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The best part about comfortable bedding is that it allows you to rest well after a hard day, no matter where you are. That is the reason people don’t miss their rooms if the bedding they have comprises of the right pillows, comforter, bedspread and for some, this could mean a bed canopy too.

The best thing about a bed canopy is that it looks so divine! A lot of people consider this as old-school and might even say it’s outdated, however, the ones who love it know it goes beyond that. The entire look of your bed and the bedroom too can change extensively if you get a good canopy for it. For some, it looks like royalty while for others it’s playful and for someone else, it’s whimsical. It all depends on your liking, and everybody from kids to adults enjoys sleeping on a bed that has a canopy. However, some others could also feel it’s not the best and can do away with beds that have a canopy from before. Just like installing, removing it is also no issue, given it isn’t an old bed. You can look for some good bed choices, depending upon your requirements. 

Different types of the best and hanging bed canopies today

If you love the feeling of a bed canopy, then don’t be disappointed because there are quite a few modern beds too that have it. You can choose to pick something extravagant or simple as you wish and try it out. Sleeping under a canopy is a delightful experience ad something that everybody needs to try at least once. If you haven’t till today, then check out for a simple or a DIY type of canopy and give it a go! It’s a beautiful thing to have over your bed, and the minute you open your eyes in the morning, you will have a delightful experience. You can choose from several different types, however, its best to get a bed that has the possibility of holding a canopy well. You can easily pick from the broader variety of choices that are now available in the market. 

Princess bed canopy

The girly canopies are a big hit with little girls, teenagers and even older women. Sometimes you just need something that will work for the kid in you, isn’t it? This is precisely where choices like the princess bed canopy and animated and action ones for boys come into the picture. You can look for the best canopy options in the kids bedding section and then choose accordingly. Online shopping is a great option here, and you can also buy something your child likes. It’s a great way instead of taking them along and going from store to store something that kids usually hate to do. Make sure the size of the canopy matches your kids’ bed. Most of the regular and standard sizes are readily available today so that shouldn’t be an issue.

King size canopy bed

For regular bedroom or adults’ beds, the king canopy is the best choice. It is almost twice the size of a single bed and much more significant than any kids’ bed. Another important thing is that you should have a good ceiling to make the space look more beautiful, as the canopy can shine in all its glory if this happens. Look for interesting patterns and different colours. However, the classic white one is great to keep it simple. You can also check the newer variations that often include tassels, binds and other details that add to the overall charm of the canopy. Make sure it fits the entire bed well or else it won’t look appealing. Look for reliable brands too that won’t rip or tear if you keep using the canopy for longer.

Bed canopy with fluorescent stars

There are some genuinely magnificent modern canopies available today that works well for both kids and adults. These special effects are on the inside of the canopy, so they give you an amazing visual appeal once it’s hanging on your bed. You don’t need to look at the ceiling, and the style is very pleasing. Pick from starts and planets or any exciting ideas as per your fascination. However, it should be mild, so it can put you to sleep and not be distracting. For kids, however, you can choose something a little coloured, so they like it. Again, even for them, it should not be distracting. Look for exciting ideas, and some brands will also be able to custom make a canopy with that design on the inside. 

Full-size canopy bed

Regular canopies could be full or half, which sit on the upper part of the bed. This means you cannot directly see the canopy to a great extent. Such full canopies are the traditional ones; however, the modern ones are the latter choice, that works well in some instances. Today, there are many different types of beds too, everything from the king, queen to even semi styles. This means they don’t have the perfect sizes when you think of a regular king or queen bed. So, the canopy you pick may not match these beds well, so it’s essential to choose the best ones, to avoid a pool looking canopy on your bed.

Tips on how to buy Canopy Beds

Bed canopies are something. If you have never had one, then you will break into a smile the first time you spot it in front of you. Yes, it surely gives not only your bed but the entire room and fantastic look and works terrifically! Soon after, it is not surprising when you start looking for a canopy for your bed too, because it looks so delightful. If you are in the same boat at the moment, then these easy tips will make your buying process simple:

  • Look for something to minimize your problems – Did you know that the right canopy can prevent sunlight, bed pests and block sound too? So, if you are facing any issue with something like this while sleeping then check for the correct canopy to take care of it.
  • Choose one to last long – You don‘t want to reinvest, again do you? So, keep a reasonable budget and don‘t worry if you have to go a little overboard for a better-quality product. It will surely last you well for several years if you maintain it well.
  • Try and buy if its a possibility – Some online stores have the option of returning a product if it doesn‘t worry you. Check if you can do it and buy from thee. This comes in handy if you have never used a canopy before and are unsure if it will work out well for your bed.
  • Check online only after taking the measurements – While online shopping is fantastic as it saves time and can give you great deals, you need to be sure of the sizing. Measure your bed well after learning how and understand the quality for the thickness, style and more before you shop.
  • Ask your kids preferences – If you are thinking of buying a bed canopy for your child, ask them first, some kids might not like it because they find it was blocking them and some might prefer it as it makes them feel cosier in their bed. So, ask and then go ahead and shop.
  • The right type of bed to match it – Most beds are not suitable to hold a canopy. So, you might have to get some add-ons to hold the canopy in place. Consider all this so you can buy it together and start to use it right away.

It also helps to consider in advance if you can put the canopy up on your own. Most of the better brands have an easy to use policy for most products, so you don‘t need their person to come home and do it for you. You should also remember to wash the canopy thoroughly well before you start to use it. If there is any dust in it due to old packaging, this will fall onto the bed and create a mess. Also, look for online stores that have excellent return or exchange policies in case there is an issue with your products.

Question & Answer

Which are the best canopy beds this year?

Canopy beds are extraordinary. They add such a unique touch to your otherwise ordinary bed and make it look so exciting too. Today, it is so easy to buy cheap canopy bed curtains in most online stores. Some of the fascinating picks are Inspire Q Solivita Metal Canopy Bed, DHP Modern Canopy Bed, Home Styles Bedford Canopy Bed, Inspire Q Evie Chrome Canopy Bed,  Ainsworth Canopy Bed by Mack & Milo,  Kitsco Alexandra Canopy Bed, Everly Quinn Pamala Upholstered Canopy Bed, Birch Lane Heritage Barnard Canopy Bed, Julia Linen-Upholstered Canopy Bed by Doorman Designs and DWR Cove Canopy Bed.

Should you use a canopy for a crib?

It can be very dangerous to use a crib canopy. Most crib beds come without one, and they are intended to be that way. Some parents might feel it looks cute etc. However, there have been several cases where babies have been entrapped, and it has resulted in strangulation when they use it to climb outside the baby bed. So, no matter how appealing it looks, don‘t use one for your baby‘s safety. You can surely use it for your kid‘s beds once they are older. This one is perfect for older kids, say 4+ years and above. They are aware of how to get in and out of their bed without an issue.

Are girls canopy beds out of style?

There are so many options for canopy bed curtains to buy online that you won‘t know where to stop. They are traditional, but it doesn‘t mean you have to keep it that way. While these curtains are surely an idea of the past, there are many attractive and modern choices for kids and adults today. They give the bed a fantastic look, and you will begin to enjoy its benefits too, once you put one on your bed. You can quickly check for bed canopies on sale in online stores that offer home and living items. You can then pick the best ones to match your needs.

Where can you buy a canopy for your bed in the UAE?

It is easy to buy bed canopy for single beds, double and king and queen beds, including those for kids too. There are several terrific choices today so you can easily choose something that works wonderfully well as per your requirements. Make sure you figure out all the significant bits like the measurement, style and cloth type before you go ahead and buy. You can conveniently buy queen size bed canopies in

Brands such as Dix-Rainbow, JOX, IKEA, Pottery Barn, Even Naturals and OctoRose are stellar choices. Explore now to buy the best bedding options within your budget.