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About Electric Blankets

The best thing about an electric blanket is that you don’t need to worry even if it gets cold in the middle of the night. It’s probably one of the best ways that you can use one bedding accessory, instead of having to buy several different ones.

When it comes to combatting the winter season, there are a lot of countries that have it worst than the others. The chilling old, even when you are indoors, is unbearable. This further gets worse during the night when the temperature starts to drop even also. The fact that you are asleep and unaware of the cold in most cases means it’s a way for the heat to affect you all through the night. Hence, being fully prepared before going to bed is an important thing. A lot of deep sleepers face this issue, and it’s only in the morning that they realise they have been very severely affected due to the severe cold. An excellent electric blanket can aid this situation since it continually keeps you warm. It is much better than a regular blanket in so many ways.

Types of electric blankets you can buy today

Electric blankets are not something new but are certainly forgotten. A lot of people worry they might not be a safe choice to use while sleeping. They overlook the very fact these blankets have been designed for the very same reason. Hence, it makes them perfect to use for longer durations too. A significant bit is to buy them of brands that you trust, to eliminate that small fraction of doubt too. Once you buy one and start using it, you will never want to sleep without it. It is also very comfortable to use on your couch, while you are working, snacking or picnicking outside. Those in colder regions will love the warm feeling that doesn’t wear off when the temperature starts falling further.

Electric throw blanket

The throw blanket is a more modern take on the classic and works wonderfully for everybody. You can use it in place of your regular blanket, on the couch, and they are great for kids too! The electric throw makes a fantastic choice for the winters. It is especially great for those in colder countries. The regular blanket is vast and could be very uncomfortable when it comes to using it on a smaller bed or the sofa. In such instances, it’s best to have a throw that you can use comfortably. The dimensions are much smaller, and yet it’s sufficient to cover your entire body adequately. You can check for the best blanket brands and then check if they have electric throws for sale.

King size electric blanket

For those who sleep on a king-sized bed, a similar type of blanket makes an excellent choice for it. You can buy them very quickly online, and it works well to use them the entire night. In colder countries, people often need to layer their blankets with more blankets to create better insulation. You don’t have to do this with an electric one, and it works very well for everybody. The king-sized one is large to cover the whole bed and works well for two people to use together. This also makes it better when it comes to insulation. In a case when the temperature is not too low, you can also use it without the heating, so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Queen electric blanket

The queen blanket is for the queen bed, and this also works well for two people. It is more significant than a regular single bed blanket but smaller than a king. For the best results, you should check the dimensions of your bed before you buy. After reviewing this online, it’s easy to decipher which size your bed is and then you can go for the best type of blanket for it. There are many amazing variations of this one too – including different brands, colours, varieties and materials. Check for something that offers proper insulation and heating, so the cold does not bother you in the middle of the night if the temperatures drop further.

Twin electric blanket

Excellent for twin beds, these twin blankets are just like a big blanket for more massive beds. They could be two single blanket sizes combined so that you can use them comfortably. They are perfect for beds, but you might find them too large for sofa and picnic uses. These have a convenient way to handle the electric strength, and most of them can increase or decrease. You can, therefore, choose a temperature that you are comfortable with. Look for the best and most rated brands to get products that are well worth your money. Today, plenty of brands have their line of electric blankets, giving you so many excellent choices.

Tips on how to buy Electric Blankets Online 

Electric blankets could be your way to get good sleep if you live in a country that mostly sees shallow temperatures. Even for those that don’t, there are some months during the end of the year that gets very uncomfortable because the temperatures fall so much. At times like these, your regular blankets don’t do the best job of keeping you warm. You are on the lookout for something better, and that’s where electric ones come into the picture. Here are some easy steps to buying the best electric blanket:

  • Go for the one that feels most comfortable – Blankets come in different materials such as cotton, polyester, fleece and more. So, pick something that feels most comfortable because that’s the most important thing. The wires should not think through the fabric, which is essential.
  • Pick a blanket with secure wiring layer – The blanket should have thick material and should be well-secured from all sides. There is high risk even if one side feels like it can open up anytime. Look for good brands, so you don’t have to worry about this factor.
  • Adjustable temperature control helps – Depending on how warm you want the blanket to be, you can set it in some blankets. This is an excellent idea for when the temperature continually changes. It is more effective too, and something you should check for as a vital feature.
  • A washable blanket is a must – There are many types of blankets; however, most of them have the capability of removing the top covers to separate from the wiring. You can, therefore, wash it, dry and then insert the installation again. This makes it very manageable.
  • An eco-friendly one – The blanket should be energy efficient and not use too much electricity. Along with giving you a smaller bill, it is good for the environment as well. So, make sure to look for this feature when you are shopping for one.
  • Look for reasonable prices – Brands offer different pricing online and in stores at times. So, to make sure you get the best deals, looking for them online and comparing prices is an excellent way to begin. Once you are confident, make sure it’s from a reliable seller and then buy it.

There are so many beautiful choices when it comes to electric blankets that you don’t have to look hard. However, when you are picking for kids, always make sure it is secure. Some blankets will automatically shut off if you fall asleep or when it reaches the set temperature. Something of that sort could be a good idea for them. Electric throws also work well for kids if you cannot find a blanket of the right size. So, make sure you pick the best one. You can find amazing bedding products in the Home and Living category.

Question & Answer

Which are the best electric blankets?

It has become effortless to buy electric blankets online since there are so many brands that have come up with different versions of them. You can quickly look for the best choices online too and then select one that works as per your needs. Check out the top ones such as – Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw, PureWarmth By Biddeford Micro Mink Sherpa Heated Throw Blanket, Car Cozy 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket, Trillium Worldwide Heated Travel Fleece, Catalonia Sherpa Wearable Blanket with Sleeves Arms and SoftHeat by Perfect Fit.

How should you wash electric blankets?

Some of the cheapest electric king-sized blankets feel so great to use, but when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them, it is a big chore. An easy way out is to look for blankets that can have their layers separated. You can do this, wash the top and bottom layers in the washing machine, dry it thoroughly and then insert the heater part again. This makes it very easy to use. You can also get an additional top cover, so the blanket does not get too soiled if you use it frequently. However, making sure the lid is compatible with the heating of the blanket is very important. So, always look for ways to put the washing on hold for longer, because too frequent washing can also reduce the quality. These blankets are more expensive than regular ones, so you want them to last longer.

Is it safe to use a battery-powered electric blanket for your child? What should you keep in mind?

We have some of the very best battery-electric blankets today from amazing brands from around the world. This makes them very safe, and yes, you can surely use them for kids too. Kids will love the warm and comfortable feeling, which will make them fall asleep faster also. To start with, you should make your kid understand that it’s not a regular blanket, so they shouldn’t fiddle with the corners to expose any wiring. Also, look for the ones with temperature control and a blanket that will stop heating after it reaches a set temperature. After this, you can surely use the blanket very conveniently for your kid without a doubt. Also, don’t let them have any food or water in bed because spillage on the blanket could be damaging.

Where can you buy a 12v electric blanket in the UAE?

Whether you are shopping for twin electric blankets or a queen one, you can easily find it online today. Some of the best bedding stores from around the world are now active in the UAE. Even without physical stores, they always have an online one or a warehouse or internationally shipping. So, you can now buy without worry! You should also check out if you are shopping in Dubai.

This super product search engine makes online shopping very convenient. Brands such as Perfect Fit, Sunbeam, Serta, Biddeford, Shavel, Kyoung, Cosi Home, Costway, and Dreamcatcher offer electric blankets online.

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