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Chinese New Year Mat Outdoor Carpet Doormat Santa Ornament Christmas Decoration for Home Xmas New Year Gift 2022 Lightinthebox
Chinese New Year Mat Outdoor Carpet Doormat Santa Ornament Christmas Decoration for Home Xmas New Year Gift 2022 Lightinthebox
Technique:Machine Made; Quantity:1pc; Type:Bath Mats,Bathtub Mats; Style:Bath Tub Mat Anti-slip,Absorbent Bathroom Rug; Material:100g / m2 Polyester Knit Stretch; Dimension:4060; Pattern:Creative,Novelty; Features:Non Slip,New Design,Creative,Easy to clean,Creative; Shipping Weight:0.25; Net Weight:0.24; Listing Date:10/15/2021
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Beautiful Countryside Scenery Printed Bathroom Home Decoration Bathroom Shower Curtain Lining Waterproof Shower Curtain with 12 Hooks Floor Mats and Four-piece toilet Mats. miniinthebox
Beautiful Countryside Scenery Printed Bathroom Home Decoration Bathroom Shower Curtain Lining Waterproof Shower Curtain with 12 Hooks Floor Mats and Four-piece toilet Mats. miniinthebox
What's in the box:Shower Curtain Shower Curtain Hook; Technique:Machine Made; Theme:Striped,Landscape,Floral / Botanicals; Type:Shower Curtain Mat Set,Shower Curtains Hooks; Application:Bathroom; Style:Modern,Contemporary; Material:Memory Foam,Polyester,Flannel; Features:Waterproof,New Design,Creative; Net Dimensions:150#180 180#180 180#200; Shipping Weight:0.81; Net Weight: 0.35# 0.43# 0.46#; Listing Date:09/27/2021; Production mode:Self-produce
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About Bath Mats

Have you ever stepped out of the shower and saved yourself from a sudden slip over those greasy tiles of your bathroom? Well, it has happened with all of us at some point or other in our lives! Wet floors can spell harsh dangers, and that’s why we should prefer keeping good quality bath mats in bathrooms. 

A bathmat is a fluffy or coarse-textured mat that we use in our bathrooms at various spots like outside the tub, shower and around the washbasin. It can be of any material ranging from cotton to exotic wood and bamboo fibre. The primary function is to absorb the moisture from the body when anyone steps out after bathing. Apart from this, they save us from wet floor dangers and give us all the comfort while we step out. Tile floors are shocking cold in the winters, and stepping on them after a hot bath can be intimidating. So, bath mats are total saviours in all ways. However, you might fall into a dilemma due to their numerous patterns while choosing one for your bathroom. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about bathmats.

All about characteristics of a safe bathmat

Bath mats vary hugely based on the material they are made up of. You can find them in various materials like cotton, bamboo, exotic wood and more. Each has different properties to offer. Cotton and natural fibre bathmats absorb water with ease, whereas exotic wooden mats get dry quickly. You can also find them in various shapes, dimensions and styles to suit various requirements. Some mats also have a non-slip coating at the bottom to offer the best protection against falls or slips. Let us explore the characteristics to look for in a bathmat.

Quick absorption with bathmats for showers

A high-quality bathmat absorbs moisture and helps us dry off quickly while stepping out of the shower as bathmats come in a wide array of materials. Each one has a different level of absorption capabilities. Cotton and natural fibre mats have plenty of absorbency in comparison to all the other materials. They also come in a thin construction that helps them dry fast. High-quality cotton bathmats are also good at holding their shapes even after regular use.

Stay protected from slips or falls with nonslip bathmats.

A wet floor can spell huge danger, which is why bathroom accidents are prevalent. While coming out of a shower or tub with wet feet, there is the risk of sudden slip. Hence, bathmats nowadays come with a non-slipping coating and even suction cups that protect us from all the possible mishappenings. These mats are usually made up of heavy-duty rubber, and no matter how soapy the bathroom gets, they are there to protect you almost all the time. Moreover, they are the best nonslip bath mats for the elderly.

Maintain bathroom aesthetics with bathmats for tubs

Bath mats are not just good at providing you comfort and protection but also adds a lot of appeal to your bathroom’s interior. If you think about giving a new look to your dull bathroom, you can consider a good bathmat set. Bathmats come in a set containing different sized and shaped styles depending upon the spots you keep them on. Usually, you will find them in 3 piece set, for example, pedestal rug + bath mat + pedestal cover pad. 

Tips for purchasing Bathmats in Dubai

Bathmats come in assorted patterns and materials. It can be a daunting experience for you to select one set, especially when you have so many options at the front. Some are good absorbers, whereas others come with nonslip and easy to clean facilities. If you are having a hard time choosing one, here are some tips to help you buy bath mats online.

  • Material – The first thing you should consider while purchasing a bathmat is its material. Bathmats come in a variety of materials like synthetic cotton, exotic wood and natural fibre. Every material is associated with some pros and cons. The very first need associated with every type of bathmat is their water absorption feature. Bath mats made up of cotton and natural fibre material absorb water with ease. On the other hand, synthetic and exotic wood materials get dry easily and quickly, but their water absorption capacity is not so good.
  • Safety – Safety is another primary consideration you should keep in mind. Even if you get a bath mat with the best looks, it is of no use if it is slippery. As we all know that bathroom accident is prevalent. So, to ensure safety, you need to invest the money in buying slip-resistant bath mats. There are many options available in the market for nonslip bath mats equipped with non-slipping coating and suction cups.
  • Style – You can also consider the style of the bath mats while purchasing them. Shag, flat and foam enforced are some common styles. Shag bath rugs are common and highly purchased that comes in a fabric that gives a comfortable touch to your feet. On the other hand, flat bath rugs are not much bulkier and look good on the surface.
  • Shape and size – Shape and size are other essential considerations for purchasing bath mats. The shape and size you select for bath mats should depend on the dimension of your bathroom and the place where you are going to keep them. The bath mat can be used in the front area of the sink, and it can also be used near the shower. So, you should have an idea of the dimension of different parts of your bathroom.
  • Colour – You must also look to the colour of bath mats if you want to make your bathroom appearance stylish. For example, you can go with all-white colour if you want to give a luxurious look to your bathroom. You can go for other shades according to other colours of the bathroom such as walls and accessories. On the other hand, bath mats in bright colours are the best bath mat for toddlers.

Now that you have known a lot about bathmats, you must be eager to get one right away. Well, the best part is that you do not have to move anywhere else. Right here,  you can get access to a wide range of bathmats from cotton to bamboo, exotic wooden, plastic and more materials. You can even choose from many colours, sizes and shapes. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices as we have many sellers on our retail search engine. You can effortlessly find the best product under your budget. Shop large to small bath mats online with few clicks. So, what are you waiting for now? Go ahead and grab the best mats and other home & living products while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Are our bath mats hygienic?

Stepping out on a fluffy and warm bathmat can sound luxurious to your mind. However, their regular cleaning is equally important. Bathmats collect soapy water, grease, and germs while you use various products for cleaning in your bathroom. They would not contribute towards a hygienic bathroom if not cleaned properly and regularly. So, when you see any discolouration, black mildew marks and notice a bad smell, wash or replace them.

Can bath mats go in the washing machine?

It depends upon the material of the bath mat. It comes in a wide range of materials like bamboo fibre, cotton and even rubber. You can put the cotton and bamboo fibre in washing machines but remember never to wash mats with rubber bases in your machines as they will tear and damage. So, it completely depends upon the material of the mat you are using. It is better to go for a mat that can be washed easily for convenience.

Which bathmat is good?

A good and high-quality bathmat protects against slips and falls. It should also be a good absorbent so that whenever you step out of the shower or tub, your feet get dry quickly. If it is difficult for you to narrow down your options, you can compare various mats right here on our product search engine. You can also read reviews online to find out which one is mostly used. There is a wide variety you can find online. You can go for any material or length whichever suits you.

Where to buy bath mats online?

You can buy bathmats from any online marketplace to get enough options to choose from as per your requirements. One such store is Shops. We have brought together over 500 online stores selling the best bathmats at an affordable cost. Not just that, we feature products offered by popular brands of the industry like Elite D’art, Adore, Dunelm, Matalan, Next, Urban outfitters, Ikea, and more. If you feel confused looking at so many options, you can quickly narrow down your choice with filters or direct search. So, log on and enjoy shopping.

We hope that the above guide steers you towards the right purchase. If you keep the above-mentioned tips and information in mind, this journey can become effortless for you. If you are wondering where to get the best styles, quickly log on to You will find a wide assortment of bathmats in different materials, shades, and features on our product search engine. You can even jump to our customer testimonial section to see what our customers have to say about our products. So, make no delay and embark on your online shopping journey for bath mats and other bathroom accessories.