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We cannot always depend on our smartphones to wake up every morning. For that matter, we cannot also depend on old and outdated alarm clocks either. Perfect for bedside tables, kitchens and even living rooms, you can consider investing in digital clocks. They give you precise times, as well as wake you up from the deepest of slumbers. But, remember, you should always take your time before you buy digital clocks online in UAE and do a bit of research. Here in this article, we’ll guide you to your best digital clock. So read on!

If you’ve gone through our piece on ‘clocks’, then you’d know all clocks have a few required components. They include – a source of power to run, an accurate time base, a way to gear down the time base, and a way to display time. A digital clock is no different because it simply handles all these functions digitally rather than mechanically. Thus, in a digital clock, you’ll find a power source to run the clock, an electronic time base that ticks, and an electric ‘gearing mechanism’ of some sort. And yes, a chic display, usually LEDs or LCDs. Well, this means you can quickly look for these features and grab the one you like. Right? Wrong! Not all digital clocks are equal, and you’ll see why, in our next section.

The various kinds of digital clocks to choose from 

Often in life, your decisions come down to two options. Black or white? Red pill or blue pill! But that’s not the case when it comes to considering the best digital clocks to buy. From compact bedside alarm clocks to large wall clocks and handy chic timepieces, you’ll find several types of digital clocks these days. Apart from their different shapes and sizes, you’ll also witness many models that provide you with different functionalities too. This means, there’s an option for each one of you that suits all your likings and fulfils your requirements. It’s just that; you need to understand these options before you buy them. Below, we’ve compiled a few options that you can consider investing in.

The digital led wall clock large display

Indeed, traditional wall clocks are fantastic. But, with advanced technology, increased features, ease of readability, and chic style, digital wall clocks are slowly replacing analogues. Most digital wall clocks are not limited to a single function. They offer you more than just time. Take, for example, the remote-controlled, dimmable, and large digital wall clock. All of these clocks comes with one or more feature in addition to displaying the time. Some of the standard functions that these clocks offer you apart from time display include date and temperature. Many of them also act as a radio from time to time.

The wooden digital clock with alarm

Anything in wood looks classy and stylish. Well, digital clocks aren’t an exception. Take, for example, the wooden clock from Luckymore. The versatile nature of the timer allows you to utilise them for meetings, travels or homework. This particular model not only shows you time, but also displays the date, temperature, and time in 12/24 hour formats. Additionally, it also comes with an automatic smart brightness-adjustable between day and night. This means the clock enables you to adjust the brightness through micro-light medium and bright, depending on your preference. Apart from that, it operates on a dual power system, USB cable or 4 AAA batteries.

The temperature digital desk clock

If you’re someone who travels a lot, then a small digital clock will come in handy. Consider investing in a temperature alarm clock from TRIXES. As it is one of the most compact digital clocks, you can find. Besides, it also folds and shuts to protect the screen. Apart from that, it works as an alarm as well as a regular clock. The clock also comes with a snooze function for slower wake-ups. Furthermore, the countdown function allows you to set the exact time you need. Additionally, it also displays the day, room temperature and date underneath the time display. Further, you can also choose to give the time in 12 or 24-hour format. For such a small device, it surely does have so much packed.

The wake-up light with digital clock numbers

How about a twist to your regular Digi clocks? Well, that’s exactly what the Philips wake-up light alarm clock offers you. These clocks are leaders when it comes to smart lighting and SAD lamps. They’re a great piece to own, mainly, when you do want several cluttered appliances on your bedside. This wake-up alarm clock creates a natural sunrise. This is great when you need ease into the day. Besides, it’s clinically proven to increase your energy levels and fight the winter morning blues. Moreover, the clock display also reacts to the lights in the room. It dims the clock when it is dark in the room. In short, this is a chic timepiece to own both in terms of functionality and design.

Tips on how to buy Digital Clocks online

Clocks are versatile, and hence it always helps if you have a little basic understanding before you start shopping for one. With the technology on the move, you’ll find a brand new digital clock model now and then. This, indeed makes the buying process a little tricky. Here are a few practical buying tips that you can consider while buying digital clocks online.

  • Check out the sizing – When it comes to the size of the digital clock, think about two things; how large is the clock’s body, and how big is the display. The size of the body matters when you’re low on space. Like if you have a small side table in the bedroom. Usually, the smaller the body of the clock, the smaller is the display. However, you can still find some larger models. Go for them if you struggle with your eyesight.
  • Look out for the power source – We did see earlier that a clock needs an ideal power source regardless of them being analogue or digital. Therefore, the power source is definitely a significant consideration when it comes to buying clocks online. They must be reliable for the clock and alarm to work correctly. They shouldn’t cut out when you need them the most. Batteries or from mains, make sure you pick a model that has the best-uninterrupted power source.
  • The display is essential – The two major choices to make when it comes to buying a digital clock is to choose among the LCD or LED displays. There isn’t a huge difference between them. However, they differ slightly in terms of brightness, adjustable levels of display and colour. And yes, today you can also find a few digital clocks that project the time onto the wall. This reduces the severity of the brightness as in other models.
  • Go for a reliable brand – Indeed, you’ll find a plethora of options. But, remember, not all models will give you the same performance, efficiency and quality. Of course, you want your digital clocks to last you a good couple of years. So, put in that little extra and get something from a reliable. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have the best quality model is to pick a model from well-known brands.
  • Check reviews – Always browse reviews to read up on what other buyers think about the product. The genuine reviews and comments of the buyers will give you a fair idea about the product and its performance. Besides, while browsing these comments, you may come across something that will completely change your viewpoint. Apart from that, isn’t it better to know the quality and performance of the product beforehand, considering that you’re carrying out an online purchase?

It is imperative to be aware of what you’re buying, its warranty, guarantee, and other features. Do not blindly settle in for something just because someone had a good experience with it. It’s essential to invest in digital clocks after considering your needs carefully. We hope the above tips and tricks will guide you in the right direction and help you pick your ideal model effortlessly.

Question & Answer

What is the digital clock, and how does it work?

A digital clock is a type of timepiece that displays time digitally. Even though people associate the digital clocks with electric drives, the digital description refers to only the display, and not to their driving mechanism. These clocks usually use 50 or 65-hertz oscillation of AC power for running. But, know that any clock needs an oscillator to work. In the digital clock, this is usually a crystal glass. As an electronic charge passes through this, which slightly changes its shape and makes a very light sound. This sound herd at regular frequency converts into an electric signal. Typically, the first counter counts one for each set of ten oscillations, and the other one counts one for each six “tens” oscillations.

What is the difference between analogue and digital clocks?

On the analogue clock, you can see the hands that represent time. The hands spin around the dial and point to a specific location on the dial that represents the approximate time. On the other hand, digital clocks have numeric displays that indicate the approximate time. Also, you’ll find these displays in both LEDs and LCDs depending on the model. Besides, in digital electronics, you count the quantities rather than measuring them.

What are the two dots on a digital clock called?

Most of you would have noticed the colon ‘:’ punctuation mark centred on the digital clocks. This colon mark is a time separator. If you have set the 12-hour timing format, then the timer will show the time with a dot in the upper left corner of the display. This indicates that time is now in PM while you’ll find no dot in the corner when the time is in AM. For more assistance, you can read the user manual to understand how it works and how to change the time setting.

Can you repair a digital clock?

Unlike analogues, digital clocks are made of electric circuit boards. Therefore, as a typical consumer, you might not be able to repair them quickly. Instead, you can find replacement parts from the manufacturers or through aftermarket suppliers. Apart from that, you can also find large digital clocks at craft stores. Also, we recommend the users consult a professional for repairing or changing the parts of a digital clock.

Where to buy a digital clock online?

With hundreds of online stores all over the internet, you can quickly get your hands on some of the best digital clocks out there. However, picking out your best one from still remains the best and hassle-free online shopping experience. This superfast product search engine offers you cheap bedroom digital clocks and much more from popular brands like AcuRite, Marathon, Travelwey, Warmhoming, Mpow, and KKmoon.

In a nutshell, digital clocks are an essential home accessory and a must-have. We hope with this article; you’re now armed with adequate knowledge to make the right and wise decision. So, start exploring the options here on and enjoy your shopping journey with us! And yes do not miss to check out various other home & living products right here on our shopping search engine.