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About Cup Holders

If you are tired of fallen tumblers or scattered things in your bathroom, then a cup holder can be the best accessory for you. Cup holders help you keep your bathroom organized by holding various tumblers you have in your bathroom for bath essentials, shaving equipment, cosmetics, make-up items etc. Read on to explore more about them.

A cup holder is one of the essential bathroom accessories. It mostly comes in the form of a wall-mounted stand that can hold your cups/holders/tumblers in an upright position. It can hold one, two or many cups depending upon the model you have chosen. You can find them in various construction materials such as steel, copper, aluminium, plastic and more. However, stainless steel, glass and plastic materials are recommended as they do not corrode. If you do not want to mount it on a fixed spot, you can go for portable holders. Further, they can hang or attach to any surface as per usability. You can find a variety of bathroom cup holders for sale in the market. Let us know how to find and choose the best.

Types of cup holders for bathroom

Holders come in a wide assortment of materials, sizes, designs and holding capacities. The arena of bathroom fixtures has become so advanced and modern that you think of any design, you can find it in the market. You can use contemporary and minimalistic styles or traditional, artistic and imaginative patterns as your bathroom aesthetics. If you want to buy a vintage bathroom cup holder, you can find various brass-made holders in the market exhibiting vintage qualities. Some come with plastic or glass tumblers, whereas others come as a standalone stand where you can put the tumblers of your choice. Continue reading to explore the prominent varieties to choose from.

Portable cup holder

If you are looking for the best holder for your bathroom, you must look for the portability feature. You can use a portable holder anywhere you want, anywhere in the bathroom, to any other space in your house. They come with a hanger or suction cup through which you can attach them anywhere. Whether you want to buy a glass cup holder for your bathroom or a plastic one, you can find portable models in any material. They often come in a sleek appearance and do not occupy much space in your bathroom. You can use them to hold tumblers, shampoo bottles, cosmetics, and even a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

Universal cup holder

Most of the bathroom holders are universal in all terms. You can use them to place toothbrushes, paste, cosmetics, make up brushes, lotions and many other items. In addition to that, not just in the bathroom, you can attach them anywhere you want. They come in excellent shades, shapes, and sizes to suit all sorts of requirements and aesthetics. Apart from homes, universal holders have also found a spot in salons, cars, and even movie theatres to hold items like driers, other machinery, cold drinks, popcorns buckets etc.

Suction cup toothbrush holder

It is an excellent variety of holders with a suction cup to attach to any surface. High-quality suction holders can be attached easily to any glazed, glossy or non-porous surface. However, if your bathroom has porous stones like Travertine, this product will not be useful. You can use suction cup holders on walls, glasses, and even on the surfaces of your bathtubs. You can use them to hold the toothbrush, paste and other bathing or cleaning essentials. If you like to enjoy a glass of wine while having a bubble bath, then these cup holders can be an excellent pick for you.

Tips on how to buy Cup Holders in Dubai

Cup holders come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and sizes. When you step into the market, it can be an overwhelming experience for you to choose one. However, if you keep some essential factors in mind, it will become effortless for you. Whether you want to buy a bathroom wall mounted cup holder or a portable one, here are some things you should know.

  • Identify the purpose – A holder can serve multiple purposes. Your choice depends upon what exactly you want to place inside them. Some holders are designed to hold just tumblers, whereas others have inbuilt cups, soap dishes and toothbrushes holders. To choose an appropriate style, you have to identify your requirements.
  • Consider the material – Holders come in various materials like stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, plastic, glass and more. Every material comes with different properties. For example, if you buy a stainless steel bathroom cup holder, it would not be durable and not corrode for a long time. On the other hand, glass or brass varieties look classy and can add well to your bathroom aesthetics.
  • Check the capacity – The next important consideration is to check the capacity of the holder. Your choice would depend upon how many things or tumblers you want to place in the cupholder. Most of the holders come with a capacity to hold 1 to 3 tumblers. However, you can move towards high models if you have more capacity requirements.
  • Consider good brands – If you are looking for good quality materials, you should pick your products from good brands. Brands provide an excellent and consistent experience. Here at, you can find all the popular brands.
  • Purchase online – There are two ways you can purchase a cup holder- through brick and mortar stores or online shops. However, if you want to choose from a wide variety, you must go to online stores. This way, you will not have to move here and there to find any particular variety.

A cup holder is a crucial accessory for your bathroom. You can consider purchasing one for all the possible reasons. However, it is not easy to pick one from a wide variety of items. Though, if you keep the above factors in mind, you will be able to do it fast. So, what are you waiting for? Do you know where to find the best products? Well, you are already at the correct place. You can find an extensive collection of cup holders sold at amazing deals on our product search engine. You can compare costs to find products that suit your budget. So, quickly go ahead and grab the best holder and other home & living products at amazing deals.

Question & Answer

Are cup holders for the bathroom necessary?

Cup holders are one of the essential bathroom accessories that hold your toothbrush holders, cosmetics holders and other tumblers you have in your bathroom. Cup holders are essential to keep things organized. They can come in various constructions. Some models even allow you to put your bath and cleaning essentials into them directly. They come with inbuilt holders so that everything you require during bathing remains close to the hand. Hence, it is an important accessory for your bathroom.

Do bathrooms cup holders corrode?

It depends upon the material of the cupholder. Cup holders made up of copper, aluminium, steel, or any other material susceptible to corrosion might corrode. So, it is safe to choose materials resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel, plastic etc. Corrosion happens when any material reacts with oxygen, hydrogen and even dirt, debris and bacteria. Hence, pay extra attention while choosing any bathroom accessory, be it a towel hanger or a cup holder. It helps you choose the right.

What size is a standard cup holder?

A bathroom cup holder can come in any size, depending upon the size of your tumblers or the number of things you want to store in it. Its diameter may range from 2 cm to 6 cm or even more. It typically comes with slots to hold two tumblers, but in high range models, you can find multiple holders and spots for soap dishes. You can find cup holders in various sizes. Hence, you should choose one as per the requirements you have. You can find many varieties here.

Where to buy cup holders online?

You can buy cup holders from any bathroom accessories store or online marketplace. One such search engine is where you can find a vast collection of cup holders. On our product search engine, there are many products offered by popular brands like Dixie, Ikea, Cassadecor, Ecomozz, iDesign, Nu Sttel, Wenko and Jooheli. Moreover, you can set your preferred choices like price, brands and sellers to quickly find the cup holders you are looking for.

After getting to know about this excellent item, you must be looking for a shop where you can get the best styles. The good thing is that you are in the right place. You can find a wide array of cup holders with different materials, constructions, and features on our website. Here, you can find accessories offered by over 500 trusted online stores. Moreover, you can compare costs offered by various sellers to find the best product under your budget. So, go ahead! Now, grab the best ones while stock lasts.