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Have you ever woken up warmer than you should be due to changing weather? Or, do you wake up more restless and uncomfortable? Are you sick and tired of your current bedroom design and would like to spice it up? If yes, then it’s time to consider investing in a bedspread. In this article, we’ve brought you a list of stylish bedspreads that you can buy online. Plus, we also give you some secret tips on how to buy the bedspreads online in UAE. So scroll on, and enjoy the read!

Many among us often confuse the bedspreads with other bed coverings. Fact is, a bedspread is this frivolous and pretty bed covering that is a perfect choice for both warm and cold weather alike. You can use them as a single layer in summers. At the same time, you can add a consoler to make it warmer and gorgeous during winters. Either way, it’s up to you to decide when to use which bed covers. But do not be fooled because these sheets come in numerous other varieties. These bedroom covers come in various designs and colours, allowing you to pick one that compliments your home décor. That said, let’s check out a few such bed coverings that you can buy online to enhance your bedroom décor. 

The different types of bedspreads for every style and budget 

You can easily procure the bed covers in a diversity of different designs and elegances. Some are fashioned from cotton, and others fashioned from extra luxurious materials with sophisticated designs. Apart from that, you’ll also find a few choices that are custom-made to fit the split corners and edges of your bed. Indeed, the options are numerous, but the model you pick must always depend on the manner you plan to use it. Additionally, you must also consider your interior design. This guarantees that your chosen bed covers to match your overall design. Below, we’ve compiled a list of various trending types of bedspreads available in the market that you can shop on your favourite online stores. 

The quilted bedspreads

Quilted bed coverings are prevalent because of their sophisticated touch and feel. They’re both fleecy and soft. It’s the result of the softest base materials like polyester and silk. This explains why they make a great addition to your bedrooms during winters. Both polyester and silk offer you much need warmth and comfort during the harsh winters. And thanks to their sophisticated look, you can employ them in spaces other than your bedroom, such as guest rooms. What’s more, you’ll find several sizes of these coverings too. For instance, you can buy queen size quilt bedspreads from all your favourite bedding brands and online stores that offer them. 

The cotton bedspreads

These days you can find excellent bed coverings made from all kinds of materials. However, nothing beats the traditional 100 % pure cotton bed covers. It’s breathable, soft, durable, and feels natural against your skin when you spread them onto your beds. And the best part – there’s a huge variety of cotton bed coverings out there on the market. From luxurious to wrinkle-resistant and organic cotton coverings, there’s one that suits each one of your likings. However, before buying, make sure you test them for a few critical factors. These include features like fabric strength, pilling resistance, wrinkle resistance, and shrinkage from laundering. 

The velvet bedspread

No fabric is smoother, luxurious, and softer than velvet. It has now become a staple in interior design. This is why it’s often used for its sophisticated qualities to imbue a sense of opulence. However, it’s not all about opulence and luxe; today, you can use these velvets to create a more subtle look. This versatile nature of the velvet bed covers allows you to work them with a range of interior design styles. Traditionally, velvets are made from cotton, silk, and linen. However, today manufacturers use several other blends of yarns. While choosing your velvet bed covers, try and avoid the ones that make you hot and sticky. Go with velvets that are made from natural fibres. 

The bedspread sets

When it comes to shopping for bedding, bundling is the best option. Not only does buying the bedding essentials in sets helps you redecorate your beds in one go, but it also saves you a lot of money. Most of the time, the items in the bedspread set cost you less than what you’d pay for them when buying individually. In fact, you can save up to 15 % on each product of the set. Most bedspread sets come with a whole kit that includes – a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and pillow covers. Whereas many other sets simply offer matching sheets, comforters, and shams. And thanks to the several online stores and brands out there, you no longer have to walk around to find one.

Tips on how to buy Bedspreads

Your bedroom can look unperturbed, guileless, sophisticated, or stylish, contingent on your choice of a bedspread. Some beautifully selected bedroom interiors can, in fact, make your private space more soothing. You can hunt for impeccable bedspreads from your local store or order them online. Online shopping is always the best, but if you are dubious about it, we will share some operative tips that may help you make an appropriate decision. The following are some helpful tips.

  • Always look at the material – Explore and select only the best material. Fortunately, the bed covers come in various types of materials. If you want something warmer, you can go for silk or satin. Remember, cotton made bed covers are lenient and high quality. Couple the material with its thickness and durability.
  • Consider the design and colour – Often overlooked, the design and colour are some of the essential features that require careful consideration in the design and colour. If you have rutted walls in the room, you might want to stay elusive with the bedspread design. On the contrary, if your room has low-key decor, you can go unflinching with colours and designs.
  • Pick the right size – If you have a mighty bed at home, definitely you do not require small-size bed covers. Exempt yourself from unnecessary misery and hunt for the size you plan to order online. It might appear meaningless, but most individuals may choose a bedspread just because they adore the design and neglect the measurement.
  • Read the care label for cleaning – Always find out the best way to wash your bed coverings because any wrong move can spoil your pick. If the label on the bed covers recommends only spot cleaning, consider choosing a different one. Most of us want to be able to give the bedspreads a good, deep cleaning when necessary. Some spreads are machine washable, while others are only dry cleanable.
  • Go for branded spreads – One of the best and easiest ways to make sure you have the best quality bed coverings is to buy them from top-rated brands. Brands like Dorma, Fendi, Versace Home, Waverly, Catherine Lansfield, Pottery Barn, Chevron, Lamont Home, Hay, Linensource, and Lush Décor bring you a wide range of premium quality bed coverings.
  • Set aside a budget – Every bedspread comes with various features and styles, which explains why you’ll find them at different price tags too. Therefore, we recommend you set aside a budget for yourself before you begin to search online. This helps you stick within the budget and narrow down your choices as well. Also, you can get a few bedspreads on sale during festive or seasonal promotions.
  • Check out the return policy – Regardless of the effort you make in choosing an unspoiled bedspread, occasionally, it might fail to be one you require. And so, it is imperative to check the returning strategy. Try and pick the bed coverings that have an easy return policy, as this allows you the flexibility to return them if the model doesn’t suit your liking.

Bedding design is what a person sees when they first approach a bedroom. It does not only set the tone of the room, but it can also tell more about the level of comfort. If you are hunting for the best bedspread, we hope the above tips will help you acquire your favourite bedspread. For more queries, follow us at our And if you are ready, then hurry and begin online shopping right away, at our best shopping search engine.

Question & Answer

Are bedspreads out of style?

Bedspreads are monolayer bedding covers that shield the whole bed. Besides, they also cover the pillows. Numerous bed covers have extravagant decoration and chenille finishes, while others have far-flung along the bottom boundaries. Compacted colours are most prevalent, even though printed bed covers are also available. These bedding toppers are frothy, so they’re great for summer use. But you can also use them with another console in winter. Though you will still find coverlets in guesthouses, they are slightly out of style for home-based use. They’re particularly worthy for guestrooms or any other bedroom with an old-fashioned style. Visit our product finder and see more for yourself.

Are bedspreads bigger than comforters?

Yes, indeed! You’ll find bedspreads to be bigger than the comforters. Yet, you’ll find various sizes in both bed covers and comforters. Comforters, in general, offer twin, queen, and king sizes. The large futons usually measure around 5ot 6 inches in breadth and 5 inches in length than the standard futons. Some comfort measurements might fit both a standard and a large mattress. Remember, comfort sizes differ depending on the manufacturers. On the contrary, most bed covers tend to be bigger and premeditated to drop off the ground. The bedspread has a width of 128 inches and a length of 124 inches. If you’re looking to buy bedspreads for twin beds, do take a look at the options on our online search engine.

What size are bedspreads?

As stated earlier, the bedspread is a squeaky topmost layer of bed-covering that should slip over the bed’s edges to cover both the futon and innerspring. The bedspread size shows a discrepancy in giving space for beneficial ornamental choices. However, it still attains equal length amid the boundaries of the bedspread and the floor. An oversized bedspread ranges from 102 inches to 101 inches. This range is premeditated to apt a typical queen-size mattress of 60 inches by 80 inches. A longer range of queen-size covers permits length to double and cover the bolsters. This is what preserves pillows spotless and usually is found in guesthouses.

How much do bedspreads cost?

Are you looking to buy a bedspread but unsure about the cost or its durability? Worry no more. We got you covered. A bedspread cost differs significantly due to differences in sizes, material, design, and overall quality. Regardless of your budget, you can get some quality bed covers at So you don’t have to break your bank. For instance, a quilted bedspread is quite expensive but manageable so stick to your budget for better. To confirm the cost of this fantastic bedding cover, visit our product comparison sites. Remember, offers only the best, and with over 500 online stores, you will never miss a quality product that is more affordable for you.

Where to buy bedspreads online?

A bedroom ought to have an appropriate bedding topper. After all, it’s the room where repose and relax after a tedious day. If you want a fashionable soupçon to your bedroom, shop for the best bedspreads on Check our wide assortment of bedding covers from more than 500 stores. These bed covers come in different designs, elegance, colours, and dimensions, helping you transmute your bedroom more grandly. Supplement a different look to your bedroom by shopping for these fantastic bedroom accessories at your shop of choice, none other than While you’re here, do also check out other incredible home & living products.

The arrangement of your bedroom tells more about your style. And there is no better way of styling the look of your bedroom than using chic bed covers. These bedding accessories are a must-have if you want to be comfortable while sleeping. And you now know the drill – visit right away and get yourself the best bedspread.