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About Projection Clocks

The age of regular alarm clocks, when you had to twist and turn in the morning to catch a glimpse of the time is now long gone. In this article, we're going to introduce you to a new peak of technology that makes your time viewing a lot easier. Well, we're talking about the projection clocks . The clocks that allow you to know the time by just looking up at a wall or a ceiling. Quite intriguing, isn't it? But do you know the product well enough to get a perfect one for yourself? Let's find out!

We do not really have to define what the projection clocks are, as their name itself gives you everything. Just as it says, it's an alarm clock with a contemporary twist, where the clock casts a projection of the time on a wall or ceiling. While not quite the holographic display like the ones in science fiction movies, it does have a bit of futurism and a certain charm to it. In fact, their exceptional design and smart functions make them one of the popular boutique gifts for many. So, are all the projection timers the same? Well, no! With the technology peaking in every sector, it's entirely bogus to say these nimble devices do not have variations in their models. Indeed, there are different types of projection clocks out there. Let's find out the ones trending these days in our next section.

The different types of projection clocks to choose from

Although you can find several options of these clocks, the primary working principle of the clock remains the same for almost all the models. Typically, the projection alarm clocks work on two fundamental principles. The first one is one of the easiest ways. It actually involves a scanning laser that allows the clock to simply lay the projection on the wall. These are low-energy lasers, just like ones used in barcode scanners do not do any harm to your eyes. Secondly, some models use a high-luminance small LED display that cast images through a focusing lens similar to an image projector. However, there are a few that use a mix of both these working principles. We've compiled below the best of all.

The curved LED projection clock from Mpow

This model is one of the most stylish projection alarm clocks in the market right now, all thanks to its unique curved 5-inches display. This lengthy display shows all the information in illuminating blue. The product comes with four brightness options that include bright, medium, low, and off. The product also comes along with a lens cloth that you can use to gently wipe the clock screen and avoid scratch marks. Its smart design enables you to see the time in ultra-clear fonts on the ceiling or walls within a distance of 1.6 to 10 feet. The clock also allows you to adjust the projection angle up to 30 degrees backward and 90 degrees forward. You can also flip it upside down 180 degrees.

The Mesqool AM/FM digital projection alarm clock radio

If you're in search of a clock with a combination alarm and radio, then consider investing in this model from Mesqool. The alarm clock radio comes with a sleek and contemporary design of the polished black surface. Here, you can view the time whenever you want with just a glance. Typically, you can see the time in significant digits on a seven-inch ultra-large LED and with contrasting white colour. Besides, it's ultra-clear projection allows you to accurate time, even in the middle of the night by just looking at them. Moreover, you can also rotate the digits on display for up to 180 degrees while floating in the air. Above all, the clock also works as an AM/FM radio since it has pre-set stations.

The ambient weather ceiling projection clock

If you're on a hunt for lightweight, yet sturdy projection clocks, then this model is your best bet. The product comes with many useful features. Firstly, it can tell you both indoor and outdoor temperatures along with time. You can set them both in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Apart from that, the ambient backlighting of the display changes colour between a total of 13 shades based on the outdoor temperature. The palette includes bright colours like red, orange, yellow, light blue, light aqua, and more. Additionally, it also displays barometric pressure and barograph. Besides that, the dual-arm on the clock lets you set two different alerts and both of them have snooze options.

The Electrohome projection alarm clock

If you're on a hunt for a multipurpose small travel clock that's lightweight enough to carry around comfortably, look no further! This Electrohome clock is a very formidable contender in that area. The watch displays all the information on its blue LCD of 3.6 inches. Moreover, all the digits come in white that complements the screen colour as well as the aesthetic of the overall black look. All of these shades together give the model a unique and elegant look. Furthermore, the clock also functions as a radio with 20 of both AM and FM stations. This feature allows the model to set the date and time right by automatically connecting to the radio signals.

Tips on how to buy Projection Clocks online

How complex can a clock get? Of course, alarm clocks are pretty simple in nature. But, when you're bringing in extra technologies like the projection clocks, choosing the best projection clocks might get a bit tricky. To ease out things, it's best to consider a few factors that'll help you better assess the model you intend to buy. We've listed out those factors below, so read on!

  • Check out the design – Remember, projection clocks are going to be visible components in the room. Therefore, their design is of immense importance. Indeed, you do not need a clock that doesn't fit your room aesthetics. Therefore, pick a design and form factor that you like, more importantly, one that fits your room's décor.
  • Consider the projection angle alteration – The angle of projection in the clock is also a crucial factor. Having able to adjust the angle of projection, helps you flush the time against the surface you choose. Otherwise, it might become hard to read or awkward to place the device. Besides, the whole purpose of the projection is to make you read the time easily.
  • Look out for focusing and clarity – In general, the distance and the ambient light of the environment both affect how sharp and solid the projection is. Therefore, make sure you pick a model where you can adjust the brightness and focus of the projection. This not only helps you read the time with clarity but will also give you adequate convenience.
  • Check out the number of alarm buttons – Ideally, you'd want to have decent controls on the actual alarm clock functions. The more control buttons you have over setting times, tuning the radio, etc. the better it is. Most conventional clocks require you to cycle through minutes to reach a specific one, same for hours. Why go for such obtuse ways of setting time when you can accomplish with just a press of a button in the projection clocks.
  • Assess the material – At any time, you want your clocks to be made of solid materials. That's because there are high chances of you knocking these over in a zombified state when they buzz in the morning. Remember, cheap plastic doesn't cut it. However, good plastic is fine. You could even go for metal versions of the clock.
  • Look out for additional features – More is always good. Some useful extra features included in the clock are always a boon. Common additional features in the projection clock may include thermometer readouts, advanced calendars, high-resolution displays and many more. Hence, it's always better to keep an eye on these add-ons.

If you need a clock to motivate you, give you exceptional readability, offer you the best time projection, then make sure you keep an eye on the features above while assessing your product quality. Of course, in the end, everything boils down to your taste, which makes it all the more important to go through the merits and demerits of various options carefully and then make the final call.

Question & Answer

What is a projection alarm clock?

A projection alarm clock is exactly what it says. The clock casts a shadow or a projection of the displayed time on to surface that's convenient for your viewing. Ideally, it projects the time onto a wall or a ceiling. The result is a soft luminous display that you can easily read from a distance, without disrupting your sleep with an overly bright display.

How does a projection clockwork?

The working of the clock depends on one or two methods. The easiest way is with a scanning laser that simply draws the image against a ceiling or a wall. Mostly, these are low energy lasers that do not harm your eyes. The other method used includes a high-luminance small LED display that casts through a focusing lens similar to an image projector. There are a few projection timers that use a mix of both methods to cast the projection.

How do you set a projector alarm clock?

You can run the projection timers on batteries, or you can run them on the AC adapter included in the initial packaging. Setting up an adapter is easy; all you need to do is to push in the adapter end into the designated jack located on the clock. Switch the clock on, and you'll see the display. To set the time, you need to press the minute mode button on the alarm clock till the clock flashes. Press the snooze button and the min button to set your desired time. You could also use the alarm hour button to change the hours if needed.

What is the best projection clock ?

The best clock is something that gives you accurate timing in the most elegant way. Apart from that, several factors decide whether a projection timer is good or not. Some of the common factors include the material, design, size, accuracy, projection clarity, and so on. However, one of the most important factors is the quality of the product you buy. One of the easiest ways to buy ceiling projection alarm clocks online in UAE that's of high quality is to purchase them from a known brand. Some popular brand names include Ambient Weather, Oregon Scientific, Magnasonic, Mesqool, and GPCT.

Where to buy a projection alarm clock online?

You can buy several types of projection timers online. However, the only difficult part is to navigate through those endless sites and online stores that sell the best models. Well, that's where take the lead. Our product search engine brings you only the best-curated collection of projection clocks from the world-renowned brands and online stores. What's more, it allows you to browse through various cheap atomic projection clock options, compare prices and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Adding a little sophistication to your lifestyle does not harm. Besides, if it's for the time then nothing can stop you. And as it's said, modern problems require modern solutions, getting a contemporary styled timer will always add zest to your living. So, if you're ready to add a twist to your time viewing routine, then begin your shopping spree here! And yes, do not forget to explore numerous other home & living products too.