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One of the things that everybody in the world needs is a good mattress. Among all other pieces of furniture in your home, a bed is what you use most of the time. On average, a person spends six hours on the bed.  

This shows that a comfortable bed is an essential item that a person should have, right after having a roof over the head. A bad product can give you sleepless nights and lethargic mornings. All of these are to show you the importance of choosing a good option for your bedding. Fortunately, having a comfortable bed to sleep on is not a luxury in this day and age. But as an item that you will be spending a significant amount on, you have to make sure that you are getting the absolute best. Having a better understanding of the product will help you make good purchase decisions. This article will tell you everything you need to know about these bedding essentials. 

Different types of mattresses 

They have evolved from being a large bag stuffed with straw to today’s smart options with smart features and quality ratings. These days a mattress can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dirhams to several thousand. Depending on the price range of these products, the features and quality also differ. For starters, this variety can be quite confusing. So, how do you know which one you must choose? To decide which product to buy, first, you need to know about the different types of them.

Open spring mattresses 

You might come across them under other names such as open coil mattresses or continuous coil mattresses. As the name indicates, it has one super long coil that is responsible for most of the cushioning. And there will be a border rod in order to maintain the shape. This is the most affordable type of spring mattresses you can find. But they are not very good at providing support. And because of its structure, they tend to be more lightweight than other types. While they might not be great for your main bedroom, you can use them in your guest bedroom as they will be only used occasionally. 

Pocket spring mattresses 

If you want a mattress that provides a great deal of comfort and does not mind spending a little more, then go for a good quality pocket spring mattress. Here, each spring will be independent of the others and will have its own fabric pocket. This means that each spring can move more freely and can, therefore, provide some nice support. You can choose the level of support you want, depending on your taste as well. They usually come in three options: firm, medium, and soft. Unlike latex made items that get hot during the summer months, they are more breathable due to the nature of its filling. One downside is that they are pretty heavy.  

Memory foam mattress 

People with a bad back might find it rather uncomfortable, or painful, to sleep on a traditional cushions. For those people, memory foam will come as a blessing. This material responds to the bodyweight of the person and adapts its shape to provide maximum support. Memory foam is also a hypoallergenic substance, which means they are pretty unlikely to cause any allergic reaction in you. Not everyone will be a fan of how it feels when you sink into the mattress, but it does align the spines straight and adapt to your body when you change your positions on it.  

Latex mattresses 

There are more than a few benefits to this type. For one thing, they provide a decent level of support and do not overheat. Latex foam is basically like a sponge with millions of tiny holes in them that allows the movement of air. This makes it extremely breathable. Another main benefit is its affordability. A latex made option will give you the most bang for the buck. While it is no match for the comfort of a pocket spring mattress, you can get a latex mattress for a fraction of the latter’s price. But you should steer away from the poor-quality latex made items. They tend to lose their firmness and start to sag after a few years.

Tips on how to buy the right type of mattress

How important is it to choose a mattress that fits you? Well, the product you have chosen can make or break your sleep. Because how you sleep determines how you perform during the waking hours, every bit of effort you put into selecting the right type is worth it. Luckily, finding a good product is not that complicated. If you know what you should look for in a bed, it is quite easy. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping.

  • Choose your level of bounce – People differ quite a bit in how they want their bed to feel. The ones with inner springs are available in different levels of firmness and are pretty durable. But some people do not like their bounciness. For such people, memory foam mattresses are a good alternative.
  • Portability – There are a couple of different features that make a bed portable. The most important thing is weight. Traditional spring mattresses are not the most portable type out there. They are mostly on the heavier side. If you want a proper portable product, you should check out the category of air-filled mattresses.
  • Allergies – Some materials used are known to cause allergies. While it might not be the material itself that causes the allergy, microbes and mites that are responsible for allergies grow more on some materials more than others. Memory foam and latex are very good at inhibiting the growth of allergens.
  • Your sleeping positions and health conditions – You should put a great deal of emphasis on finding a product that is suitable for your physical conditions. Firmer mattresses that have just enough give to align the posture in the right way is great for people with joint ailments and back pain. Foam mattresses are good for those people. You will find the best mattresses for back pain in Dubai in

To ensure the longevity of your mattress, you need a few extra gadgets. It must also be stain resistant. It is a must-have if you have toddlers in your house. Another item that you cannot do away with is a proper foundation. Having a good foundation will provide uniform support and prevent sagging. Finally, don’t forget to check out other products from Home & Living.

Question & Answer

When should you replace your mattress?

On average, a good quality product will last you more than ten years. While this is a general thumb rule, if you want to know exactly when to replace your product, you should look for the warning signs. Look for the formation of any lumps or sagging in the product. You will know when it gets noticeably bad if you are regularly waking up sore. Another sign of an ailing mattress is that you will find it easier to fall asleep if you are sleeping on a different mattress. Unless there is any problem with your air conditioning, the problem might be with your bed.

What is a mattress protector?

You can use a protector to extend the life of your bed. But before you buy a mattress, you need to know exactly what it does. A protector is, in fact, a protective covering over the top of the bed. It is waterproof and does not let any fluids like oil or water leak into the bed. This would be a handy feature even if you did not happen to spill tea or water on the bed. Human skin itself produces oil, and that can get into the bed little by little. It is a whole different story if you often oil your hair. Having a protector over the bed is necessary to keep your bed in fresh condition for longer.

What is a mattress pad?

If you need extra fluff on your bed or would like it to be warmer, then you should get a pad. A mattress pad is similar to a protector, but with a few more additional features. Firstly, they will provide you with extra padding. Some pads are smart and can maintain a comfortable temperature of the bed. Having a pad will considerably increase the life of your bed. The pad will absorb a portion of your weight and delay the formation of lumps in the bed and will keep the firmness for longer. And like a protector, it can also protect the bed from absorbing moisture and prevent mite and bug infestation.

Where to buy a mattress in Dubai?

If you are looking to buy a mattress online in Dubai, look no further as you are in the right place. You can access an extensive collection of bedding materials for affordable prices on To make things even better, often there are king and queen mattresses on sale. But the best part is that you can use the product search engine to look for the type of bed you want using the product search engine. This will also let you compare the prices and features of them and find the best one among them.

There are more than 500 shops offering such products using our product search engine, including brands like Tuft & Needle, Serta, Zinus, Kurlon, Signature Sleep, IKEA, Duroflex, and Sleepwell.