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About Mattress Protectors

A mattress protector is in many ways a fruitful choice. Healthy sleep, sound mind, no need for replacement for a long time, and affordable – who doesn’t want a product with all these features? You sure do, and you are willing to spend some time exploring the right thing. Well, your approach is spot-on.

A mattress protector embodies many layers, and each layer fights the battle with alien substances that grow on your mattress. Although the protector can confront regular wear and tear by adding an extra layer of fabric, spills and mites need something more from the product. For instance, if your cover is waterproof, it can safeguard the mattress from spills, stains, and incontinence. This could be an ideal feature for those who love eating and drinking on the bed or have children and pets. Not just that, a quality protector can also make your bedding allergen-free and bug-proof. By adding or subtracting these features, you can see a range of expensive to cheap mattress protector available in the market. So, read on and evaluate your purchase before grabbing a product.

Types of mattress protector s

There are two main types of protectors based on the level of protection they provide. One is 5-sided protection, and the other is 6-sided. The five-sided products are encasements in zipper style that wraps the mattress from all the sides. But five-sided ones are fitted sheet style that has a bare bottom side. Both have their pros and cons. One has a side open for the bugs and dust mites, and another has a zipper for the same. For the latter problem, you can invest in a small zipper or micro-tooth zipped mattress protector that can prevent the bed bugs from entering the mattress.

Waterproof mattress protector

Waterproofing is possible with a layer of specialised fabric like polyurethane or vinyl or plastic. Out of both, polyurethane is the preferred material of buyers as it is silent and cool as compared to plastic. On the other hand, plastic is easy to clean and maintain and effectively keeps the bugs away. But it is loud and hot too. Pure care, Fogarty, and Lucid are some of the brands having the best waterproof products. Some of them even have a feature of temperature control, are more breathable, and anti-allergens, of course. You can search for more brands and variants at our retail search engine and buy a waterproof mattress protector online.

Cotton mattress protector

Cotton is a natural fibre chosen by many on account of being chemical-free. People with skin sensitivities can bless themselves with 100% cotton fabrics, and no doubt, it would be a cooling and comforting sleeping experience. Wakefit mattresses can fit your need very well. Other than cotton, there are other natural fabrics like Tencel Lyocell and bamboo that are skin-sensitive just like cotton. Both of these materials contain hypoallergenic characteristics naturally. There is another plush velour mattress pad if you want to customise comfort. These are made of cotton too, but sometimes low-budget products are made of synthetic fibres. You can also explore all these fabrics at our product search engine and be more clear with your choice.

P lastic mattress cover

Plastic or vinyl covers with waterproof features can provide a bug-proof environment for you to lay and take a healthy rest. Survival of bugs inside a plastic encasement is impossible because they cannot feed themselves and cannot even breed to grow more. However, you should always check for non-toxic and phthalate-free vinyl as they pose a threat to our environment. And do not stop there thinking you have created a strong line of defence with a mattress protector. Make sure that you frequently clean, vacuum, and disinfect your mattress. We have also compiled some fine points on this page, which you can consider before grabbing a product. So, read on.

Tips on how to buy Mattress protector online

The urge to invest in mattress protection is not to extend the life of the mattress, but there is more to it. A good quality mattress is expensive and comes with a warranty, but the warranty will become void if there is a stain on the product. Now, you know the reason to spend those extra bucks on the protector, you should also be aware of the features you should consider before buying. Here we have compiled a few significant ones that can definitely result in a smart purchase.

  • Features to find – We are listing all the features available in a protector so that you can choose according to your budget and preference. Waterproofing, cooling fabrics, anti-allergens, and wear & tear prevention are some significant features. If you are allergic to certain fabrics, you can buy Tencel or bamboo fibres to be on the safer side.
  • Size of the product – Protector must fit the mattress snugly. It can have zips, pockets, or straps to cover the bed and ensure maximum protection. You can see sizes like queen, king, twin, full XL, and others. If you are unsure of the size, you can always measure it and select the right product. If you have a customised mattress, you might have to buy a customised protector as well.
  • Protection plus comfort – It’s not a protectors job to provide comfort to you sleeping. Instead, a mattress or a mattress pad is responsible for the same. If your mattress is ageing, you can invest in a protector that provides a comfort pad on top of it or purchase a pad separately. Memory foam mattress topper will be worth, or a featherbed filled with down is amazing that creates a luxurious soft-cocoon for you to go into a deep sleep.
  • Temperature control – Some of you may want a product that can remain cool during your sleep, and some of you want it cold. Well, a quality protector can have both the features underlying in different products, so you can choose according to the climate in your surroundings. For example, if more airflow and cooling is what you require, choose a protector with polyurethane, and not vinyl.
  • Easy to wash You can check this feature under the specifications list if the product you are going to buy is machine-washable or not. If you have kids or pets, you need to wash these protectors bi-weekly or every time you see it soiled. Throwing them into the washing machine is way better than dry clean or hand wash. In that case, you should always buy two protectors so that you have a clean one handy always.

Before you start considering the features mentioned, do plan a budget as well. Explore our shopping platform and check out a range of products with a flexible budget range. Ours is also an easy to use platform with top-notch brands. Some of the brands include Ikea, Sealy, Sleepwell, Dreamland, Mainstays, Purecare, Lucid, Fogarty, and Wakefit, among others.

Question & Answer

Are mattress protectors comfortable?

Yes, mattress protectors are comfortable with a top layer of cotton or polyester. However, the lower layer of waterproof materials can produce a crunchy plastic sound that can be annoying. Above all, if your mattress is comfortable enough, you won’t be having any trouble with the protector over it. So, you can invest in a quality mattress pad if you want to add more comfort to your sleep. Do not expect the same with your protector as it doesn’t add comfort as it is only meant to add more years to your mattress’ life.

Are mattress protectors waterproof?

Being waterproof is one of the other features that mattress protectors come with. Therefore, if you buy a protector, it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be waterproof. You need to check that under the specifications list or specify the same to the salesperson. It might feel uncommon to have a protector to keep away the bugs but not moisture. Well, a few customers feel the waterproof layer is uncomfortable because it produces a plastic sound.

What mattress protectors are the best?

A mattress protector that fulfils all your needs is the best product you can buy. You can have Ikea’s product that comes with a lining, waterproof features, and a temperature control system. If you want to emphasise more on allergen protection, you can go for Sealy’s brand products. Not just anti-allergens, they are noiseless and waterproof as well. You can get all these features in the Sleepwell brand as well. Some of you will also want their protector to be heated, and that is fulfilled by another brand Dreamland. Likewise, there are more brands and associated features you can check on our retail search engine .

How many mattress protectors do you need?

Two protectors would suffice the need for one mattress as you will always have one clean protector ready when one gets soiled. The need for replacement is bi-weekly or monthly depending on the condition. If you have pets or kids, you should cover your mattress and cribs both with protectors. And, having a handy clean protector by your side becomes imperative. So, you can count the number of mattress or cribs at your place, and decide the number of protectors required. Overall, your home & living choose the quantity.

We hope this page has helped you in making a good choice of mattress protector. Quality, brands, features, are all interrelated and compromising with one can make you grab a second-best option. So, hop on to our shopping platform, and grab only the best.

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