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About Bath Cushions

A steamy hot bath is a perfect reliever after a long tiring day, but if you are looking for an even better experience or home spa feel, bath cushions are something just for you. Read on to explore their exciting varieties.  

Bath cushions are non-slip and cushion objects that you can attach to your bathtubs for a comfortable and relieving bath. It is a valuable object when leaning against the hard porcelain surface of the bathtub is cramping for you. Moreover, you can quickly turn your regular bathing experience into an at-home spa with a high-quality cushion. Find them in a range of patterns comprising foam, inflatable and even gel-filled cushions. The options are so many that it can be overwhelming for you to choose one. So, we will unveil everything you need to know about cushions for an appropriate selection on this page. Refer below guide to buy bath cushions online in the UAE.

Everything you need to know about tub cushions 

Tub cushions come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. You can get your hands on neck cushions as well as the best full-body bath cushion to get rid of back discomfort you are having from the hard base of the tub. Then, there is a straight variety, rounded ones and ergonomic cushions. Some can have foam inside them, whereas others can be inflatable. It even comes in various materials but tries to stick to a breathable material not to require house mould and mildew. Let us now find some of the popular varieties you can consider for your tub.  

Inflatable bath cushion 

As the name depicts, inflatable bath cushions have an inflatable backrest that automatically inflates to provide a lot of comfort and support while you bathe. Most of the models come with options to choose whether to keep some air inside and enjoy the cushion effect or release it all for a regular bath experience. You can inflate and deflate them with a touch of a button. They even have strong sucker feet so that they can remain stuck to the surface of the tub. Some of the styles have a short backrest that also inflates and deflates for necessary neck support.  

Foam padded bath cushion 

Foam padded cushions are one of the softest varieties of bath cushions. They are designed to make your bath comfortable and spa-like. The foam is sealed in a waterproof cover that makes it easy to clean and store. These cushions come with a non-slip facility, and hence no risks are there while you enter or move out of the tub. There are suckers at the bottom that keep the cushion in its place. It becomes easy for the user to spread their weight evenly across the back with such a cushion. It reduces the pain and discomfort that a standard hard bath side brings. Buy foam-padded bath cushions if you are looking for something soft and comfortable.  

Bath cushions for babies 

With a baby bath cushion, you can make your baby bath in a comfortable and secure manner. High-quality cushions come in a beautiful shape that mimics the natural cradling position of the mother. These cushions keep the baby’s head elevated so that the soapy water does not flow through the eyes or ears. They are super soft and cuddly which keeps the baby comfortable and happy during bath time. Choose the material that adjusts as per the newborn baby’s curves. You can find them in plenty of sizes and beautiful colours.  

Tips on how to buy Bath Cushions in Dubai

Bathtub cushions are comfortable and stress relievers. Whether you want to come out of your jet-lagged condition or want a spa-like experience at home, you can consider a quality bath cushion. They can be found in a wide array of styles to suit various needs. However, it can be overwhelming for you to choose one, especially when you have so many options at the front. So, below you will find some tips that would surely help you get through it rightly.

  • Head vs full-length – Bath cushions can be just a headrest, neck rest or full body cushion that supports your back, tail bone and buttocks. It relies upon your preferences, whether you want to go for a full-length model or just neck and head support. The most popular type of cushion is that one with full length so that your body receives a good level of comfort. If you want to buy bath cushions for the elderly, consider full-length styles.
  • Anti-mildew – Mildew is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to bathrooms. We hate them and find ways never to give them any way to develop. However, your wet cushion can be a breeding ground for them. So, make sure the cushion you select is naturally breathable so that no germs develop.
  • Easy to clean – Bathtub cushions surely bring many comforts but not when you have to indulge yourself in its cleaning every time you take a hot bubbly bath over it. So, look for a material that is either easy to clean, or you can toss it in your machine for cleaning and easy drying.
  • Suction – Apart from the material, you should also look for some other features in a bath cushion, like a good gripping to the tub surface. High-quality cushions come with strong sucker feet so that they remain in their place while you take a bath or manoeuvre inside or outside the tub.
  • Cover – Fabric and PVC covers are popular when it comes to bathtub cushions. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Fabric cushions are soft and comfortable but hard to clean, whereas PVC covers are easy to clean but can bring you a slight discomfort if you are planning for a long bath.

So, now you have a good knowledge of bathtub cushions! You must be wanting to get one. Here, you can access many types of cushions ranging from inflatable to padded styles. We feature quality products offered by popular brands like Backjoy, Cyan, Charli chair, Summer infant, Baoyou, and Ifcow. If you feel overwhelmed with options, you can set your preferences with the help of filters on our product search engine. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices if you are looking for a budget pick. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy bath cushions and other home & living products here while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

How can I make my bathtub more comfortable?

You can make your bathtub comfortable by using a bath cushion. Bathtub cushions are soft and comfortable objects kept inside a tub for a comfortable and spa-like experience. They come in a wide variety ranging from headrest and neck support to full-length styles. You can go for padded and inflated cushions as per your preferences, and the comfort level required. There are plenty of other varieties. However, make sure the type you get is compatible with the bathtub. Go for the one that fits the bathtub well.

Are bath cushions necessary?

Bathtub cushions are not necessary, but if you feel cramped with the hard surface of your tub, then you should consider one. Bath cushions come with several benefits. They prevent you from sore back and neck pains. The soft and comfortable surface of cushions helps you get rid of stress. In addition to this, if you want to have a long hot or cold bath, cushions make it easy for you. Without cushions, it is hard to deal with the hard porcelain surface of the tub. Hence, it is not necessary but if you are looking for comfort, you should go for it.

When can you use an infant bath cushion?

Infant bath cushions are good for a 0-6-month-old baby. However, they come with a recommended age that should be taken into consideration before using one. You can even find bathtub cushions for bigger babies. So, make sure you check the recommended age on the pack. Many online stores also feature filters that help you narrow down the results. You can put the filter for recommended age, and they will come up with the required types. Go for the one that suits your preferences.

Where to buy a bath sponge cushion online in the UAE?

You can buy bath sponge cushions from any sanitary shop or marketplace. Find them at local stores or through online shops. However, it is advisable to consider online stores to find a wide variety of options there. You can even switch among various collections with a few clicks. An easy way is to log on to You can find over 500 online stores in one place. Whichever type you are looking for, you can find most here. So, go ahead and grab the best items before the stock lasts.

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