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About Photo Clocks

Many might argue that ‘clocks’ are those boring pieces that are just for clearly displaying the time. However, showing time is important but, clocks aren’t just about functionality. Both the timepieces and wall clocks can serve as an excellent style function to any space. The photo clocks are just the right ones to prove this statement. This unique piece is undoubtedly a piece of art, and you’ll know why if you stay with us. Read on to know their various types and a few smart hacks to pick out the best wall clock with the photo frame to buy.

Do you have beautiful photos of your friends and family that you cherish but have been merely discarded in a box? It’s time you take them out. With photo clocks , you can grab your most beautiful photos and create a catchy eyepiece of decoration. In other words, photo clocks are the easiest way to cheer up your living space. They also make up a perfect wedding or birthday gift. But, we understand if you wish to keep these unique clocks all to yourself because such is their charm. The good news is that we’re here to guide you through buying picture frame wall clocks online in UAE effortlessly. Let’s get started by understanding the various types and variations you can choose from to enhance your home décor.

The various wall clocks with the photo frame to enhance your home décor

The photo clocks have come a long way since their inception. In the past, you could find only the analogue variations. However, today you can even find digital photo frame clocks. Besides, many people today have started creating their picture clocks. Even though the basic functionality of the models remains the same – to display the time, you’ll find them in several designs, shapes, colours and materials. Below we’ve rounded a few such models that you can consider investing in while you’re shopping for them online.

The analog clock picture

Analogue clocks have been one of the most favoured timepieces since the beginning of time. Not only are they reliable, but they also use oscillators to keep the gears in motion. Although the functionality remains the same for all the analogue clocks that you see today, their appearance has changed considerably. Today, you can find all sorts of analogue clocks. But, with unique style, and the ability to display your favourite life moments, photo clocks top the list. These clocks are not only easy to maintain but enhance your home décor.

The digital clock picture

Indeed, most people favour analogue clocks at many times. But this has been changing over the years, with more and more people turning to the digital clock versions. The digital version of photo clocks are not only sleek in design but offer you the convenience of quickly changing your pictures whenever you need them. Besides, many digital photo frame clock models also display temperature, date and day along with your favourite photos. But, probably the best thing about these digital photo frame clocks is that you can see the time even in the middle of the night without having to shine a light on the clock.

The personalised photo canvas clock

Everyone wants a clock, but not the same one as everyone else on the block. We all know that we always want something unique to be part of our home décor. There’s only one solution to this, design a clock yourself. Don’t worry if you’re not that tech-savvy; it’s elementary. There are several designs you can choose from to create your personalised clock, a real piece of art. You can use your photos and add a name, message or date. You could also pick beautiful scenery or any other appealing images. By the way, you can always check out a couple of videos to get a few ideas.

Tips on how to buy Photo Clocks online

Now that you know their various kinds, which one are you going to buy? Analogue? Digital? Or perhaps both? Or are you confused about which one to buy? Probably you are! We get it. With so many options out there on the market, it’s quite natural to feel overwhelmed. Fret not; we have a few smart hacks up our sleeves that’ll help you easily own your stylish photo clock online. We’ve listed them below, so read on.

  • Analog or digital – This is one of the first things you may have to decide before shopping for the clocks with picture frames. See which one suits your space. Do you want the classic ticking hands or the one with modern digital markings? While some people hate the brightness of digital versions, others want to ditch the ticking sound in the analogue clock completely. So choose wisely.
  • Check out the style and design – Indeed, the functionality of the photo clocks are of utmost importance. But you don’t want to put a dull-looking one at a spot where you see it every day, do you? If you have an unattractive clock, you’ll hide it away in your closet. And if you do not see your clocks every now and, then you wouldn’t care to use them. So, get yourself one with a sleek design.
  • Pick your colours – Just like the design, you’ll find these clocks in different colours too. From wooden to black and other vibrant colours, there are a plethora of them to choose from. Make sure you pick a shade that best suits the other home décor pieces at your place. Any out of the box colour might diminish the beauty of the pictures you put into the frame. Ideally, both black and white are best.
  • Assess the materials – Photo clocks come in several materials. You’ll find them in wood, fibre, plastic and glass. See which one suits your home aesthetics, and then pick one. If you want to have a vintage-looking clock with a photo frame, then go for the wooden materials. However, if you favour contemporary styles, then the models with glass or plastic are the best. Just make sure that the materials are durable before you buy.
  • Look out for the size – The clocks with photo frames come in different sizes. You’ll find models that come with more than 12 frames and clocks with less than four. Hence, decide on how many photos you want to display before you pick a size. In fact, deciding this will enable you to choose a size that’s apt for your requirements easily.
  • Brands are important – Size, material, design, and colour; even though all these are important, nothing surpasses quality. Indeed, all of us are keen on saving a few bucks and end up picking out cheap digital photo clocks. But, in the process, we also end up compromising on quality. Therefore, it’s best to concentrate more on quality and purchase the timepieces from popular rather than saving money. Check out the brands like SYBL, Sugar Vine Art, Bjerg, Instruments, SYLVANIA, and Shindigz to buy the best photo frame clocks.

We hope you agree that photo clocks add zest to your homes and allow you to display your favourite moments on the wall. However, any wrong pick can break the entire beauty of your space. Hence, it’s imperative to do a bit of research and carefully make your final call on the product. The above tips and tricks will be your guide and help you pick the right clock effortlessly.

Question & Answer

How to make a picture clock?

We know most of you think that making a DIY photo clock is stressful and tedious. But that isn’t the case. You can easily create a personalised photo clock if you have the right equipment for it. So how do you make a picture clock? Step one is to print your favourite. Be sure to choose one that’ll look good on a clock. Glue the picture onto something sturdy like cardboard or ply. Customise the clock hands with your favourite colour. The final step is to assemble the clock. By the way, you can make the clocks in different designs and shapes as per your liking.

Is photo clock out of style?

Clocks have been evolving since their inception. Today, you can find all kinds of clocks out there, and photo clocks are one of the most versatile of them all. Just like any other clock, photo clocks too have been evolving both in terms of design and functionality. These art timepieces have never been out of style and are very much thriving in the market today. You can find different variations, and if you are fond of vintage designs, you can find the exact old style as well. If you are wondering where to explore, then our shopping platform is the perfect destination for you to shop.

Is the photo clock expensive?

The cost of the clocks with photo frames is crucial, as you’ll find them at different price points depending on their size. For instance, a small tabletop picture clock might not cost you as much as a twelve frame large photo wall clock. However, most of the models tend to be affordable. Ideally, the photo clocks may cost you anywhere from AED50 to AED300. It’s better to set a budget for yourself to narrow down your choices and curb unnecessary expenses. While exploring products online, you can find other features that are a must to notice. So, do not forget to scrutinise a product as much as possible.

Where to buy a photo clock online?

Do you want to check out the picture wall clocks for sale? Or perhaps get a personalised photo canvas clock? Well, you’ll get all this and more on You now know that investing in top-quality photo frame clocks is a great way to enhance your aesthetic and display your favourite photos with style. Our product search engine offers you a comprehensive and stylish collection of high-quality photo clocks from world-renowned online stores. With multiple brands, shops, and products, it will be super-easy for you to explore, compare, and buy.

No matter what you are searching for, go for something that can meet both your needs and budget. From personalised clocks for DIY fanatics to budget-friendly models, you can find them all here on So, kick off your shopping journey and check out our home & living section today!

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