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The best thing about your bed is knowing that you sleep comfortably! You have your favourite duvet, your pillows and your bedsheet. This is the reason why so many people say they don’t get the same quality of sleep somewhere else.

With a comfortable duvet, you can say hello to amazing nights of sufficient sleep. Without proper rest, there are high chances that you might wake up irritable, sleepy or tired the next day. Hence, not only getting good sleep but also making sure your body is comfortable during the time is very important. The best thing is it’s easy to make your bed satisfied with the right products. Make sure you don’t skimp here because it’s worth every penny you spend. A good night’s sleep makes you feel better the next morning, keeps you in a happy mood, and you can do more. Here are some of the different types of duvets we have today.

Various types of the best duvets for a happy night’s sleep

Ask any person today how they feel the next morning if they have had bad or inadequate sleep, and the answer will never be definite. You cannot get yourself out of your bed, and it seems like such a big task. However, with sufficient sleep, your body feels refreshed the next morning and ready to take up the challenges for the day. The rate of accomplishment is also much more, and you also think sharper and better. Your focus increases, you can go for longer without rest, and it just makes your whole day so much better. One of the most important things to get good sleep is your quality of bedding. Every single thing, even the bedsheet you sleep on, can make or break your sleeping cycle, and it’s essential to pay close attention to them.

Duvet sets

The duvet set comprises a duvet and its cover. Alternatively, you could also find one with a sheet and pillow, making it a bed set. This varies with the brand, and as per your requirement, you can go for it. However, it’s ideal to select from a reliable brand, and possibly if you have used their products in the past. This is to avoid any poor-quality products in your order later. It is a great choice when you are moving into a new space, and you are looking for new bedding altogether. However, if you have many covers and sheets, then go for a duvet by itself. The sets, however, are matching and they look exquisite when you use them together. Make sure you buy the correct sizes for your bed.

Super-king duvet

Perfect for a king bed, the super king duvet is enormous and very comfortable too. The larger spreads are always a good idea for beds, which will accommodate that size, of course. However, even if you are a single individual, you can choose a more massive bed, such as a queen, to make sure you’re comfortable. This way, you have more room and space, and you don’t have to worry about having a fall if you shift too much. There are many bedding supplies that you quickly get for more massive beds also. The king and the queen duvets are two standard sizes. If your bed is not custom-made, it should fit well. If your bed is, then measure the sides well compare with the duvet specifications and take the call accordingly.

Summer duvet

Summer duvets are a newer concept, but so lovely! They are made of the lightest cotton and are very thin. It is perfect for keeping you protected from that slight nip of cold in the morning air. It is great for snuggling in your bed while reading or watching a movie. At the same time, it doesn’t work as a thick duvet does. You don’t feel warm in this, and it’s perfect if you have air-conditioning in your bedroom. The summer duvets also come in amazing floral and other choices, so they match the summer season very well. It is important to specifically look for summer duvets and not go for any light duvet you can find. Most of them are for colder weather and will make you feel uncomfortable.

Winter duvet

Perfect for those super cold nights, winter duvets are heavy and warm and excellent for a good night’s sleep. They are a must from November to January in most parts of the world. You can also check for some extra warm liners if you live in a region that has shallow temperatures. A god quality duvet is essential here, so it lasts you long and is comfortable to sleep with as well. Look for the right size too, as a smaller size will also let the air get inside and not make you feel comfortable. There are so many different types of winter duvets today, and you can pick according to your preferences. The best ones are cotton lined and stuffed because they are very cosy and last longer.

Tips on how to buy Duvets

It is essential to consider a few things when you are hunting for the best duvet for your family. Always take time to go to the store, touch and feel the fabric and the weight and then conclude. You can always come back and get it online for a better deal and home delivery. However, some key points also make all the difference when it comes to selecting the right one for your bedroom. You will adore it for years to come, and it’s worth every bit of money you put in:

  • Know the right size – The correct format is as important as buying a bedsheet or bedspread. Too large, and it will have the sides hanging from the bed, and a smaller size will not give you the comfort that a duvet should. So always measure the sides of your bed and then start shopping.
  • Pick different duvets for different weathers – A lot of people try to use the same duvet in winters and summers, which makes it challenging. Pick out two different ones and then see the results. It’s worth the amount you spend on the second one.
  • Check online – Buying online has so many pros – you might get some discounts, it’s quick, smooth, and you can also return or exchange them at your doorstep. All these benefits make online shopping the best way to look for anything today.
  • Buy a cover to go with it – You should certainly pick a duvet cover. It helps to protect the duvet and also makes storage very easy. If you buy a set, you will get it along with the duvet. Or you might have to pick one separately.
  • Storage and care – The room of the duvet in the right manner are essential. Make sure you fold it well and tuck it away when it’s not in use. Retain its original cover for better keeping or buy something sturdy which won’t let dust or moisture in.
  • Check out its reviews – Reading reviews is one way of avoiding poor-quality products. Most of the well-known online stores have plenty of reports for the right products so that you can take a cue from them. You can also ask around and get an idea.

If you have never owned a duvet before, then it’s time to change that. They are so much more comfortable than using sheets or blankets, and you will love the feeling! Duvets are getting more popular since they were only available in western countries earlier. However, brands now recognize how critical they are and have made them available all over the world. The fact that you can also buy summer duvets is good news for those in the warmer regions as well. You can find all kinds of bedding products in the Home and Living category.

Question & Answer

Which are the best duvets?

It is effortless to buy a duvet online in Dubai, thanks to so many beautiful brands and choices we have at the touch of our fingers. The best part is people now realize they can use duvets for summers and the winters by buying the right ones and therefore choose to pick for themselves. Some of the top choices in duvets are – Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Duvet All Seasons, Simba Hybrid Duvet With Stratos, John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Hungarian Goose Down 3-In-1 Duvet, Soak & Sleep Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvet, Home Etc Hollow Microfibre 9 Tog Cot Duvet and Silentnight Kids Bedset.

Is using a wool duvet a good idea?

A wool duvet is less maintenance than a regular one. A lot of users also say it is more comfortable; however, this can vary with preference. The wool duvet is “rawer” but can also be cosy, depending on the brand and its finishing. They are cheaper too. You can also hand knit one yourself using multiple layers of woven sheets on top of each other. Along with this, they are much resistant to mould growth. On the other side, a regular feature duvet will retain moisture, and this can further lead to dust mites and mould growth. The wool one is naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s a great idea if you don’t wish to put much through into its storage ad take care of it. However, you can use this only in the winter. You can use it all around for regions that regularly see lower temperatures. But for the other countries, this might not be the best to use as a multi-purpose one.

Can queen duvets be machine washed?

Most of the sound, as well as cheap cotton duvets, can be washed in a washing machine. However, the label will be able to share more information on this. The delicate ones have plenty of features in them, and often the irregular cycles of the machine are not the best. For this, hand wash them gently, making sure you don’t soak them for an extended period. The quality of the washing liquid is also essential as you need to go with something mild and fragrant-free. You can also use a softener if you wish, but it’s not required. The cycle should be the gentlest one. Keep an eye always on the machines, so it’s not sitting around soaking in the water for long after getting washed. Remove and dry thoroughly before using it again.

Where can you buy linen duvets in the UAE?

It is easy to check duvets for sale online since there are so many fantastic options at our hands reach. There are some of the best choices both online and in-stores, and you can categorize them as per the best brands too. Make sure you look for opportunities that will work for the bed, as per the climate and more. If you love to shop online, then check out the best ones on our product search engine. It is also easy to buy the best duvet for king size beds when you have some of the best brands today, such as Ikea, Silentnight, John Lewis, Woolroom, Nestl, Marks & Spencer, The Comfy, Linenspa and The Home Talk.