with the metal ones as well, but it all depends on your preferences. Wooden ones are broad and sturdy too.

Metal Clothes Hanger

Metal hangers are the newer introduction and something that a lot of people use till today. They are more space-saving for sure, as they are much thinner and lighter too. You can easily buy them at any online store. They generally come in a set and not as single pieces; the way wooden hangers are sold.  You can use them for all daily wear clothing. These hangers are great for shirts, trousers, dresses and more. You can also use them for lightweight jackets and suits. But the heavier ones are better if you use a suitable wooden hanger instead. Make sure all the hangers you use are in good condition.

Plastic Coat Hangers

For those on a budget, plastic hangers are very feasible and so easy to use. You can very conveniently use them for your daily wear clothes. The material is sturdy plastic, although there are variants in these too. Don’t go for the very flimsy ones, because although they are dirt-cheap, they won’t last for more than a couple of weeks. Put in a little more and go for better quality make. Even good brands now offer plastic hangers because their popularity is rising now. However, they are often non-degradable, so you are harming the environment away. Try to look for better and more eco-friendly variants.

Tips on how to buy Clothes Hangers 

You might think that buying hangers isn‘t such a big deal. You have seen them in use at home, hotels and many different places. There might be only a few times when you stopped to admire a hanger. Some of them have a satin holder and other amazing details, especially if they are for luxury clothing. However, most of the regular ones are merely ordinary, and you might not take a second look at them. Here are some tips to make for a smooth buying experience:

  • Check out the material – Make sure you consider the hanger material well. You can get a better idea about it in person, but most online stores also have a good picture and the details mentioned alongside the product, so check it out.
  • The holder should be sturdy – The main holder is where you hang the clothing. This should not be very flimsy. Most of the smaller clothing pieces need to rest directly on them. So, look for the best one that will work for you.
  • Go for hangers with clips – The hangers with clips work well to hold the clothing in place. They are more secure and won‘t let the pieces slip off. They are more expensive and not all of them have clips, so it might take some time to get your hands on these hangers.
  • Buy the smallest set – You don‘t know the pros and cons of a product before you buy them. Check for the smallest pack in the collection that you like. This way, you can always come back for more.
  • Know when to replace them – When the hanger starts to show signs of wearing off, then it’s important to replace it. The sides might start to come off or the wire gets bendy. These are small but noticeable signs that you should now do away with it.
  • Care for your hangers – You should also know how to maintain and care for your hanger so as to make them last longer. Wipe them now and then which will also help keep your clothes in good condition.

There are so many different types of hangers these days, and it is easy to check out the best ones. There are some special occasions like birthdays and events where your clothing is also photographed. At times like this, you can surely look for some exciting choices to match your requirements. Make sure you give them a thought and don‘t be much in a hurry, because you‘ll surely miss out on the details.

Question & Answer

Which are the best clothes hangers?

You can definitely find some of the best clothes hangers on most of the online stores today. There are many options that are so easily available, and they all have their own unique features. Make sure the choice that you make works well with your type of clothes. Some of the best hangers today are – Zober Wooden Suit Hangers, Basic Walnut Wooden Hangers at Container Store, Mawa by Reston-Lloyd Space-Saving Hangers, Women’s Jacket Hanger at Kirby Allison, Bed Bath & Beyond Satin Hangers, Ikea Hänga Children’s Wooden Coat Hangers, Tenby Living Black Tie Rack, Honey-Can-Do Kid’s Wooden Shirt and Pants Hanger, Woodlore Cedar 42-Peg Tie Hanger, Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers, Hangorize Wooden Suit Hanger with Stationary Bar, Proman Products Natural Wood Kascade Hanger, Home-it Premium Velvet Hangers, Sharpty White Plastic Hangers, Whitmor Satin Padded Blouse Hanger and Amazon Basics Velvet Suit Hangers.

Are clothes hangers recyclable?

There are many brands today that are conscious of the environment so you can definitely buy from them without a worry! Their hangers are made to last longer, and they are decomposable as well. Make sure that the clothes hangers for sale that you buy are of the same kind. So, when you have to dispose of them, it gets easy for them to get recycled under the right sources. This is extremely important from a consumer’s point of view, especially today. By doing our bit for the environment, we contribute in a very large manner towards it. So, make sure to take the right decision during the buying process itself so you don’t have to worry later.

Can you use a clothes hanger while drying clothes?

A lot of people choose to go this way. The very fact that a hanger can make it easy for the clothes to remain in good condition is an important point. You can slide your semi-dry or even wet clothes on them, use clips and then hang them on a rack or otherwise since they are not hung on the shelf directly, they dry while staying free of crinkles. It makes it very easy to fold the clothes later, and it also increases their life span. It is an excellent hack for those who hate ironing those heavy creases every morning. Especially for format cotton clothes, this can be tiresome to do at home.

Where can you buy hangers online in the UAE?

Whether it’s wooden or you’re looking at cheap plastic hangers to buy, you can very easily find them all online. Make sure you keep in mind that the racks will also affect your clothing if you go in for poor quality ones. They should be sturdy and work as per the size and weight of the clothing too. If you don’t know how to start buying clothes hangers online in the UAE, then check out this superb product search engine , With so many amazing brands and products under it. It’s really the best way to shop! You can also check out the best-selling brands such as ZOBER, Home-it, CRESNEL, Hangorize, Mainstay and Jeronic.

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